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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Atlanta TV Crew Has Close Call

he live truck operator/photographer and a reporter for WSB TV in Atlanta GA are lucky to be alive after they forgetfully drove their live truck with the mast fully extended and struck electrical transmission lines last Wednesday.

You can see by the images here the power the explosion with the 115000 volt lines produced- knocking the top of the live truck's mast completely off.

Both WSB emplyees escaped with very minor injuries- according to competitor WGCL-TV.


Omaha NE Police Shoot- Critically Injures A 15-Year-Old

he shooting happened Friday on Interstate 80 in central Omaha- according to The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR.

It's reported during a police stop of a car with 3 males inside- a 15-year-old ran from the car and started shooting.

Cops capped the teen in the chest and at last word- was in critical condition at an Omaha hospital.

The other 2 males were arrested on marijuana charges....

Man Found Unconscious In The Street In KC-KS

olice were investigating serious injuries suffered by a 19-year-old male early Saturday morning.

The call was received by KC-KS emergency services at 12:09 am of a person lying face-down in the roadway at 28th Street and Espanlade.

Police and paramedics found the male unconscious with facial injuries- and rushed him in critical condition to a Metro hospital.

There was no one else around the scene who saw anything police said at the time.


KC-MO Continues Wasting Police On Sobriety Checkpoints

an- we really nailed 'em last night didn't we?

The KC-MO Police set up sobriety checkpoints on a couple of I-70 freeway ramps (of all places) last night and early Saturday.

Out of 154 vehicles stopped- only 4 drivers were actually arrested for DUI or 2.6% of all motorists stopped at the checkpoint.

Four drunk drivers caught in around 6 hours of "checkpoint" for more than 2 dozen cops.

Meanwhile east of these goings-on- Independence police worked 2 separate fatality crashes caused by suspected intoxicated drivers of a motorcycle and a car.

Meanwhile in KC-MO proper- I monitored at least 5 crashes where possibly drivers under the influence were involved- 3 of those crashes were on U.S. 71 in South Midtown- 2 others were in the Northland.

The streets are very active on weekends- imagine how many drunks and other criminals the more than 2 dozen cops patrolling those streets instead of sitting at sobriety checkpoints could catch?

Oh- but those sobriety-sitters caught 4 drunks out of 154 motorists!

Like I said- we really nailed 'em last night didn't we?

Southeastern KC-MO Business Robbed Saturday Morning

C-MO Police report that about 5 minutes until 1 am- the Express mart convenience store/gas station at 7007 East Longview Road was robbed.

South Zone patrol officers said the suspect was a black male about 5-foot 8-inches tall who was brandishing an older-model long-barrel handgun and was wearing a brown or tan Carhart coat with other clothing descriptors.

No one at the business was hurt.

Fatality Car Crash In Independence MO

he 23-year-old male driver of a vehicle that crashed into a tree in northwestern Independence MO died after arriving at a Northland Metro medical trauma center.

The crash occurred around 1:20 am Saturday morning at North Arlington and Kentucky.

The driver- from Parkville- had to be extricated from the vehicle.

No other details on the crash yet released by IPD..


BREAKING NEWS: Critical-Injury House Fire In Overland Park KS

ust before sunrise Saturday morning- a fire in a southern Overland park residence has caused critical injuries to one of it's occupants.

The alarm went out at 6:04 am to the 11600 block of Caenan where there was a reported fire in a bedroom of a residence.
When firefighters first arrived about 6 minutes later- they saw only "a light haze" by the front door.

It was then the rescue of a "42-year-old male" occupant from the burning bedroom took place.

The 42-year-old had "40 to 50-percent burns" over most of his body- and was transported by MEDACT-EMS to a Metro burn trauma center.

No other injuries have been reported..

Firefighters got the fire out at 6:22 am and an investigator was summonded to the scene...


Friday, November 20, 2009

Two Shot- 1 A Late-Term Pregnant Woman- In KC-MO

t was 5:20 pm when the call went out for a shooting in the 1300 block of East Armour Boulevard.

Three minutes later- KC-MO Center zone police officers arrive to find 2 people in a car who had been shot.

MAST-EMS reports one of those victims is "a 9-month pregnant" female.

The female was the most critically-injured victim- unknown where on the body she was shot nor the condition of her nearly full-term undelivered infant.

The mother and the unborn infant died at a Metro hospital.

The other victim is reported by MAST-EMS as "a 19-year-old male- shot four times." His condition- although less immediately life-threatening as the female's- was critical as well.

Police on-the-scene say both of the victims could become homicides.

It's reported by our lawpeople "2 black male" suspects- who were "wearing dark-colored hoodies one with white lettering- 5-foot 7-inches tall- last seen walking northbound on Tracy" from the scene.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four Shot - 1 Dead In Metro Denver CO Robbery- Chase and Shootout

his is from TV station KDVR in Denver

Two people robbed a bank just before 1 pm Kansas City time in the northern Denver 'burb of Westminister- were spotted by police and chased in a rolling gun battle.

One of the suspects was dead- the other injured.

Two Westminister cops were also shot- one in non life-threatening condition and the other apparently just grazed and staying on duty.


Raytown 63rd Street Bridge Closing December 1

lthough the OTHER main east-west street- Gregory- is still having construction closing at Raytown Road- city officials in Raytown have announced the closing of the 63rd Street bridge just east of Raytown Trafficway on December 1.

The old bridge will be demolished and a new bridge will go up sometime next year.

Here's hoping Gregory at Raytown Road will be OPEN by December 1....


KC-MO Shooting Victim "Won't Press Charges"

othing like the victim helping out the criminal...

KC-MO police and emergency services responded to a shooting in the 5700 block of Independence Avenue around 1:55 pm today.

Responding officers found a "36-year-old male" who had been shot once "in the right leg just above the knee" according to a MAST-EMS paramedic who took the victim to a Metro hospital.

The officers searched at least briefly for an undescribed male suspect- but likely scaled-down that search after the victim told officers at the scene that he "wouldn't press charges" against the shooter.

BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Mayor Funkhouser "Suspends" City Manager Cauthen

ore from City Hall's 'Dog and Pony Show'...

Mayor Funkhouser apparently sent a letter out to city councilmembers this sunny Thursday morning- stating the mayor's "suspending" City Manager Wayne Cauthen- "effective immediately."


Perhaps it's time for every citizen in KC-MO to sign a letter of suspension for the Mayor and this City Council....


Amtrak Train Slams Into Car In Lincoln NE- One Killed

s you can see by the enclosed image- there was only pieces left of a car that went around other vehicles and a lowered crossing-arm and was struck by an AMTRAK train going about 50 mph in Lincoln this morning.

The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR reports the driver of the car was killed instantly- and the AMTRAK train was delayed in it's journey to California by 51/2 hours.

KC-MO Will Keep Your Red-Light Ticket Money Even Though They're Wrong

pparently- motorists have been getting "red-light tickets" for making LEGAL right turns on red at the intersection of U.S. 169 and Northwest 68th Street.

That intersection had a right-turn 'yield' sign for right-turners- yet- the City of KC-MO has accepted payments from those wrongly ticketed by the city.

Worse- according to The KANSAS CITY STAR story- the City WILL NOT REFUND the payments made by those already wrongly ticketed at that intersection- nor will change any existing pleas.

Not only were right-turns at that intersection LEGAL with the yield sign- I thought right turns on red after stopping WERE LEGAL in Missouri unless an intersection is otherwise CLEARLY MARKED.

Well- here's ANOTHER issue where KC-MO's citizens can hate their elected officials- basically they're wrongly taking people's money!

Remember these dastardly deeds done to the citizenry next election....


Forget 'Light Rail'- How Does ATA Keep The Busses Running With New Deficit?

hose of us "in the trenches" understand what's happening even if those in charge are clueless...

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that this year's K.C. Area Transit Authority (KCATA) budget is going to be even more underfunded than originally forecast.

Sales tax revenues are down a lot- and that's costing the ATA an at least $3.6-million shortfall for the current budget year.

Since the ATA has ALREADY made route/service cuts and increased fares- one has to wonder what further cuts are on the horizon and how this translates into public confidence in reliable public transit in Metro Kansas City..

I feel for the person that HAS to rely on public transportation and this just makes another case for owning your OWN transportation which seems the complete opposite of where we're trying to go with public transit.

Also- as long as it takes more than an hour on a bus ride that you can make in half the time by car- public transit WILL NOT be attractive to the masses!


Covers- Alternative Titles Rejected By Sarah Palin's Publisher

fter my joke-post about Sarah Palin's new book 'Going Rogue'- CSW was inundated with bookcovers and themes that were- according to the senders- rejected by Palin's publisher.

And some of these no doubt rejected by Palin herself...

There was- of course- those gimmicky- professional artists...

Then the gimmicky- not-so-professional artists...

Alternative themes proposed were...

And in the end- it's all false-fronts for the uninformed and impressionable anyway.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Two Males Shot In Platte County MO Hunting Accident

outhern Platte County Fire is on-scene with PLCO Sheriff- MAST-EMS and NRAD-EMS near Missouri (M-) 45 highway and Grass Pad Road where two males have been reported "shot in the leg" as a result of "a hunting accident."

The ages of the 2 victims were reported as "14" and "20."

EMS crews transported the 2 males to a local trauma center around 6:45 pm after the original 5:30 pm call.

As advertised- both of the males had been shot in a leg.

The 20-year-old's wound was "through and through"- and his condition was serious. The 14-year-old took a hit in his left calf and his condition was good.

No official word on the circumstance here- whether the bullet came from one or both of the hunter's guns or elsewhere.

BREAKING NEWS: Major Gas Line Break Johnson-Wyandotte County KS Line

here are evacuations in progress after what is reported as a "large" gas main leak in the 2500 block of West 47th Street on the Wyandotte-Johnson Counties KS line..

So far there hasn;'t been an explosion or fire- and one person has been reported to have some medical problems as a result of the gas leak.

Police and fire units from Johnson County Fire District 2 and KC-KS have evacuated at least 2 dozen residents and businesses in the area as a precaution and evening drive-time on Rainbow Boulevard may be affected as Rainbow is close to the danger area..

Shortly after 6 pm- the Gas Service Company shut down the leaking line and shortly residents were allowed to return.


'Christmas In The Sky' At Longview Lake Next Wednesday

he annual Christmas In The park holiday lighting display at Longview Lake in southeastern Kansas City MO kicks off it's opening next Wednesday evening.

'Christmas In The Sky'- sponsored by a Metro FM radio station- will begin at 6 pm off Raytown Road south of Longview Road and last until 9 pm.

Holiday music- dancers and a fireworks display are on the bill.

What Does Sarah Palin's Book And Her Alaska Governorship Have In Common?

About halfway through either one- you feel like quitting....

BREAKING NEWS: Fire Reported In KC MO Elementary School

regular-alarm assignment of 5 fire companies are on-scene at Milton Moore Elementary school at 4510 E. Linwood Boulevard in East KC-MO on reported "fire in the walls" there.

Initially- 2 fire companies were sent to the school to "investigate" and- at 12:43 pm- those companies asked for an upgrade to the regular-alarm after they arrived at Milton Moore.

The building has been evacuated and at least 1 handline has been dragged to a 3rd-floor location where the fire is believed to be.

There have been no injuries and the fire sounds to be contained inside walls at the school.

More here as received- if needed....


Teen Charged In MO Girl's Murder To Be Tried As An Adult

swear that it won't be long before pollys come to us hat in hand wanting to build NEW prisons:

Child prisons.

The 15-year-old girl- Alyssa Bustamante- who was charged with the murder of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten in St. Martins MO last month will be tried as an adult.

Heaven help every damn one of us....

One-Half Megaton Explosion In Western USA Skies

his occurred Wednesday night over Utah and Idaho- a rogue asteroid exploded in the sky according to NASA's 'Spaceweather" site..

As you can see by these screen captures of a surveillance video in Utah- the night sky turns briefly to day as the asteroid exploded.

No trace of the exploded space rock has yet to be located- and no one was injured nor was any property damage reported.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WEATHER: We Wuz Got!

o and behold- south and eastsiders got their first measurable snowfall of the season.

About 1/2 to 1-inch of snow has fallen across east and south areas of Metro Kansas City- as shown on some traffic camera images from 75th Street and Metcalf in Overland Park and I-435 on the Missouri side near Blue Parkway.

Not to worry about roadways- temperatures remain ABOVE freezing (35 here in South KC-MO).

A few more snow/rainshowers over Missouri portions of the Metro for the next few hours but no ice-slickened roadways expected....

Monday, November 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Armed Business Robbery In Gladstone MO

ladstone Public Safety (GPS) reported an armed robbery at 7650 North Oak at 4:57 pm Monday afternoon.

Confirmed reports from GPS says the business was "PDQ- a check-cashing" concern- and the suspect was "a black male- dressed in a black hat- jacket and clothing- and having 2 gold front teeth."

The suspect left on foot south from the business- says GPS..

No word yet on what was taken (cash) in the robbery but nobody was hurt.

Ice-Snow Slick Raods No Metro K.C. Issue

ith Metro temperatures ranging in the mid-30's to 40-degree range- no problems with icing on any K.C. area roadways through at least late evening.

Frozen roadways are not an issue in either St. Joseph MO- where the 3 pm temp was 35- or in Topeka or Lawrence KS- where temperatures were 35 and 37 respectively.

Near I-435 and 87th Street in South KC-MO- the temperature at post time is 42-degrees and cloudy.

The heaviest precipitation is pivoting around- south to north- in northern parts of Metro K.C. with nothing immediately south or southeast of us to move in.

Snowfall In Lawrence - Emporia KS

These are "live" images- taken moments ago.


Some Snow Images From Around The Kansas City MetroRegion

s Kansas City is about to experience it's first winter weather of the 2009-10 season- other parts of the MetroRegion are already experiencing accumulating snowfall.

In Marysville KS:

In St. Joesph MO:

In Overland Park KS (just wet roadways thus far):

Current weather radar: