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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, March 01, 2008

** KC-MO House Fire Injures 4 Firefighters **

* The four suffered only minor injuries when a porch collapsed at a vacant house fire in the 6700 block of The Paseo around 1:30am Saturday morning.

The fire was first discovered by a KC-MO Metro patrol officer at 1:27am. For unknown reasons- fire dispatchers send only a pumper and truck company at 1:28am.
The response was upgraded by 3 more companies a minute later- 2 additional afterwards for 7 total.

Flames totally consumed the 1-story structure when the first fire company arrived at 1:30am..

A front porch floor collapsed several feet with the four fighters on top of it about 20 minutes later.
Those firefighters got themselves up- and continued to extinguish the fire.
They were transported by MAST ambulance to a local hospital after the fire was out.

The cause of that fire- deemed suspicious- was under investigation.

** Critical Injury In KC-MO Wreck **

... A MAST-EMS paramedic crew happened along a car that had crashed into - and knocked down- a utility pole at 87th Street and Denver at 3:18am Saturday morning..

The crew reported that one person- an 18-year-old male- had been ejected from the wrecked vehicle- and that their patient was lifeless when the paramedic first attended to him.

The male was revived- and rushed to not-the-closest trauma center.



Temperatures rose MetroRegion-wide overnight and were in the low to mid-40's in urban areas of Kansas City at dawn.

A stellar first day of meteorological spring today- before the winter hammer drops again by Monday morning.
Today will see increasing southerly winds and temperatures approaching the 70-degree mark in parts of the MetroRegion generally along and south of I-70.

Until relative humidities increase later tonight- a moderate rangeland fire danger should prevail this Saturday afternoon and evening.

Saturday night looks great- breezy and warm.
Temperatures won't fall much lower than the middle-50's even by sunrise when clouds move in. Areas along and east of I-35 could see temps bounce into the middle-60's Sunday before frontal passage.

That front and an accompanying low-pressure trough should swing through the MetroRegion- northwest through southeast- Sunday early afternoon into evening- dropping temepratures into the 30's by midnight.

Showers- thunderstorms and heavy rain begin after frontal passage- and could turn to a heavy wet snow in areas close to the Kansas City Metro by Monday morning.

Stay tuned for updates....


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


KC-MO firefighters are at a "first-alarm" response level at a house fire at 7600 East 73rd Terrace in southeast KC-MO.

The initial alarm sounded at 11:55am Tuesday morning- and dispatch told responding companies that "there's possibly someone still inside" the burning house. Heavy smoke was visible from nearby I-435.
Just now- it was reported to the battalion chief that everyone had escaped the residence safely.

Seven KC-MO fire companies are on the scene battling the fire in the 2-story structure. Minutes earlier- all crews were pulled from the interior because the fire had eaten away parts of the first floor.
Thus far- no injuries have been reported.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Monday, February 25, 2008

"Supreme" Court To Decide If Exxon-Mobil To Pay For Valdez Oil Spill

I know- incredible as it sounds- an American corporation CAN destroy the environment and people's lives- and just flat get away with it.

The "highest" of America's courts (remember- NONE of these people have to take drug tests) is soon to decide if this oil company has to pay ANY "punitive" damages for their 1989 fustercluck in Alaska's Valdez Bay- according to this AP story.

What "punitive" award the courts have allowed to stand is being appealed (also note- during an election year) by these gougers- Exxon-Mobil.

I hear what you're thinking- IF such a "punitive" award stands- all E-M has to do is jack us at the gas pump- some more....