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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Two shooting incidents occurred in south-central Kansas City MO early Saturday morning.

At last report- there was at least one dead and two injured from one- and at least 3 shot with one seriously injured in the other.

The first occurred in or around the northern part of Swope Park around 12:15 am..

Around 12:20 am- police were called to Research Med Center (RMC) on a reported gunshot victim brought there as well as a disturbance at the emergency room (ER).

Shortly- another victim arrives at RMC then- about an hour later- another shooting victim- a "17-year-old male shot in the foot- is taken to another hospital "by his parents."

Metro Zone police officers (the zone would be "blacked out" several times Saturday morning) report finding crime scenes of what appeared to be a rolling gunbattle at the Pavillion in Swope Park- as well as along 63rd Street to Lewis Road (where the $17-million soccer complex is being built).

In fact- police closed 63rd Street Trafficway for more than an hour Saturday morning after "numerous shell casings" were found along the roadway..

Don't believe anyone was in police custody regarding this shooting....

The second shooting occurred just before 3 am at or near a popular nightclub in the 8600 block of Troost..

That's where the homicide occurred- and the second shooting involved two car chases- one was the suspect.

Right after the 3 am call to the police- an officer is in pursuit of a "related- possible suspect vehicle" northbound on U.S. 71 approaching the area of RMC- where the chase ends after more than five minutes.

There's a shooting victim in that car (police had a report of "a dead body in a red (Dodge) Charger" and this was it).

Only minutes later a police vehicle pursuit is in-progress- westbound on I-435 approaching the Kansas state line.

This is reported to be the actual shooting suspect from Troost- and the chase continues west into Kansas.

The pursuit continues west on I-435- jumping off briefly on Quivira- then west on I-435 then south on I-35.

At 119th Street in Olathe- the suspect reverses his direction- going back the way he came on I-35 back to I-435 then east again..

After several road spikes were thrown onto the freeway by the various police departments involved- the suspect slows- then stops eastbound I-435 around Lamar where he's taken into custody..

There may have been a third victim of this shooting that arrived later at a different hospital- making a total of six shot in the two incidents and one killed in the Troost incident.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CSW COMMENTARY: The Martin-Zimmerman Case and The Irresponsible American News Media

By now- everybody knows about neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman (a Hispanic man with a white-Jewish name) shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin- a black teenager.

I won't go into the whys and wherefores of the trial- it's all public record by now.

What I will go into is how the American news media has made this hill appear to be the world's tallest mountain.

And a front page article in this morning's KANSAS CITY STAR is the epitome of that mountain (sorry- I'm not linking it here).

It was written by one of the STAR's 'fluff' writers (once arrested for a DUI that The STAR conveniently overlooked at the time) and that writer (a black female) surmises how her own husband would be treated in their home (suburbia) neighborhood under similar circumstances..

If that writer's husband conducted himself similarly as Trayvon Martin did- the writer's husband probably would be dead.

IF the writer's husband would have acted respectful or at the very least try to put distance between himself and the other man- husband probably would have been completely unharmed (other than offense at being confronted in the first place- but one can LIVE with that).

Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman- while acquitted of any killing charges- is now basically a pariah- thanks mainly to the American press.

Kansas City news media: You have a sort of genocide- black on black murders- occurring almost daily on our own streets.

Let's worry- act on- and clean up our OWN house.

If you wanted a sensational story based far from here to editorialize on- how about the Los Angeles cops that opened fire- WITHOUT WARNING- on three citizens there?

American news media: To quote a line from one of my all-time favorite films- (Mr./Ms. Newsperson)- "Let the dead bury the dead."

Ah- to return to the days when the American press just reported the FACTS and kept the editorializing on the back pages. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lawrence Welk Presents "A Modern Spiritual"

This is for all my baby-boomer friends and wannabes.

And presenting this "modern spiritual" originally written and performed by Kansas City's own Brewer and Shipley is Welk's accordionist-extraordinaire- Myron Floren.

Unlike Mr. Floren- please better muffle your laughter until after the performance...

CSW BREAKING: Armed Business Robbery in South KC-MO

Police say two males robbed the Dollar General at 6827 Longview Monday afternoon.

Police reported the suspects as two black males who left the scene in an older white Nissan.

No injuries were reported.

CSW BREAKING: "Small Explosion-" Fire at Business in East KC-MO

Six KC-MO fire companies are wrapping up an incident in the middle Big Blue River Valley...

At 3:25 pm- an explosion and fire was reported at Paulo Products at 4827 Chelsea.

Fire command reported it was "a small explosion-" and the accompanying fire was under control by 3:40 pm..

There's been no word yet on any injuries or the cause of the explosion.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two Overnight KC-MO Police Pursuits- One Critically Injured

A male driver who was being pursued by KC-MO Police crashed early Sunday morning in Midtown.

The crash occurred about 1:15 am Sunday morning at 29th Street and Troost.

The male driver was critically injured- according to an EMS crew who was enroute to a nearby hospital.

There was no word on why police were chasing the driver.

About 11:48 pm- KC-MO Police engaged in another vehicle pursuit at reported speeds of up to "90" mph.

That chase started in the Crown Center area- went south through Midtown and ended up on the East side.

That driver was finally stopped and arrested on 35th Street near Norton at midnight Sunday morning.

Shooting Homicide in Overland Park KS

A male- who OPPD identified as "Raymond Thomas- in his 30's-" is dead after being shot in what is reported as a "drive-by shooting" near the intersection of 94th Terrace and Lamar in central Overland Park Sunday afternoon.

The OPPD was seeking two males in a darker red late-model  Ford product- possibly a Taurus- that was last seen westbound on 95th Street.