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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Grandview MO Apartment Fire Is Out

During the 2 pm hour Tuesday afternoon- the Grandview Fire department with the help of Belton and Kansas City MO fire companies were called to a fire in an apartment at 1508 Thomas.

The fire was extinguished withing 20 minutes of the initial alarm with at least 2 apartments besides the one that caught fire damaged.

There are no reports yet of any injuries- and a fire investigation is underway.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

BREAKING: House Fire With "Exploding Ammunition" in KC Northland

There is a working house fire in Kansas City MO's Northland- in the 12200 block of North Booth near Liberty.

The alarm was dispatched to 5 KCFD and Liberty Fire companies at 2:04 pm Sunday afternoon- with the report of "ammunition going off" in the burning home.

The first-arriving unit at 2:11 pm reported "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story" house- with additional FD units called to the scene.

Three "small" streams (1-3/4" handlines) are being used on the fire.

It's been reported that all occupants of the home escaped with no mention of injury.

This incident was reported "under control" by Battalion chief 103 at 2:30 pm.

No report of any injuries at that time- with the fire investigation underway.

Friday, February 03, 2017

BREAKING: Firefighters Dodge Exploding Ammo at Raytown MO House Fire

The fire is in the 5300 block of Appleton and the 5-company alarm was sounded at 5:15 pm..

Kansas City and Raytown fire crews began arriving at 5:22 pm- reporting "heavy smoke showing-" then- a minute later- Pumper-39 reports "ammunition going off" in the burning house in far northern Raytown.

The occupants have reportedly gotten out uninjured- with additional FD resources called to the scene.

There was one minor injury at this scene: transported to a hospital by Raytown EMS- he is "a 34-year-old male resident" who received minor burns and was in good condition.

The fire is under control by 5:45 pm..

The Red Cross has been requested to assist the home's occupants:  "2 adults and (5) children."

Cause under investigation.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

BREAKING: Reported Shooting in Overland Park Near I-435 and Metcalf

The call came in around 4:10 pm of a shooting in the 7500 block of West 106th Street at the Lodge of Overland Park Apartments.

It was reported that "the boyfriend of the daughter (at an apartment at that location) was shooting and a female was struck (by bullets)" there.

The suspect is reported to be a "(Named - Michael Collins Smith) black male- (born) 10-13-69" and "driving a red Kia Optima- left in unknown direction...."

At 4:29 pm- OPPD on-scene states "there is a male victim" of a shooting at he location

The female had minor gunshot wounds.

No EMS transport heard from the scene- and OPPD detectives were sent to the scene- a confirmed homicide there.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

BREAKING: Possible Fatality Crash in South-Central Kansas City MO

Around 1:25 am- a vehicle reportedly "crashed into the building" at an address in the 3200 block of East 85th Street.

This is a major east-west road running west from U.S. 71.

At 1:35 am- police on-scene report the vehicle's driver as "a possible fatality" with the fire department performing an "extrication" on the person.

That fatality was "confirmed" by KC-MO Police on-scene at 1:43 am- with the extrication still in progress.

Damage to the building and the nature of any business there is yet unknown.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today Marks 50th Anniversary of Rare Killer Tornado in Metro Kansas City

The date was January 24 1967 and the place was Orrick MO.

Two died after the Orrick High school was struck.

Click HERE for an archive CSW post on this very rare weather event for our area.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Overland Park KS Blows Up Office Building

Kansas City Royals Ace Yordano Ventura Dies in Car Crash

Hundreds of fans have built a makeshift memorial in front of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City after hearing the tragic news today out of the Dominican Republic.

15 Dead as Tornado Outbreak Continues in Southeastern US

So far Sunday afternoon- 11 people have died in Georgia due to tornadoes.

In fact- most of the Southeast is under a "high risk" for severe storms and damaging- long-track twisters.

Four died yesterday in Mississippi after a tornado- rated EF-3- struck Hattiesburg and Petal MS several hours before dawn.

The risk will continue throughout the rest of today- and persons living in the southeastern US are advised to keep close tabs on their local weather.

Around 2:30 pm- a large damaging tornado tore through the southern parts of Albany GA..

That tornado (shown on a NWS base velocity radar image)- continues on the ground northeast of Albany- moving NE at around 50 mph..

Damage has been reported- but no word yet of injuries or possible fatalities.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

First Killer Tornado of 2017 Strikes Hattiesburg MS and Vicinity

Four people are dead after a tornado- preliminary-rated by the NWS as an "EF-3-"  struck Hattiesburg and it's suburbs before 4 am Saturday morning.

At least 50 were reported injured.

The YouTube video shown here is the actual broadcast from WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg- before- during and after the tornado struck.

The real excitement begins around the 47 minute mark in the video.

Monday, January 16, 2017

According to The Scots- New Twilight Zone Begins January 20

The "new" Twilight Zone?

This story from an Oakland CA TV news site:

Chiefs Observations From South of Arrowhead

I may not be a huge sports "fan" now- but it wasn't always that way.
Dad took us to a Chiefs game back in 1964. 

Worked at Arrowhead- and then-Royals stadiums in the 1980's.

When we lived by Swope Park in the '60's- the Chiefs practice facility was across the 63rd Street bridge- about a mile away,

This was around the time of the first 'Super Bowl (It wasn't called that then)' and we swam in Chiefs paraphernalia and personally autographed photos and items.

Same with the old A's and the new Royals in baseball. 

Two of my brothers and I took the Prospect bus and walked to attend the last doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox in 1967.

Two friends and I ditched school in April 1969 to see the Royals first game as a new team.

The love of Royals baseball brings floods of memories far too vast for this blog.

So now I'm full-circle back to the Chiefs.

Tonight we played a team that didn't score ANY touchdowns against our 2 and lost (steam comes from ears).

 Well- we were West Division AFC champs I guess (gritting gums).

Mr. Kelce drew my ire earlier this year with his flag-throwing penalty.

After tonight's performance and tirade encore- Chiefs mgmt. should bid Kelce farewell.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Ice? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Prepare to Tailgate at Arrowhead

Metro KC roadways are wet- but are generally ice-free.

Current temperature here at my weather station in South KC is 35.

Ice Storm 2017 - Some Regional Images and Radar Update No. 8

Freezing rain has now enveloped Metro Kansas City from the southwest and west- with more on the way (see radar image below).

Here are some photos of the icing from around the Central States:


Wichita State University Cam - Wichita





Here's the latest regional Doppler weather radar composite from the NWS:


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 7

The warning for ice continues for all of Metro Kansas City- as well as much of Missouri- Kansas- Oklahoma and parts of Iowa- Nebraska and Texas.

The heaviest rain still sits in the far southern Metro- southern Miami county KS east to southern Cass county.

The activity continues to move east faster than it works north- and I think that except for some scattered drizzle/mist- the heaviest activity will hold-off until tomorrow.

Tomorrow meaning after 3 am Sunday morning.

In addition- temperatures with the on-going precipitation Sunday night will be very tricky- we could possibly remain at freezing or slightly below even up to Chiefs game time.

Below is the regional weather radar composite shortly after 2 am Sunday morning:

BREAKING: Three Houses Damaged by Fire in Kansas City MO

The 5-company regular alarm for a house fire at 2323 Chestnut was dispatched at 5:31 pm Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival- firefighters found a 2-story "vacant" house fully-involved in fire.

That fire spread to adjoining structures to the north and south of the fire structure- at least 1 of those houses also reported to be vacant.

Three additional fire companies have been called to the scene.

No injuries reported as of this post- will update when further info is heard....

Ice Storm 2017 Update 6 - Rain in Wichita

A large area of rain is moving through south-central Kansas- on it's way to the Metro Kansas City area after sunset.

That rain has reached Wichita- but it's mostly just rain for now.

Temperatures have risen above freezing in Lawrence (who has partial sunshine) at 36- Topeka at 37 and Wichita at 35 as of 3 pm weather observations (see map).

Temperatures in Metro Kansas City have actually reached or exceeded the freezing mark in the central city- it's currently 35-degrees here in south Kansas City near I-435 and 87th Street.

More updates to come as the area of rain approaches KC....

Ice Storm Creates Weird Ice Sculpture

It appears to be the front end of a vehicle that escaped from under this icy coating.

I believe this is from the St. Louis area.

BREAKING: House Fire in Southeastern Kansas City MO

A "working fire" broke out in a home in the 9500 block of Spring Valley around 1:38 pm Saturday afternoon.

Five fire companies responded- and first-arriving "Pumper 41" at 1:42 pm reported "smoke showing from (the) 2-story" house there.

"All occupants out" was the report- apparently uninjured.

At 1:49 pm- the fire was reported "under control" with "2" handlines used.

Update here if any additional info received....

The Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 5

We in Metro Kansas City are enjoying somewhat of a lull regarding the icy stuff- more is most assuredly on the way...

Shown below is a regional weather radar image- and the precipitation many hours away from the Metro (that is if nothing develops ahead of the activity well southwest).

At this time- it appears the heaviest of the rainfall- freezing rain- will occur after sunset in Metro KC..

Ice accumulations still pegged by the NWS to be in the quarter to half-inch range.

For events that occurred around the Metro from Friday night's event- go HERE and click on the links. 

As I did Friday- I'll post here on CSW any updates throughout the day into tonight....