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Monday, July 01, 2013

Nineteen Firefighters Killed by Arizona Wildfire

The majority of the deceased are reported to be members of the Prescott Fire department who were battling a wildfire in a location called "Yarnell Hill."

It happened late Sunday afternoon near the town of Yarnell in west-central Arizona- about 70 miles northwest of Phoenix.

Those killed were Prescott's  "Granite Mountain Hot Shot" firefighter crew- reportedly  overrun by a wall of flames when the wind shifted.

A 20th firefighter from the crew managed to escape- although injured to an unknown extent.

Some had deployed their emergency heat tents while some had not- according to current media reports.

(YT video time-exposure is over a 20-minute period) 

In the town of Yarnell- population around 650- one TV news report stated "the entire town was destroyed" by the fire.

The nearby town of Peeples Valley- population around 430- remained threatened as the fire was "zero percent contained" per a live TV interview with a fire official at 1 am Monday morning Kansas City (Central) time.

There were reported to be civilian injuries- less than a dozen per various media sources- fortunately none reported critical.

Temperatures were at or approached 120-degrees Sunday afternoon and the heat blew up isolated thunderstorms which probably contributed to the fire's sudden wind shift.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Active News Weekend in MetroRegion Kansas City

Another 100+ logged incidents this weekend...

Saturday morning was noisy- but the only noteworthy incidents was a male shooting victim who drove or was driven to the emergency room of St. Joseph Health (Medical) Center in south Kansas City around 1:45 am.

St. Joseph's hospital ER is not equipped for traumas- but I didn't hear any EMS patient transport of this guy for at least 30 minutes afterward (does not mean it didn't happen though)

Police speculated at the time that the male was shot somewhere near Red Bridge and Holmes.

At 2:19 am- four companies of the Lee's Summit Fire department (LSFD) were sent to 308 Northeast Douglas where it was reported there was fire in the back of a house there.

The first fire company arrived at 2:23 am and confirmed fire showing from the rear of the 1-story residence.

It took almost 30 minutes (2:51 am) to bring that fire under control- with heavy damage done to the house and contents.

One slight injury was reported- likely dealt with by on-scene EMS and three adults- a male and two females- were displaced by the fire.

Late Saturday night into Sunday morning saw many more "headline items..."

Of course the Grandview MO home invasion- reported first in Kansas City HERE at CSW...

Three shootings were reported- with two victims accounted for.

The first was reported to emergency services at 1:54 am Sunday and it was reported that a male who had been "shot in the shoulder" was in a residence at 108th Street and Sycamore Terrace in Ruskin Heights.

The "25-year-old male" had serious injuries- but was in stable condition.

Police were looking for a black male suspect.

Just before 3 am- KC-MO Police East Zone patrol officers and Jackson County Sheriff deputies were in the area of East 23rd Street and Stark looking for a male shooting victim.

It reportedly happened at 24th Street and McKinley where the victim was reportedly "shot in the side."

As of 3:30 am- an area search didn't turn up with anyone shot.

At 3:33 am- East Zone officers were sent to 3032 Agnes where a female was reportedly shot.

Police locate the victim about eight minutes later- "a 34-year-old female" says KCFD-EMS- "shot twice- one in the upper buttocks and once in the stomach" by a "9mm" gun.

Her condition was serious and unstable while enroute to a hospital.

There wasn't any suspect info on this one...

Area fire departments were busy- and two structure fire calls were 'workers...'

At 1:51 am- five KC-MO fire companies were sent to "5742 Olive" on a house fire that reportedly started in "the kitchen."

One handline brought that fire under control at 2:06 am.

No one hurt- but "two adult and 3 children" needed Red Cross assistance for lodging.

The second worker was at 4:07 am in Old Northeast KC-MO- a vacant house at Benton and Thompson Avenue.

The fire was fought from outside as the structure collapsed in on itself about 30 minutes later.

No one was hurt- and arson was suspected.

At least 4 companies responded on a reported "car crashed into a (natural) gas meter and building at 3rd Street and Walnut" at the City Market at 4:42 am..

Police report closing streets in the area and unspecified "evacuations."

It was a sizable gas leak- as the loud hissing sound could be heard on fire and police radio transmissions.

Almost an hour later at 5:37 am- MGE gas company had arrived and "plugged" the leak-allowing residents and workers in the area to return.

The female driver of the crashed car had facial "injuries."

Lawrence KS had a "Haz-Mat" incident that resulted to be very minor- but sent at least 5 fire crews.

A "suspicious white powder" was reported at the "Walmart at  "550 Congressional Drive" at 2:12 am Sunday morning.

Wasn't reported what the "white powder (donuts?)" was- but the companies cleared the scene by 2:40 am.. 

CSW BREAKING: Serious Injuries- Rape Reported in Grandview MO Home Invasion

An armed home invasion with several of the occupants burned- beaten- raped and otherwise terrorized for several hours was reported in northeastern Grandview just before sunrise Sunday morning...

It occurred in a house near 119th Street and Delmar- literally feet from the KC-MO city limit south of Ruskin Heights.

Four EMS units from Grandview and Kansas City MO responded to the location.

One man in his 20's was transported to a hospital by EMS with "burns all over his body- including his genitals-" and head injuries from being "pistol-whipped."

His medical parameters given by EMS indicated a serious condition.

A female occupant of the home- also reported to be in her 20's- was the victim of a "rape" during the invasion.

Her physical condition was otherwise good.

The additional victims were males- one in his 30's the other in his 50's- and they too suffered burns but were in much better condition medically than the first male victim above.

By 6:30 am- numerous police departments in the area were broadcasting alerts to be on the lookout for the suspects- reported by Grandview police as "up to 4 (three actually) black males" who took one of the house occupant's vehicles.