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Friday, August 26, 2016

Kansas City Flash Flooding 8-26-16

Tonight's Rainfall So Far Along Turkey and Brush Creek in JoCoKS and KC-MO

The following video appears to be taken in Westport near Westport Road and Mill St..

Dozens of vehicles were flooded at the popular entertainment district.

Flash Flooding on Turkey Creek in Overland Park!

The creek is now about to go over the northbound lanes of I-35 at I-35 and Metcalf/I-635....

Flash Flooding in Kansas City Northland

More than 3-inches of rain have fallen near KCI Airport and in the upper Line Creek watershed.

There are currently 2 "high water" rescues on-going in that area- one at "755 N.W. Barry Road.

If you live near or are driving around Line and Shoal Creeks- use EXTREME caution!

Kansas City Councilwoman Faces Off with Police Officers Trying to Tow Her Car

Sorry councilwoman Alissia Canady representing MY district- you do NOT get special consideration for law violations!

Kansas City councilwoman faces off with police officers trying to tow her car: A Kansas City councilwoman was in a lengthy confrontation with police when they tried to tow her car.

Tornado Watch For Parts Of Metro Kansas City Until 10 PM

This watch- No. 458- includes Wyandotte-Leavenworth and Atchison counties in Kansas and Platte- Clay- Ray- Carroll and counties northward in Missouri.

Thus far Metro KC counties south of the MO and KS Rivers are NOT included.

A Tornado Warning has recently been issued for NE Platte- far NW Clay and SW Clinton counties in MO....

Indian Creek Rising Rapidly in Overland Park

Heavy rain that began after midnight has caused a rapid rise on Indian Creek in Olathe and Overland Park.

Rainfalls of as high at 3-inches in the Indian Creek headwaters on top of around 5-inches late Tuesday into Wednesday morning has sent the creek to near "monitor stage" at Blackbob and continues to rise .2 of a foot every 10 minutes.

Shown below are the stages shortly before 5:20 am Thursday:

The heavy rain has moved north of this area- however there should be increasing concerns for further heavy rainfall forecasted later this Thursday afternoon and evening- as storm totals are nearling 7-inches since late Tuesday night and soils are now saturated.

BREAKING: Lenexa KS Apartment Building Fire

The incident is at the Park Edge Apartments in the 8500 block of Renner Boulevard.

The initial alarm sounded for Lenexa and Olathe firefighters at 1:45 am- and a working fire was reported.

There was a heavy thunderstorm occurring at the time- but not yet known if this fire was a result of a lightning strike.

Thus far- there are no reports of injuries....

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kansas City International Airport Aircraft Standby

Airport crash- fire and rescue units along with KC-MO Fire structural fire companies have been sent to KCI on a standby for a passenger jet.

There is reportedly "a power loss on Engine 1" of the aircraft- according to the pilot's report to KCI Tower.

There are reported to be "48 souls-on-board" according to the initial  KCI tower report to CFR units at 9:08 pm..

At 9:29 pm- a KCI-CFR unit reports the "aircraft has landed safely." 

Five-Inches of Rain Recorded on OP-Leawood KS Border

The following image is a screen capture of the Overland Park Stormwatch rainfall map.

The period indicated is 3 am Wednesday to 3 am this Thursday morning and the 5-inch total is shown at a rain-gauge at I-435 and Nall.

Indian Creek has remained below moderate flood stage of 14-feet at 103rd Street just west of Metcalf.

However- additional moderate to locally heavy rain was again developing at this hour west and southwest of Metro Kansas City- and will move over the southern Metro during the next 3 hours.

Indian Creek Gets Within 1.8 Feet Of Flood in Overland Park

Heavy rains bought on by severe thunderstorms caused a fast rise on Indian Creek in Overland Park KS Wednesday night.

Six hour rainfall near the creek gage site was more than 3.3-inches as shown on the next image.

As you can see by the next image- the stage actually got within 1.8 feet of "moderate flood" at the gage location at W. 103rd Street and Marty- just west of Metcalf.

Indian Creek was slowly falling as of midnight Thursday morning. but further heavy rains SW of Metro Kansas City will keep me watching this situation for the next few hours.

I will post updates on my Facebook account "Jay Botee" as needed....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Metro Kansas City In Severe Storm Watch Until 11 PM

Also includes Topeka- Lawrence- Ottawa and Emporia in Kansas.

Includes St. Joseph- Chillicothe- Cameron- Nevada and Clinton in Missouri.

BREAKING: Blue Ridge Cutoff Closed Due to Fatality Crash

The incident was reported about 12:10 am Wednesday morning as "a pedestrian struck at Blue Ridge Cutoff and Sni-A-Bar" in eastern Kansas City MO..

Additional fire department resources and ambulances were ordered- and KC MO Police reported this incident as "a crime scene."

Police have closed a broad section of Blue Ridge Cutoff from Raytown Road to 53rd Street as of 1 am..

As of early Wednesday afternoon- the ONLY local news story on this incident was seen via The KC STAR .

Additional info as received.... 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ellicott City Flash Flood 7/30/2016

Although this video is rather shaky (understandable)- it dramatically documents the shock and panic that patrons in a 2nd-floor restaurant experienced seeing vehicles and people floating by during the deadly flash flood Saturday night in Ellicott City Maryland.

(VIDEO) Ellicott City MD Flash Flood July 30 2016

Click HERE for a video of the aftermath.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Toddler Dies After Being Hit by Vehicle in Olathe KS

Tragic!  My condolences to the child's family and everyone involved.

Toddler dies after being hit by vehicle in Olathe: A 14-month-old girl was critically injured after she was struck by a vehicle.

Friday, July 22, 2016

BREAKING: KC-MO Police "Operation-100' in the Northland

Refer to the map image below- this PD tactical operation in in the general area of N.E. 61st Street and North Drury.

Few details that I know- other than it sounds to be a male barricaded in that area and that so far- does not appear to be anyone hurt.

The news media is being "staged" at the "Ravenwood (Elementary) School" at 5800 North Brighton.

UPDATE: 1630 CDT- KC MO Police have the barricaded male in custody without injury.  Possibly the male was having suicidal thoughts- but the Op-100 is about to officially end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

KC KS Police Officer Killed in Shooting

KCK police officer in critical condition after being shot near 22nd, Haskell: A KCK police officer has been shot Tuesday afternoon. Police Chief Terry Zeigler said the shooting happened at 22nd Street and Haskell Avenue.

UPDATE 3:15 PM:  KMBC-9 reports "3 suspects in custody."  Victim- a police captain- last reported to be "in critical condition."

Incident reportedly began as a "shots fired" call in at the Juniper Gardens apartment complex at 2nd St. and Edgerton- about a mile east of 22nd and Haskell...

UPDATE 3:35 PM: Reports are that the KC-KS police captain has died at K.U Med Center.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kansas City Police Surround Home of Baton Rouge Shooter

Kansas City police surround home of Baton Rouge shooter: A man believed to have taken part in the shooting that killed at least three police officers from Baton Rouge was from the metro area.

BREAKING NEWS: Working Duplex Fire in Grandview MO

All Grandview firefighters with assistance from  Belton FD are engaged in a firefight in a duplex in the 6200 block of East 129th Street.

The initial alarm sounded at 7:05 pm with a report of someone still trapped inside the structure.

Fire crews arriving less than 3 minutes later reported the "duplex fully-involved" in fire- but shortly later said all occupants were "out" of the building.

The fire is still underway with yet no reports of injuries.

Updates on this post when received....

Sunday Night TV: 1966-67 (Rare promos, bumpers, commercials, etc.)

With all the bad news going on- I take you back to earlier and somewhat lighter days of Sunday night programming on American network TV.

A big thanx to "Fred Fix" for sharing this....

Let There Be Peace on Earth - Harlem Boys' Choir

WATCH LIVE: Officials Confirm 2 Law Enforcement Officers Dead, 5 Injured in Baton Rouge LA

WATCH LIVE: Officials confirm 2 law enforcement officers dead, 5 injured during shooting: Police are responding to a report of officers shot at a location on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway in Baton Rouge.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Locals celebrating Bastille Day mourn terror attack in Nice, France

Locals celebrating Bastille Day mourn terror attack in Nice, France: Barbara Rafael, owner of Le Fou Frog in Kansas City, informed diners celebrating Bastille Day at her restaurant of what President Barrack Obama and other officials are calling a 'horrific terrorist...


Even in Kansas City, Bastille Day, France's National Day, is one of celebration but on Thursday, it turned to one of despair.
In Nice, France, someone drove a truck into a crowd celebrating its country with guns blazing leaving more than 75 people dead and hundreds more injured.
Barbara Rafael, owner of Le Fou Frog in Kansas City, informed diners celebrating Bastille Day at her restaurant of what President Barrack Obama and other officials are calling a 'horrific terrorist attack.'
"We would like to take a moment of silence," Rafael said. 
Together, the restaurant prayed. Barbara's daughter, Madeleine, just returned from France two days earlier.
"I just couldn't believe that they'd do it on this day," Madeleine said.
For Madeleine, it's a country filled with family. Three attacks in France in one year makes her and many others ask, 'why?' 
"It's so sad because they've had so many tragedies lately and it was just people celebrating and this happens," she said. "I don't understand why such an amazing country's been targeted so many times and it's really sad the world has so much violence going on."
Madeleine wanted to stay in France for Bastille Day but her parents told her she should come home. In hindsight, she was lucky. Her dad, Mano Rafael, is thankful his daughter is home.
For 20 years, the family has owned Le Fou Frog and proudly displayed a French flag outside.
This Bastille Day celebration, is now much different than years past. 
"Killing people. Killing people that are innocent," Madeleine's dad said. 
After the moment of silence, the restaurant sang the French National anthem as a sign of their French pride.
Madeleine says for the month she was there, she says there was a noticeable increase in security and police. 

Monday, July 04, 2016

Overland Park Project First Big Test in New Era of STAR Bond Oversight

When will corporate welfare cease?

When will the corporate news media (besides occasionally The KC STAR) seriously address this?

Overland Park project first big test in new era of STAR bond oversight: State officials in Kansas are evaluating a potential $200 million request for government-backed bonds to finance one-third of an Overland Park development featuring an amateur hockey arena and spaceflight museum.

CSW BREAKING: Motorcyclist Hit During KC-MO Police Chase

Police were chasing an alleged "stolen...silver Chrysler" in regard "to a kidnapping" in which there are yet no details in South KC-MO..

The chase began around 11:22 am on Blue River Road north and eastbound- then the suspect went south on U.S. 71/I-49..

At 11:26 am- officers report the suspect vehicle "hit a motorcycle on the Red Bridge ramp (from southbound) I-49" and requested "EMS" for the cyclist.

The cyclist's injuries- and the victim's reported to be a male- are reported serious.

PD had reported suspect vehicle's speed as "85-90" MPH when the cyclist was struck.

At 11:46 am- KC-MO FD-EMS "Medic-42" was enroute to the nearest medical trauma center with the cyclist.

42's report "the male (cyclist) was sideswiped by a vehicle going 90-95 MPH- the (patient) was going about 55 (MPH) and was thrown about 50 feet" from his bike when he was struck.

The man was knocked unconscious- but reportedly had regained consciousness enroute to the hospital.

His condition was serious to critical.

It sounds as if the silver suspect vehicle was stopped near the crash scene and a female occupant- the driver- was taken into custody.

There is still no info on the reported "kidnapping" that precipitated the police chase.

US Declassified Report Listing Individuals in 9/11 Probe

US declassified report listing individuals in 9/11 probe: Amid the clamor a year ago to release 28 still-secret pages of a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks, the government quietly declassified a little-known report listing more than...

Sunday, July 03, 2016

NWS Flash Flood Warning for Jackson County MO- But No Serious Problems Yet

Cellphones across the county went off within the past 10 minutes for this warning- but the heaviest rains are now over eastern JaCoMO..

There have been rainfalls of slightly more than 4-inches reported near Knobtown in SE KC-MO- but a check of area stream and river gauges show all major waterways well within their banks.

The previous weeks of mostly rain-free weather allowed the ground to soak up much of the rain- which fortunately didn't come down all at once but in waves several hours apart.

More activity will develop/move into the Metro through the next 6 hours or so- but amounts should remain below 2-inches and I don't anticipate any serious flash flooding issues in the Metro through the end of this event later today.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Fire Destroys Grandview Restaurant

The alarm sounded at 11:21 pm Friday night for the fire at 1309 Main Street.

There was heavy smoke showing from the back and roof of the business when firefighters arrived.

Grandview was assisted by a ladder truck from Belton.

Fire destroys Grandview restaurant: A Grandview diner is significantly damaged after a fire broke out Friday night.