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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Multiple-Victim Shooting in Kansas City MO's 'Jazz District'

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Police are looking for at least one person who opened fire in a "large crowd" in KC's Jazz District in the 1700 block of East 18th St..

The shots were fired around 2:40 am Sunday morning.  

So far- four victims are reported: two were at the scene and two others drove or were driven away.

All are males- and none of the four's injuries were life-threatening.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fatality Crash in Jefferson County Kansas

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Just before 4:10 am Saturday morning- a one-vehicle crash involving three people occurred at the junction of KS Hwy. 4 and U.S. 59 on the southeast side of Nortonville KS..

Nortonville is in extreme northern Jefferson county about 40 miles northwest of Downtown Kansas City MO..

Occupants were reportedly "ejected" during the crash.

One person was declared dead at the scene by fire and EMS personnel by 4:30 am..

Another male patient had critical injuries- and was flown by LifeStar helicopter to an unknown medical trauma center.

This person reportedly later died of his injuries..

The third person had reported minor injuries.

Circumstances and cause of the crash is under investigation as of this post. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Metro Kansas City Juvenile Sports Injuries Reported

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Area sports injuries monitored:

The first report was at 5:14 pm at the Campbell Middle school in Lee's Summit MO..  
A 13-year-old male football player is said to have suffered a non-major neck injury after being collar-tackled "around the neck from behind-" according an EMS report.

At 5:42 pm- Fort Osage Fire and EMS were sent to Fort Osage High school on a reported "head injury."  
This "16-year-old male was struck in the head by a soccer ball" but according to his EMS to hospital medical report- had minor injurious effects.

Both of the above injuries taken to Children's Mercy...

Just in is the report of another injured male at the high school football field in Wellington MO at 6:52pm..  FD/EMS dispatch stated the patient "couldn't move."

And at 8:02 pm- a "traumatic injury" was reported "on the football field." of Oskaloosa High school in Oskaloosa KS.

Nothing further on the latter two victims of sports.

Metro Kansas City Motorcycle vs. Vehicle Crashes

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In addition to the fatality motorcycle-involved crash that closed southbound I-29 near KCI airport- cyclists continued to encounter hazardous driving conditions with other vehicles this early-fall Wednesday afternoon. 

Around 5:24 pm- a 24-year-old male suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries when his cycle was struck by a Jeep on Eastwood Trafficway just east of I-435.

Around 6:05 pm- a 43-year-old male had minor injuries after being forced off the road by an apparently inattentive motorist on M-291 south of M-150 in Lee's Summit MO..

There has been several other vehicle vs. vehicle crashes reported since 5:30 pm..

None so far involved fatalities or critical injuries.

BREAKING NEWS: An "armed male holed-up" in a room at Research Med Center

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That's what indications are according to KC-MO Police radio traffic shortly before 4:30 pm Wednesday afternoon...

Research Med Center- located in south-central at Meyer Boulevard and Prospect- is one of the city's major trauma centers.

Research was reportedly "on lock-down" (closed to ambulances) as of 5:30 pm..

The hospital was back open to ambulances by 6:15 pm..

There are no further "official" details to this incident...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Pleasant Valley MO Shooting Under Investigation

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At 12:42 am Sunday morning- Pleasant Valley EMS was sent to a residence in the 8200 block of Schell Street in Pleasant Valley on the report of "a male bleeding from the head."

Reportedly- the male's "wife came home and found" the victim with what police later reported to be "two gunshot wounds." 

He was transported to a Northland medical trauma center believed to be in critical condition.

As of 2 am- police didn't know if the gunshot wounds were the result of a suicide attempt or otherwise. 

BREAKING NEWS: Three Shot- 1 Killed in KC-MO Bar Shooting

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KC-MO Police report two people were shot at a bar and grill in the 5700 block of Troost around 12:30 am Sunday morning.

One of the victims died at the scene- the other- reportedly a "46-year-old male" suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his leg.

This victim was possibly a bar employee- as EMS reports the man was "working" at the time he was shot.

Police reported "a black male" suspect left the scene in "a black station wagon with dark tinted windows."

About an hour later- a 3rd victim from this incident reportedly showed up at the emergency room of a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Miami County KS and Cass County MO Tornadoes Rated as EF-1

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Friday evening brought an unexpected tornado-producing supercell to southern portions of Metro Kansas City.

No severe thunderstorm or tornado watch was in effect when the now-rated EF-1 tornado touched down around 6:09 pm just west of Waverly Road at about the West 26900 block- SW of Hillsdale Lake in NW Miami county KS..

A few homes and outbuildings along Waverly Road north of West 271st Street suffered damage.

The storm then moved slightly north of due east to the Scott Creek campground west of the Hillsdale lake dam- tossing several camping trailers and causing minor injuries to at least 2 people there.

The tornado- alternately lifting up only to touch down again- moved toward the small community of Hillsdale- tracked by deputies from the Miami County Sheriff's department.

Mostly minor damage was done to trees- outbuildings and a few homes as the funnel continue to skip east-northeastward until lifting into the thunderstorm in about the West 26000 block of Kenwood Road about 2 miles ESE of Hillsdale.

The parent thunderstorm continued to produce rotation and occasional funnels as it moved across north-central Miami county- north of Louisburg and across the Missouri state line near West Line.

Once again- a tornado formed east of West Line and tracked generally along Missouri Highway 2 toward Freeman.

Almost midway between West Line and Freeman sits the appropriately named Cass-Midway schools- where about 250 people had gathered for a scheduled Friday evening football game.

As the storm bearing the tornado approached just before 7 pm- those people took refuge in the school's basement before tornadic winds whipped around the building and the field where the game was to take place.

The tornado broke windows and did roof damage to the school- and tossed beachers- an outbuilding and destroyed the football field's scoreboard.

No one was hurt however.

The tornado grazed the north side of Freeman- before lifting about a mile and a half east of that small town.

The supercell storm continued toward the Cass county seat of Harrisonville and neighboring Johnson county MO- but no other tornadoes touched down.

AMAZING footage of Miami County KS Tornado - Sept. 18, 2015

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Tornado on the ground ! | Hillsdale, Kansas | Sept 18, 2015

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BREAKING WEATHER: New Tornado Warning for SE Cass- SW Johnson counties MO

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Tornado damage was reported in and around Freeman MO in western Cass county shortly before 7 pm Friday evening.

Tornado seen from Paola High School in Kansas

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Scary Tornado near Hillsdale Lake, Miami Co, Kansas | Sept 18, 2015

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Damage was reported in Freeman MO just before 7pm..


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A Tornado Warning is effect for Miami county KS at this time...

Miami county Sheriff's radio states the tornado is rising and lowering near Hillsdale along U.S. 169- moving eastward.

At 6:19 pm- "an injured camper" is being reported at the Scott Creek campground at  Lake Hillsdale in NW Miami county.

The injury is reported to be "minor."

Several trailers were damaged and/or destroyed by the tornado.

The Red Cross was called to assist "4" of the campers for temporary housing assistance.

At 6:21pm- the tornado is still visible to sheriff's deputies.

AT 6:26pm- MiCoSO reports "3 houses damaged in the area of 271st Street and Waverly Road.

As of 6:29pm- the tornado is still on the ground "about 2 miles east of (US) 169" heading toward the Louisburg area..

The only NWS weather watch in effect at the time of this tornado was for flash flooding.

Check the newest CSW post for updates...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

BREAKING WEATHER: Wind Damage Reported in Platte County MO

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Damage from strong thunderstorm winds has been reported in Weston MO in Platte county MO...

Trees on houses have been reported in the 1100 block of Washington Street and in the 17900 block of County P Highway.

Trees are also reported down and blocking Washington Street near Spring and Beaumont.

Cars have also been reported damaged in those areas by fallen tree limbs from the storm.

No injuries have been reported as of 10:50 pm Thursday night

A NWS Severe Thunderstorm Watch was and continues to be in effect for Platte county as well as Leavenworth county KS in the Kansas City Metro..

Sunday, April 06, 2014

MetroRegion Kansas City Overnight News Headlines for 05-06 April 2014

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It was a very busy late Saturday night and Sunday morning and here are the news stories that KSHB-41 received in my 6 am report...

KC-MO - Homicide - 12:30 am Sunday - Metro Zone police- Raytown Fire and KC-MO EMS went to 8401 East 55th Street on a reported assault.

There- they found a middle-age male who had been fatally stabbed by another male.  There had apparently been a fight over a female.

The suspect was taken into police custody at the scene.

KC-KS - "Unknown" medical call for an infant - 1:05 am - Police- Fire and EMS responded to an apartment at 629 South 71st Terrace where there was an unresponsive male infant with "CPR in-progress."

The child was apparently near-death- for the fire department's pumper crew left their truck alone at the scene and rode with the ambulance to the nearest medical center- Providence.

The infant was declared dead at the hospital.

I didn't hear if anyone at the apartment was arrested or of any possible suspect(s).

GRANDVIEW MO - Vehicle crash - 2:11 am - a single-car- going at high-speed- crashes into a utility pole- then rolled into the Western Sizzler Steakhouse at 12300 Blue Ridge Extention.

According to various police- fire and EMS reports pieced together- a portion of the restaurant building was "heavily-damaged-" and also "collapsed."

The "highly-intoxicated- 33-year-old male driver" was reportedly was not that badly hurt as he was transported to Research Med Center with a police car following behind the ambulance..

Warrensburg MO - Stabbing - 2:45 am - that Johnson county community's emergency services were called to Sharpe's Auto Sales at 300 East Russell where- according to various compiled reports- a "21-year-old male was stabbed in the back with a 5-inch blade."

It was reported that "CPR" was being performed on the victim before emergency crews arrived.

I was surprised a medical helicopter wasn't summoned to the scene- as a ground ambulance transported the critically-injured victim to Centerpoint Med Center in Independence.

No word on any suspect information.

Miami county KS - House fire - 2:48 am - fire crews from Drexel MO and MiCo responded to 35715 Metcalf- where a residence was heavily-involved in flames- according to a MiCo sheriff's deputy on the scene.

Didn't hear of anyone hurt or much else on this incident that occurred in the far southeastern part of that county.

KC-MO - Pedestrian struck - 2:51 am - this happened at 2805 Southwest Boulevard when- according to compiled emergency services reports- a "23-year-old male was struck by a car going 54 MPH."

The victim was "thrown over the hood" the ambulance's paramedic told Truman Med Center/West's emergency room and I guess to some degree of fortunately- the victim was "intoxicated" as his injuries were surprisingly not that severe.

The striking driver did stop at the scene.

KC-KS - House fire - 4:51 am - there was a reported "fire in the basement" of "a single-story" residence at 2424 Greeley.

The unknown-number of occupants escaped uninjured- and that fire was reported "out" at 5:06 am.

An investigation into the cause of this fairly-minor blaze was conducted.

Leavenworth county KS - Garage fire - 5:31 am - several LvCo fire departments as well as "Eudora" from Douglas county responded to that incident at 22580 Golden Road.

The structure was "heavily" involved in flames and there was reported to be vehicles inside and near the structure that were also burning.

At 5:35 am- EMS was sent to the scene on the report of a person "burned-"  but there wasn't any word on that person's condition when I went off duty at 6 am..

So if someone tells you that there isn't much that goes on overnights on weekends- you have my consent since 1991 to call them a liar....

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Severe Weather Information on Facebook

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I am following and posting information on severe weather on my Facebook page- Groucho K. Marx.

It is a LOT faster than this blog and immediately gets that info to the people.

Feel free to log in there and "friend" me.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

CSW BREAKING: Possible Tornado Damage in Northern Missouri

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Live police and fire scanner radio traffic reports "possible tornado damage" near Jameson and Pattonsburg MO..

These locations are 60-70 miles north-northeast of Downtown Kansas City MO..

A county dispatcher reported "power poles down along (Missouri) 13 Highway- a trailer house rolled over" and "possible tornado damage in Jameson."  

In addition- "a red pickup truck was blown into a ditch" but the driver is reportedly not injured according to a law officer on the scene.

There have been at least three reports of barns damaged in those areas as of 4 pm...

Around 4:10 pm- a public safety radio transmission from Trenton reports "the roof blown off a house at 470 NW 5th Avenue" in the northern part of Trenton.

At 4:19pm- a radio unit on that scene reports "very heavy damage to a house- all the occupants are out of the house" and apparently uninjured.

As of 4:25 pm- there have been no reports of anyone hurt in Daviess or Grundy counties.