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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kansas City "News" Media Fails Regarding American Royal Move to Kansas

The TV news stations always promote themselves as civic boosters.  If this is so- then why half-ass report things?

Today it was (officially) announced that Kansas City MO's American Royal is moving over to the Kansas side.

Most of the news media stories mentioning this failed to report the fact that Kansas is furnishing STAR bonds to the AR to make this move to the Village West area of KC-KS..

STAR bonds are paid off in sales taxes.

What- besides a once-a year BBQ/horse/livestock show does the American Royal sell to pay-off these bonds?

Will the AR rely on nearby sales taxes to pay off this debt or leech-off proceeds from nearby corporate-welfare districts?

Did the governmental agency issuing these bonds insert any claw-backs into the legal document?

Friday, October 21, 2016

American Presidential Candidate Gets Booed at NYC Charity Dinner

Wow!  You have to be a pretty low-class speaker to get booed at a charity dinner!

Here's the full video courtesy of The NEW YORK TIMES....

Atchison, Kansas: Evacuations Necessary After Large Chemical Cloud Forms

Thousands in this northeastern Kansas city were told to either "shelter in-place" or evacuate after two toxic chemicals were accidentally mixed together at MGP Inc. in Atchison Friday morning.

The chemicals formed a noxious cloud that spread across this city of 11000- about 40 miles N.W. of Kansas City.

From the KSHB-41 news story- "According to the Atchison City Manager's Office, sodium hydrochlorite, also known as sodium hypochlorite, and sulfuric acid were inadvertently mixed together in the wrong holding tank Friday morning, which caused a reaction."

More than 50 people were treated at the Atchison hospital- none reported serious injuries. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Belton MO Police Report a Killing Tonight

Belton Police report to the mainstream news media that they are investigating a "homicide" in the northwestern part of that city in NW Cass county MO..

A location reported by several media outlets as "M-150 and Prospect-" which is more than a mile inside the Kansas City corporate limits.

Citizen reports (since Belton Police have encrypted radio communications now) put the actual location where the murder occurred as "M-58 and Prospect."

On Wednesday- KCTV-5 ran this story:

"The Metro Squad was assembled Wednesday morning to investigate a Belton man's murder.
Benjamin Friend, 37, was shot and killed about 5:40 p.m. Tuesday in the area of Prospect Avenue and Missouri Highway 150.
A family friend says Benjamin Friend was on his way home from work to pick up two of his children when someone shot and killed him.
Those who loved him want his killer caught. 
"He was getting ready to pick up his son and daughter to take them to their after school activities that they have going on," said Boyce Carson, a family friend.
The father's usual route turned deadly when a man shot at his van. Friends are relieved the children were not with him.
Carson has known Friend since he was born. He grew up with Benjamin's mother. 
"An excellent young man," Carson said. "A hard working father of three children. Just had everything going for him. The world by the tail. He just had a brand new baby two months ago I believe." 
Authorities are requesting anyone who might have seen anything suspicious on Hwy. 150 between Missouri Highway 291 and Prospect Avenue between 5 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. to contact them at 816-348-4470 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.
They are specifically requesting information regarding a newer model red sports coupe with black rims, tinted windows and a loud exhaust, and a white work van with a ladder rack and ladder on top. 

Belton police are investigating the possibility of road rage."

Monday, October 17, 2016

High Winds Cause Tree Damage in Kansas City MO

A large oak tree that WAS about 50 years old came crashing down due to south winds gusting to near 50 MPH Monday morning.

This tree was in the 8600 block of Winchester in the Loma Vista area of KC-MO..

The uprooted tree took out several sections of sidewalk- a power line serving street lights- and landed on the back of a car parked in the driveway of the home there.

Winchester was blocked for a time when the tree fell about 9:30 am- but has since been cleared and re-opened.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

BREAKING: Two Shot in Kansas City MO's Country Club Plaza

Two people- a female and a male in his teens- were shot in The Plaza around 7:45 pm Saturday evening.

The incident occurred in the 4600 to 4700 blocks of Broadway.

Both victims' injuries were said to be not life-threatening.

The male teen was reportedly shot in a leg.

Police are seeking unspecified suspect(s) in this incident- and the area around 47th Street and Broadway remains closed while KCPD completes their investigation.

BREAKING: Kansas City MO PD "Operation-100" at Shooting Scene

At 1:19 pm Saturday afternoon- KC-MO Fire- EMS and Police East Zone officers were called to a reported "shooting" at a house in the 5000 block of East 41st Terrace.

Police said there was a "female victim lying in the driveway in front" of the house there and that the "male" suspectr "was still inside.

Officers managed to get to the injured female from the front of the house to a waiting EMS unit.

KCFD-EMS "Medic-5" said their patient was "45-years-old" and suffering from several "stab wounds."

She was taken to a medical trauma center in serious condition.

At 1:29 pm- PD called for a tactical squad or "Operation-100" to get the male suspect out of the house.

That Op-100 is underway as of this posting....

Friday, October 14, 2016

BREAKING: Possibly Law Involved in Fatal Shooting in Kansas City MO Northland

Around 10:30 pm Friday night- KC MO fire and police were called to the scene of "a shooting" on the "eastbound Missouri (M) 152 ramp from northbound I-29" .

Arriving KCPD reports "the Missouri State Patrol" was already on the scene- and the first responding officer requested homicide detectives to respond as well.

The victim is believed to be inside of a vehicle.

Parts of the M-152 and I-29 interchange are closed by MHP and KCPD.

KCFD EMS did not transport any victim from the scene.

This was later determined to be a male shot over a road-rage incident and that no law officers were involved in the shooting.

The suspect reportedly called police from a nearby gas station/convenience store and turned himself in.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

BREAKING: KC MO Fire Truck in Crash Responding To Same

A KCFD truck was involved in a crash with yet-unknown injuries at Bannister Road and Blue Ridge Blvd. around 7:35 pm Thursday evening.

The FD and EMS had been sent to another crash at the same location.  Additional fire and EMS units were sent to the FD-involved wreck.

There was a light thundershower in progress at the time of both crashes.

More details as received ...

Tornado Watch No. 493 - IA-KS-MO-NE Until 9 PM CDT

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center has issues a tornado watch that includes area W to N of Metro Kansas City- including Topeka KS and St. Joseph MO areas.

TW #493 runs till 9 PM- note that additional weather watches are likely to be issued downstream- or in Metro KC- later this Thursday afternoon and/or evening.

Flash-flooding rainfalls are also likely- especially in areas that received heavy rain late Wednesday night and early this morning.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Tornado Watch No. 490 - KS-NE - Until 9 PM CDT

Metro Kansas City is NOT included in this watch- but it does include a large part of Kansas from northeast to south-central.

Monday, October 03, 2016

BREAKING: Victim Critical in South Kansas City MO Shooting

The incident occurred around 2 pm Monday afternoon in the 9300 block of Bales at an apartment complex.

Reportedly- a male shot another male there. The immediate aftermath may have been witnessed by a nearby KC MO Water department crew.

The police took a possible suspect into custody near the scene within 15 minutes after the crime occurred.

The victim was reported by KCFD "Medic-41" as "a 20's-something male with a gunshot to his left chest."

"CPR" was "in progress" on the victim as he was taken to a nearby medical trauma center in grave condition.

UPDATE:  The male victim died at Research Med Center within an hour of his arrival.

He possibly is the city's 91st homicide in the city so far this year..

Friday, September 09, 2016

9/11 Truthers Not Satisfied with Official Version of Events

If you read this URL regarding 9/11- one might come to a conclusion of either a BIG cover-up- or we have the most inept government in the Free World ....  ;)

9/11 truthers not satisfied with official version of events: 9/11 truthers suggest that evidence exists 'that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur,' according to the 9/11 statement.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

BREAKING: "High-Angle" Rescue in Downtown Kansas City MO

It's apparently someone in trouble who is on a scaffolding outside the Town Pavilion building at 12th St. and Main.

KC-MO Fire dispatched the initial alarm at 2:21 pm to "12th Street and Brooklyn" as a high-angle rescue.

Two minutes later- the correct address is given- "12th St. and Main."

Reportedly- the person needing assistance has their "lines tangled-" and Fire has the glorious streetcar's tracks blocked to perform this rescue.

As of 2:45 pm- the stranded worker- a window washer- has been safely assisted off by fire crews and is uninjured.....  

Widely-Scattered Showers- Tstorms Developing From Kansas City Southwestward

The activity is increasing fairly rapidly in coverage and intensity from Metro KC generally along I-35 to near Wichita.

Storm cells moving northeastward- and should be in and around Metro KC through the pre-dawn hours this Thursday morning. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

BREAKING: Kansas City MO Police Report Another Homicide

Shortly before 10:30 pm Wednesday night- KC Police report a homicide investigation in-progress at East 45th St. and Garfield.

There is no other information yet available....

BREAKING: Drive-By Shooting in South-Central Kansas City MO

At 9:56 pm Wednesday night- Metro Zone officers were dispatched on a reported drive-by shooting in the 2400 block of East 68th St. ... the intersection of "68th Terrace and Olive."

By 10:01 pm- Fire and EMS had dispatched several fire companies and 2 EMS units.

PD reports arrival on this scene at 10:02 pm- and requests EMS into the scene 3 minutes later.

At 10:06 pm- PD says "only 1 victim" there- not thought to be shot but "cut by flying glass."

A male in his 20's was taken to a medical trauma center with a "large laceration on his back-"  condition not serious.

The investigation is underway with no suspect info available.

BREAKING: Fire at South Kansas City MO Burger King

This is a "working fire" with a 2nd-alarm briefly sounded- then cancelled- for the business at "10507 Blue Ridge."

The initial alarm was dispatched at 3:01 pm for 5 fire and 1 EMS companies to the Burger King franchise- and there was "smoke showing from the rear" of the business when the first fire unit arrived at 3:03 pm..

There have been no reports of injuries- and it's likely the Burger King will be shut-down for at least the rest of today.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Another Labor Day Holiday Homicide in Kansas City MO

KC Police- Fire and EMS were called to a house in the 7700 block of East Sni-A-Bar Terrace around 7:10 pm Monday night on a reported shooting.

Police reported a homicide at that scene- with no additional info available as of this report.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Kansas City MO: Labor Day-Eve Structure Fire

At 10:37 pm Sunday night- "Pumper 9" who runs out of Station 7 at West Pennway nearly under I-35- reported "a house fire north of our (their) station" and requested a working structure fire response of 7 additional companies/EMS units.

The fire was located in the 2000 block of Jefferson.

At 10:39 pm- about a half-minute before the "regular" alarm is radio-dispatched- Pumper 9 reports a working fire "in a 3-story house" and they were taking in a hoseline.

Police were also specifically "requested-"  unknown if for other reason other than traffic control. 

As of 11:45 pm- the fire was under control with no report of injuries.  

Kansas City MO: Labor Day-Eve Shootings

A couple of shootings in the past 30 minutes...

The first around 9:20 pm- reportedly involving a death- is in the 4100 block of Bellfountaine. 

East Zone PD reported one victim "(DOA) in the yard" and apparently at least one other injured- as Fire and EMS responded a few minutes later.

No suspect or other info available on this yet...

A 2nd shooting reported at 9:30 pm in the 7000 block of East 111th St.- which is in front of Ruskin High school.

South Zone cars had not located anything as of 9:40 pm.... 

Kansas City Mo Police Action for Labor Day 2016 Weekend Sampler I

As Labor Day Saturday night melts into LD Sunday morning- it's busy on the Big City streets...

Latest first- a KC-MO police officer was involved in a crash at 12:36 am..

It happened just east of The Plaza- at the intersection of "Cleaver II" Boulevard "and Main" Street.  

Fire and EMS responded- but injuries are reported to be very minor.

Around midnight- officers in the area of Meyer Boulevard and Askew reported shots fired- bringing an "assist-the-officer" call citywide.  

A black male" suspect "in a gray hat" ran south on Askew before being confronted and arrested by police just north of 67th Street.

EMS was requested for a dog bite victim in that block- but no word on severity or circumstances.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquake Felt Widely in Metro Kansas City.

No reports of damage as of this posting- but many people in the Metro felt this M5.6 quake located near I-35 and Ponca City OK at 7:02 am CDT..

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Metro Kansas City Rainfall Maps - August 23-30 2016

These totals are from last Tuesday night when the rains starting coming through tonight

Today's rains brought up to 2.5-inches in a couple of isolated areas of west Shawnee and Parkville.

In the past week shown here- 9 to nearly 10 inch amounts are found in Johnson county (JoCo) KS...
Around Olathe in the Cedar- Mill and Indian Creeks headwaters and northern Merriam to central Shawnee along Turkey Creek's drainage.

Many 8-9 as well as 6-7-inch areas throughout the Metro as shown in map images as follows... 

The Kansas City Northland and a few Wyandotte county KS gauges...

The Southland- Johnson county KS and Kansas City and burbs MO...

One more round of rain today into tonight - then it should dry-out for at least the next 4 days after.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

High-Speed Chase Winds Through Kansas City- Lee's Summit and Independence MO

The pursuit began around 7:15 pm near Worlds of Fun after a woman driving a "dark (colored) Pontiac G-5" "rammed" and attempted to strike a Clay County sheriff deputy .

The chase went south on Randolph from N.E. Parvin Roads into Randolph- then to I-435 and south.

Along the southbound leg of this chase- speeds reported more than 100 MPH and the suspect drove on the freeway shoulder at times to avoid unaware drivers.

In the Grandview Triangle in south KC-MO- the chase gets dangerous as the woman goes across a median and starts driving east in the westbound lanes of I-470.

The woman drove east on the inside shoulder against the median all the way to U.S. 50/M-350 and "stopped under the (US 50) bridge."

The driver managed to drive-across I-470 to a northwest-bound M-350 ramp where the driver continue toward Raytown.

A crash was reported on westbound I-470 at US 50 shortly after the chase left this area- but it's not known if related to the pursuit.

At M-350- the suspect goes north on narrow Noland Road- to US 40 where she pulls into the "crowded" according to KC-MO Police helicopter- Hy-Vee grocery store parking lot.

After winding around the lot- the woman drives onto US 40 westbound.

With tires now flattened by police stop-stix- the driver gets on I-70 near Sterling and goes westbound.

By Wbnd I-70 and Manchester- at least 3 of the woman's tire are flat and the vehicle is "riding on rims" at about 30 MPH.

At 7:55 pm- the pursuit comes to a stop off the westbound I-70 exit to Jackson- where the woman is taken into custody.

Arrested was 35-year-old Barbara Hoeflicker- charged with drug possession- resisting arrest- three counts of assault and apparently not charged with felony eluding police.