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Saturday, October 01, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Child Critically Injured- Dies- in Overland Park KS House Fire

Johnson County KS's MEDACT-EMS has transported an "approximately 6-year-old female" child in very critical condition with "100% 2nd-degree burns" to Overland Park Regional Med Center from a fire in her family's duplex.

The fire was in the 10200 block of West 86th Terrace and Switzer- and OPFD crews were called to the scene at approximately 10:55 p.m. Saturday night.

The child was found inside the burning structure by fire crews shortly after 11 p.m.- and CPR was being performed on the young victim by the MEDACT crew.

The girl later died of her injuries.

An adult and a child who was also inside when the fire broke out managed to escape.

The other child suffered minor smoke inhalation.

There is as of yet no cause determined of this fire.

There reportedly was no working smoke detector in the residence.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality- Critical Burn Victim in KC-KS House Fire

A house fire in central Kansas City KS has produced 2 victims.

The fire was dispatched at 5:38 a.m. Saturday morning in the 300 block of North 31st Street.

The first arriving pumper reported "fire showing from the front of a 1-story house" upon arrival at 5:41 a.m. and a minute later- Pumper 11 reported "a burn victim."

That victim- "a 42-year-old female with 35 to 45% coverage of 2nd-degree burns" has been transported to an area medical trauma center.

Meanwhile- a 2nd victim was found by firefighters inside the burning house at 5:53 a.m..

That victim is reportedly deceased and is reported to be a 3-year-old male child.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

CSW BREAKING: Person Dead By Gunshot in Olathe KS

Olathe KS Police are investigating a person who has died by gunshot early Saturday morning.

The incident is in the 15900 block of West 145th Terrace and was reported to emergency services at 4:20 a.m..

A couple of days later- Olathe Police finally told CSW that this was "a suicide."

Friday, September 30, 2011

Audit Shows Merger of Missouri Highway & Water Patrols Will Actually Cost Taxpayers More

In addition to pre-office drug tests that are NOT given- Missouri politicians perhaps also need to take pre-office lie detector tests.

According to this story in the BRANSON (MO) TRI-LAKES NEWS- the merger of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Missouri Water Patrol that was undertaken at the beginning of this year was (lied) said to save MO taxpayers $3-million a year in costs.

However- a recent audit showed that the merger will actually COST MO taxpayers $900000 a year.

Maybe we should insist on those lie detectors each time Missouri politicians tell us anything....

WARNING: Metro Police Will Enforce Traffic Laws on October 6

I kept having to read and re-read the KANSAS CITY STAR headline and story:

In the story- some Shawnee KS police sergeant says that "Operation Impact-" a coalition of Metro Kansas City police agencies- will be "watching for drivers who fail to signal lane changes, don’t make complete stops and follow too closely, among other things."

That's why I had to re-read the headline and story- wondering just what types of law enforcement police perform the OTHER 364 days in a year?

Central States News: Interstate 29 Set To Open To Iowa Soon

Soon as "in mid-October..."

According to this story from the ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS- Iowa Department of Transportation (IDoT) officials are now saying the stretch of I-29 from Rock Port MO to Hamburg IA- and the Highway 2 interchance that goes west to Nebraska City and Lincoln NE- will re-open by October 15.

There is yet no word when the portion of I-29 that was damaged by the U.S. Corps of Engineers Missouri River Flood of 2011 all the way to Council Bluffs/Omaha will re-open.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Americans Need To Demand Cuts To Washington Politician's Benefits

Once again- the Republicrat-controlled House of (Un) Representatives have announced their intentions to cut government benefits to middle and low-income Americans.

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS- the latest rounds of proposed cuts are for "Pell grants-" money given to qualified applicants to provide for higher education- job training- and assistance to the poor for their heating bills (Repubs: Let the bastards FREEZE!!!).

My suggestion is Americans DEMAND cuts to House and Senate members' perks.

No more Cadillac health care for (un) Reps and Senators.

No more retirement benefits or freebies of any kind to these Godless SOBs.

Let the budget cuts begin- and LET IT BEGIN WITH THEIR OWN PERKS. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain On The Bridge

It has been a very long time since I haven't posted to this blog in a 4-day period.

One primary reason was that last week- I took ill with what seemed to be a bad case of  early-season flu.

For nearly 2 days I was virtually bedridden except to feebly attend to my already-bedridden father's needs.

That too probably played into my health- for since January- Ms. Rittenhouse and myself have been Dad's primary caregivers.

That requires at least one of us (usually me) to be here 24 hours a day- since Ms. Rittenhouse also has HER family to pay attention to.

We get some help from others in the family- namely my niece Heather and brother Joe tries to do at least one weekend day every other week (since I work overnights on weekends) and the hospice service we have- Crossroads- is a tremendous assist.

But the day to day chores necesssary to keep Dad going (and he's actually improved since earlier this year after 2 hospital stays) does indeed take a toll.

On top of all that is watching another thing I love that is dying: America.

That plus the daily (bad) news cycle takes it's toll- but I'm doing much better now.

In a few days- I celebrate the last year of my 5th decade on this planet.

I've been reflecting on not only the tragedies I've witnessed- but the triumphs as well.

If the Lord calls me to His side tomorrow- it's been a great ride indeed and I feel truly blessed.

Regardless- your Captain is back on the bridge- at the helm- and I'm grateful for your patience- understanding and your kind and encouraging words.