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Saturday, January 28, 2017

BREAKING: Possible Fatality Crash in South-Central Kansas City MO

Around 1:25 am- a vehicle reportedly "crashed into the building" at an address in the 3200 block of East 85th Street.

This is a major east-west road running west from U.S. 71.

At 1:35 am- police on-scene report the vehicle's driver as "a possible fatality" with the fire department performing an "extrication" on the person.

That fatality was "confirmed" by KC-MO Police on-scene at 1:43 am- with the extrication still in progress.

Damage to the building and the nature of any business there is yet unknown.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today Marks 50th Anniversary of Rare Killer Tornado in Metro Kansas City

The date was January 24 1967 and the place was Orrick MO.

Two died after the Orrick High school was struck.

Click HERE for an archive CSW post on this very rare weather event for our area.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Overland Park KS Blows Up Office Building

Kansas City Royals Ace Yordano Ventura Dies in Car Crash

Hundreds of fans have built a makeshift memorial in front of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City after hearing the tragic news today out of the Dominican Republic.

15 Dead as Tornado Outbreak Continues in Southeastern US

So far Sunday afternoon- 11 people have died in Georgia due to tornadoes.

In fact- most of the Southeast is under a "high risk" for severe storms and damaging- long-track twisters.

Four died yesterday in Mississippi after a tornado- rated EF-3- struck Hattiesburg and Petal MS several hours before dawn.

The risk will continue throughout the rest of today- and persons living in the southeastern US are advised to keep close tabs on their local weather.

Around 2:30 pm- a large damaging tornado tore through the southern parts of Albany GA..

That tornado (shown on a NWS base velocity radar image)- continues on the ground northeast of Albany- moving NE at around 50 mph..

Damage has been reported- but no word yet of injuries or possible fatalities.