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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's A New Blog in Town: KCSW NEWS

Lately- the postings on this blog have become few and far between.

There are heavy demands on whatever free time I have- so this blog has suffered.

Also- gathering breaking news requires time ... and money.

A few years ago- I started a 2nd blog- but didn't 'officially' christen it.

The 2nd blog is called KCSW NEWS and it is now where I will post the in-depth information on MetroRegion Kansas City news and weather events I happen upon.

Capt. Spaulding's World won't die- 'teasers' for breaking local stories will still appear (with a link to KCSW NEWS)- but this blog will focus more on national/world news- commentary and the personal asides.

KCSW NEWS will require the reader to personally sign-up- but the breaking news and weather posted there will remain both user and ad-free until further notice.


Xavier Onassis said...

Tried to sign up for KCSW but it told be it was available by invitation only and that I hadn't been invited.

Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail XO

Groucho K. Marx said...

Sorry 'bout that XO- aren't this year's crop of Republicrats entertaining? Heh...

You should have been sent that invite by now- so no need to crash the party... ;)

To those to whom I didn't send an invite to: if you are in no way affiliated with a commercial news organization and you want to read KCSW NEWS- just send a personal email to: doctor_mulcahy@yahoo dot com (.com).