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Friday, September 30, 2011

WARNING: Metro Police Will Enforce Traffic Laws on October 6

I kept having to read and re-read the KANSAS CITY STAR headline and story:

In the story- some Shawnee KS police sergeant says that "Operation Impact-" a coalition of Metro Kansas City police agencies- will be "watching for drivers who fail to signal lane changes, don’t make complete stops and follow too closely, among other things."

That's why I had to re-read the headline and story- wondering just what types of law enforcement police perform the OTHER 364 days in a year?


Superdave said...

Well some hide from going to calls like one I caught doing so the other morning.

More on this issue later planning my attack still.

Groucho K. Marx said...

You know what SD...

Besides reading about the weekly police stationary DUI (revenue)checkpoints that more and more people are knowing about in advance on TWITTER- this has GOT to be the dumbest police-enforcement warning stories I have EVER came upon.

Superdave said...

Yes it is really stupid and what purpose it really makes is beyond me.

Well I take that back I guess it maybe shows us just how smart those who are suppose to protect us are.