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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain On The Bridge

It has been a very long time since I haven't posted to this blog in a 4-day period.

One primary reason was that last week- I took ill with what seemed to be a bad case of  early-season flu.

For nearly 2 days I was virtually bedridden except to feebly attend to my already-bedridden father's needs.

That too probably played into my health- for since January- Ms. Rittenhouse and myself have been Dad's primary caregivers.

That requires at least one of us (usually me) to be here 24 hours a day- since Ms. Rittenhouse also has HER family to pay attention to.

We get some help from others in the family- namely my niece Heather and brother Joe tries to do at least one weekend day every other week (since I work overnights on weekends) and the hospice service we have- Crossroads- is a tremendous assist.

But the day to day chores necesssary to keep Dad going (and he's actually improved since earlier this year after 2 hospital stays) does indeed take a toll.

On top of all that is watching another thing I love that is dying: America.

That plus the daily (bad) news cycle takes it's toll- but I'm doing much better now.

In a few days- I celebrate the last year of my 5th decade on this planet.

I've been reflecting on not only the tragedies I've witnessed- but the triumphs as well.

If the Lord calls me to His side tomorrow- it's been a great ride indeed and I feel truly blessed.

Regardless- your Captain is back on the bridge- at the helm- and I'm grateful for your patience- understanding and your kind and encouraging words.

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Anonymous said...

Well I was sure family was probably part of it and to that my friend I say we can wait for your returns.

My hat is off to you and the little lady for your efforts in taking care of your love ones.

Any more family it appears is all we have.