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Sunday, June 30, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Serious Injuries- Rape Reported in Grandview MO Home Invasion

An armed home invasion with several of the occupants burned- beaten- raped and otherwise terrorized for several hours was reported in northeastern Grandview just before sunrise Sunday morning...

It occurred in a house near 119th Street and Delmar- literally feet from the KC-MO city limit south of Ruskin Heights.

Four EMS units from Grandview and Kansas City MO responded to the location.

One man in his 20's was transported to a hospital by EMS with "burns all over his body- including his genitals-" and head injuries from being "pistol-whipped."

His medical parameters given by EMS indicated a serious condition.

A female occupant of the home- also reported to be in her 20's- was the victim of a "rape" during the invasion.

Her physical condition was otherwise good.

The additional victims were males- one in his 30's the other in his 50's- and they too suffered burns but were in much better condition medically than the first male victim above.

By 6:30 am- numerous police departments in the area were broadcasting alerts to be on the lookout for the suspects- reported by Grandview police as "up to 4 (three actually) black males" who took one of the house occupant's vehicles.

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