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Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYC Needs A 'War on Restrictive Government'

Governments in America continue eating away at our basic rights...

One of those rights is the freedom for one's self to engorge their faces with fatty foods and sugary drinks (pursuit of happiness and/or obesity).

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS- the City of New York has outlawed large-serving colas and other "sugary" drinks.

What's next NYC- laws against hamburger sizes and chili dogs- monitoring each and every citizen to watch what they eat and how much?

Where the HELL does this stupid government intervention into our lives end?

(Clue: It AIN'T Romney or Obama).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's A New Blog in Town: KCSW NEWS

Lately- the postings on this blog have become few and far between.

There are heavy demands on whatever free time I have- so this blog has suffered.

Also- gathering breaking news requires time ... and money.

A few years ago- I started a 2nd blog- but didn't 'officially' christen it.

The 2nd blog is called KCSW NEWS and it is now where I will post the in-depth information on MetroRegion Kansas City news and weather events I happen upon.

Capt. Spaulding's World won't die- 'teasers' for breaking local stories will still appear (with a link to KCSW NEWS)- but this blog will focus more on national/world news- commentary and the personal asides.

KCSW NEWS will require the reader to personally sign-up- but the breaking news and weather posted there will remain both user and ad-free until further notice.