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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not One American Soldier Minding Genocide

Here's the latest from Darfur, Africa where hundreds of thousands are said to have died since the 1990's. Folks- if you'd only had oil fields America might profit from (Bush's thoughts).

Yearly Death Toll Of Americans In Iraq Nearly 1,000

"Mission Accomplished! Mission Accomplished! Mission Accomplished!


The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, May 26, 2007


>> It was midnight when it's reported a male & his motorcycle lying in the roadway on the South 42nd Street bridge over the railyards south of Kansas Avenue.
Unfortunately- that cycle rider was dead at the scene and KC-KS police were investigating.

>> At 2:38am- a one-car crash in the 3300 block of Blue Ridge in Independence, MO. killed the driver. The car slammed into a tree "at high speed" with the yet-unidentified "driver dead at the scene" police said.


Cloudy skies and temperatures that hung in the middle-60's was the rule overnight. By dawn - areas of showers had developed in southeastern & eastern Kansas and western & southwestern Missouri - moving north with a warm front.
Showers and perhaps a thundershower off & on today with a more likely chance of heavy rains but no severe weather overnight Sunday morning.
First with Metro Kansas City Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

U.S. Border Patrol To Build Wall Through A Library?

It so happens a Vermont town's library sits on our border of Canada. Long a bastion of violence and terror - Derby Line, VT.'s layout has Border Patrol authorities concerned about security.

War Widows Fight For Better Benefits

Just my opinion- the wives and children of those killed as a result of Bush's Folly should have AT LEAST as good of benefits as the Congress and Senate have.

Cliff-Diving At Government Reservoirs A Concern

Rather than let people assist in proving the Darwin Theory or even use their own (better?) judgement - the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers takes steps to curtail or ban this yet-another form of adrenalin rushing.

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial In Progress

Still under construction almost 6 years after 184 people died - one as young as 3-years-old - after cowardly (killing people innocent of their plight) and confused (not killing those causing their plight) terrorists rammed a passenger airliner into the Defense Department's huge Virginia-side office building. (I dare you read the last sentance out loud in one breath!)

Thanks Southern Platte County Fire Department Taxpayers!

Here's further proof the KC-MO Northland is badly under-stationed/staffed in fire services too.

In the past month or so, I have heard a "South Platte Ladder 23" being dispatched with KC-MO fire companies on calls in the Northland. They ran an automatic alarm call in Zona Rosa in just the past half-hour.

If this is some new automatic-response mutual aid agreement- residents in the Southern Platte fire district are sure getting the short-end of the stick.

It's been about a 10 to 1 ratio of their Ladder 23 running our calls as opposed to KC-MO F.D. running any of theirs. Things will really get fun up north when a big storm hits....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Deadly Flash Flooding In Texas - Kansas Town Floods

Too much rain continues to plague the Central U.S..
Five died in Central Texas from flash flooding - a wary eye being kept on Kansas skies after torrential rains there caused flooding Thursday morning.
More rain is forecast for both Kansas and Texas over the next 5 days.

Contact Lens Users Beware!

There is more bad contact lens solution floating around the stores these days.

Is it just me- or does it seem that virtually EVERY day now we hear of some consumer product unsafe?

I guess Bush maybe should further CUT the budget of these agencies that PROTECT Americans from unsafe products.
After all- when Bush gets to his oil stock portfolio after Jan. 20, 2009 - the man can afford to have everything his family uses custom-made.

K.C. Chiefs Organization Falling Apart

This town is just chock-full of medocre-loving sports fans.
The Chiefs and Royals suck but no matter - folks will plunk down their hard-earned cash to watch anything it seems.

The latest incident is the Chiefs' head coach berating a local sports reporter about heresay. News video shows Herm Edwards sticking his finger into and yes- actually spitting in the reporter's face. This was because Edwards had "heard from somebody" that the reporter in question had called Edwards "a liar."

Trouble was- Edwards "heard from somebody" - Edwards never heard the reporter SAY it because the comment had been taken out of context by that "somebody."

Most of you who known me also know how my adulation with professional (corporate) sports has fallen to near nil.

Incidents such as this - plus the Royals' organization yanking the press credentials of 2 reporters last year - should decline the interest of intelligent people in the sub-par performances of these businesses (I voted NO last year to ANY taxpayer-subsidies of these people).

Then again - there is a LOT of people who don't care gasoline is more than $3 a gallon - nor we're in a "war" with no good end in sight at all - nor the money they spend on the corporate sports teams that could feed thousands weekly.


Late-Spring Morning In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Courtesy of our friend at (Click on image to enjoy full view of the Strait of Georgia).

Off And On Wet Memorial Day Weekend

It looks like chances of showers and thunderstorms in the Kansas City MetroRegion over the Memorial Day holiday.

Image 1 below shows the KC area inside a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms possible Saturday inside the green area (KC marked with black dots on both maps).

Image 2 is the forecasted rainfall - from 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday. There are additional chances for lesser amounts of rain Sunday and Monday.


Transgender Welcome In United Methodist Church

Thank goodness 'Minister' or simply 'Rev' covers both male AND female.

"Make The (Case) Go Away..."

"and get these millionaires that had 2 Indonesian woman as slaves off my shoulders...."
(Apologies to the late Eddy Arnold)

Twelve Found Cheating Casinos

However none of the casinos involved were found cheating their patrons. Go figure!

Marine Biologists To Try New Tact On Lost Whales

I always thought maybe giving them directions - or a map. At any rate - let's hope something works before mom & kid die of the pesticides in the Sac Delta water.

Collapsed California Freeway Bridges Open But Safety Questioned

At least "one expert" in engineering matters thinks anyway.

Wisconsin Gas Station Owner Fed Up Too

He's so mad over the high prices - he shut down his pumps.

Wimpy Democrats Promise New Fight Over Iraq

That is when they can get their nose out of Gonzales' ass and all the energy spent on a new immigration bill that won't work with billions wasted - no national health care - not even close to dialogue there- etc., etc., etc..

South Korea Nervous

North Korea say so sorry - big bottle rocket...."

Semper Fi - Equipment Lie

Further proof that even in the 5th year of this "war" in Iraq- the troops are ill-equipped.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Body Confirmed One Of Missing American Soldiers

That says the AP "according to relatives and officials." With still 2 missing soldiers - a "2nd body" has also been found - this one too apparently so mutilated that more advanced forensic tests must be run.

The article also buries the fact that "20 American soldiers" have now died in just the past 4 days. At this rate- we're looking at 150 American dead every 30 days.

"Mission Accomplished???"

Weather Update

A MCS- mesoscale convective system - continues to work south and east over Kansas this Wednesday evening.

Some showers and thunderstorms with very heavy rain developed in southern Leavenworth County Kansas a few hours ago - those storms as you see below have moved to near Cameron, MO..

I'll be watching the lead edge of the MCS (the mass of green to our west) for development ahead of that mass that will affect Metro K.C. proper.
No severe weather expected - at most some small hail - but very heavy rain in a short time.

(NOTE: The red cross where the concentric rings emanate from are my location in southeastern K.C. near the old Bannister Mall area.)


Bush Thinks Americans Are Stupid

This incredibly terrible president now tells us our fight in Iraq is with al-Qaida - even though Al wasn't IN Iraq until we toppled the guy who was keeping them OUT of Iraq - Saddam.

Reason No. 3 I believe it was NOT to go into Iraq in the FIRST place: "Top stable leader who at least maintains some order in his country."

Because they didn't follow tenet No. 4: "Immediately establish Iraq's leadership to maintain order."

Bush and all his cronies- the military included- weren't even prepared for Iraq - had no plan what to do after they toppled Saddam and MUST HAVE KNOWN our continued occupation of Middle Eastern ground would breed more al-Qaida .

Hell, Bush is a POSTER BOY for al-Qaida recruits!

Lord come quickly January 20, 2009- PLEASE!!!!!!!
This man will justify his greedy needs and bloody deeds any which way he can- even if it defies all logic.

Weatherwise- In The Meantime...

A short line of showers and thunderstorms - some with very heavy rain - have developed in the outflow of the earlier tornadic storm supercells in N.W. Kansas.
Some of these heavier storms may produce localized flash-flooding over Jefferson County Kansas over the next couple of hours. Some of this activity could move into Leavenworth County and Platte County MO...
Also watching activity southwestward through Topeka to east of Emporia.
Cells moving generally east-northeast at around 40-45 m.p.h.

Severe Weather & Heavy Rain Threat Eased Locally

The storm system that's been bringing severe weather and flooding from the Northern and Central Plains is disorganizing to re-organize.

Severe weather is still expected today over many of the same areas mentioned above however.

One to two inches of rain are still possible over the next 5 days (through the Memorial Day weekend) in Metro Kansas City - but the threat of any organized severe weather or flash-flood events - at this time - has lessened considerably from 24 hours ago.

Auntie Joann's Gasoline Price Protest

The dear lady is a spark plug. Since her 3rd husband Hank passed late in '05 - Auntie is a weekly casino-goer enjoying her retirement as a registered nurse.

Cutting to the chase - Aunt Jo - in her late-60's and does not drive - is recruiting older ladies to picket some hapless gas station at some undetermined date in the near-future.

I keep telling her - you can't even get more than 50-percent of registered voters to do so - how is one day picketing or driving but not filling up helping?

Nothing short of a 1-2 day national strike - everybody stays home or parks it - might do anything. Everybody meaning maybe 75% (gotta have cops, fire & EMS).

More realistic is usage. I have nursed Harry's nearly-full tank for a month now. I cussed having to put that much in at $2.69 a gallon. You bet I've had to sacrifice going places and seeing people since to keep the gauge right around the three-quarter mark now.

Folks can and will do what they want about these outrageous price rises in petro.
I figure if I can get away not paying the price of a product through non-usage - THAT's the ticket!

Bombs For Christ

Maybe this young man was trying to eliminate the Scourge of (Kansas) Topeka - High Priest Phelps.

Tennessee Highway Trooper Blows Job

Maybe more correctly the headline should read The Blue-Movie Lady Did It....

Double Bogey?

The AP reports a golfer doing a Griswold off a cliff.

"Illegal Immigrants" Arrested Near Springfield, MO..

Our sneaky INS got 100 at a chicken plant in Battlefield- near Springfield.
Witnesses and video show INS officers in- around and on top of the plant itself during the raid.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kansas Turnpike Tolls To Increase

This 5-percent increase scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2007.

The Kansas Turnpike is I-70 west from Bonner Springs to Topeka- I-335 south to Emporia - then I-35 from Emporia to the Oklahoma state border.

Tornadic Supercells In N.W. Kansas

Here's a screen capture from my weather radar program. The purplish triangles are tornadoes indicated by the radar - this one in Goodland, KS..

The image below are wind velocity radar scans - red colors are winds moving away from the radar- green is winds blowing toward the radar in Goodland.
You can see the circulation of a visually-confirmed tornado on the ground southwest of Hill City, KS..

Visible weather satellite picture of the above areas.

Increasing Threat Of Severe Weather Across Kansas Wednesday

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has the entire Kansas City MetroRegion under a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms on Wednesday.

Inside that corridor is a "moderate risk" area that stretches from south central Kansas into extreme southeastern Nebraska.

There is also a good risk of heavy - possibly flash-flooding rains with any of the stronger thunderstorms - especially if storms continue moving over the same areas as is possible.

Stay tuned!

More Flooding Rains Possible In The Central U.S.?

The following graphic was just issued by the Hydrological arm of the National Weather Service.
Valid time frame of this graphic being 6am this morning through 6am Sunday morning - much of the Kansas City MetroRegion could experience heavy and possibly flooding rainfall.
Bear in mind- these are forecasts - lighter or heavier amount areas could shift.
(Click on image for higher resolution)

American Occupation Of Iraq Continues To Go Well

Just pay no attention to that man behind the curtain is all...

Cities' WiFi Involves Hi-Fi(nance)

A good update on the problems cities are having with a good idea with an ever-changing technology of delivery.

Critical National Hurricane Center Officials To "Retire"

Good timing to lose 2 experienced hurricane forecasters right as the new season begins.

Or Will This Hurricane Season Be Like The Last "Busy" One

They're saying the approaching 2007 'cane season will be an active one.
Of personal interest and particularily bothersome is the statement in the story made by some Bastardi who "said the Texas Gulf coast is twice as likely to be hit as in an average year and Florida appears four times as likely."

Dems With Tails Betwixt Legs

You had to see this coming as the Donkeys also bow down to King George The Resolute.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Avandia and Avandamet

No- they're not sisters - just more of these real-safe American perscription drugs.

You pollys worried about how safe imported drugs are - now get your proof again that you're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

AP: "Senators to Debate Immigration Policy"

And we all know what great masterdebators Senators are.

Mother and Child - The Voyage Home

The saga continues in Central California's Sacramento Bay.

BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Shooting Injures 2

There are 2 injured - including "an about 3-year-old girl" according to a police officer - in a shooting in the 5300 block of Euclid.
No suspect information has been reported by police.
MAST-EMS transported "a 19-year-old male with 5 gunshot wounds to his right flank & chest" emergency to a trauma center.
The young girl's injuries were not life-threatening - "a gunshot wound to her left hand" and an unknown injury to some toes.


Americans Losing Hope

At least if you believe in the latest AP-IPSOS survey.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Route 66: A Forgotten Piece of American History

Interstate highways 40 and 44 have made those few stretches of U.S. 66 that remain rundown and desolate.

AP: Six More American Soldiers Dead In Iraq

This time it was a roadside bomb.
This makes 11 dead American military since Friday.

PS: The Associated Press reports "15 dead" American servicepeople since Friday. It appears that it may be as many as half these deaths are due to the search for the 3 kidnapped American soldiers.
So Major - lemme get this straight - you're looking for 3 kidnapped soldiers you don't even know are still alive and how many will die before you hope to find them?
Wasn't this a M*A*S*H* episode?

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, May 20, 2007

*** Two Men Shot In K.C., MO Midtown - One Brain Dead & One Critical ***
It happened right before 3 am in the 3800 block of Broadway - in the parking lot of the Walgreens drug store where a crowd had gathered. At least 2 vehicles "a maroon (Buick) LaSabre and a blue (Chevy) Tahoe" drove by and their occupants shot into the crowd.
One approximately 20-year-old male was shot in the back of the head He was quickly whisked away to a trauma center by one of 3 MAST-EMS units sent.
A 2nd male victim had been considered "D.O.A."- but some life signs were detected and he too was transported to a nearby trauma center. Two other lesser-injured victims from this shooting later arrived at hospitals.
Police had a several-block area blocked off for several hours that was considered part of the crime scene.


***Independence MO. Homicide***
A man was shot to death in the 10900 block of East Truman Road around 2:15am Sunday morning.
A male suspect was apparently loose on foot in the area after the shooting - and was caught by police around 3:30am. The "35-year-old" suspect was taken to a hospital "after dropping 35-feet" from something as he tried to prolong his arrest

***Missouri-side Wrecks Bring Death and Critical Injuries***
... A 1-vehicle wreck first heard dispatched at 12:48am Sunday morning killed a 50-year-old man.
The crash happened on westbound I-70 at the 42.2-mile marker in Lafayette County MO. according to an official MO. Highway Patrol report. "Michael E. Higginbotham of Concordia, MO." was the fatality

... A male in his mid-20's is in critical condition after his vehicle apparently struck a vehicle parked on the shoulder of northbound I-435 near Sni-A-Bar - rolled over - and caught fire. The man was ejected during the crash.
KC-MO police are investigating the incident that occurred just before 1:30am..

**House Fires Keep Fire Departments Busy - But No Reported Injuries**
KC-KS: Five fire companies fought a fire in a lived-in house just past midway in the midnight hour. It was in the 2100 block of North 30th Street and was brought under control quickly with no injuries. Cause was under investigation.

BONNER SPRINGS KS: Late in the midnight hour - A fire damaged a house in the 100 block of South Neconi. No injuries reported nor any other details.

EDGERTON MO: Two minutes before the end of the hour- This northeastern Platte County town's fire department and units from at least 2 others battled a house fire in the 200 block of South Clark. No other details on this firefight that lasted at least 3 hours.


Once again a lovely mid-spring overnight. Temperatures slowly dipped to the upper-50's & lower-60's by dawn. Mostly clear skies and light south breezes prevailed.

A change in the weather locally will begin late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms associated with weather systems will bring a chance of severe weather and heavy rains.

At least part of the Memorial Day weekend could be cool and rainy.

First with Kansas City Metro- Region Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.