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Monday, March 20, 2017

Major- Historic Fire in Overland Park KS

It's at an apartment complex under construction on the southwest of the interchange of College Boulevard and U.S. 69 near Corporate Woods and one of the 4-story buildings under construction became totally involved in flames.

The complex is known at "The Royale at CityPlace Center."

The fire was reported about 3:30 pm and quickly grew to 2-alarms..

Within 30 minutes- the response had grown to at least 5-alarms with virtually every fire department in Johnson county KS sending equipment and crews.

As of 5:30 pm- this has gone to "an 8-alarm-plus" fire.

Fire crews from both Kansas Citys and as far away as Lawrence KS were called to the fire scene or asked to fill the many empty fire stations in Johnson county.

This has beeen the largest Metro KC fire since the West Bottoms blaze of 1998 and the largest fire in Overland Park's history.

Nearby homes were also ignited.

As of 4:45 pm- at least 12 homes to the south of the complex have been or are currently involved in flames from radiated heat and blowing embers.

Late Monday evening- Overland Park Fire spokespeople stated that "17 homes were damaged" with at least 3 of those homes considered a total loss.

Tuesday morning- that figure had increased to "22 homes" damaged- with 5 of those homes heavily-damaged or destroyed.

This is in addition to the 2 apartment buildings destroyed along with several smaller buildings in the complex.


As of 6:30 pm- nearly 3 hours after this fire was first reported- aerial TV shots show most of the homes that caught fire have been extinguished or nearly so.

Also- only one minor firefighter injury reported thus far- no other injuries have been reported.

Late Monday- fire commanders said "3 firefighters have been transported (to medical facilities) in fair condition."

No civilian injuries were reported and at least a half-dozen fire crews were still on-scene dealing with the fire in the 2nd-building in the complex.

Late Tuesday- more than 27 hours after the initial fire call- an OPFD spokesperson stated "25 homes" were in some way damaged in the fire- with "5" homes uninhabitable.

Those firefighters injured had been released and all hot spot extinguished.

The cause has been linked to a construction welder's spark that ignited a wooden wall.

Damage figures will probably total in the tens of millions of dollars.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

BREAKING: Pedestrian in Wheelchair Dead in South Kansas City MO

KC-MO Metro Zone police report "a DOA" at 63rd Street and Prospect.

The fatality is at the scene of a person in a wheelchair being struck and dragged for a short distance by a KC-MO Water Dept. dump truck.

Police have closed that intersection to traffic while they conduct an investigation.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BREAKING: Shooting in South Kansas City MO

KC-MO  Metro Zone division offers are investigating a shooting that seriously-injured a male.

The call came in around 10:20 pm to an address in the 8600 block of Chestnut Circle.

The incident could have been the result of a vehicle crash that happened elsewhere and the victim drove himself to the Chestnut Circle location.

The victim was described by the transporting KC-MO Fire EMS unit as "a 27-year-old male" with 2 gunshot wounds: one to his back and another to a thigh.

The man's condition was serious- but not immediately life-threatening.

Only suspect info was that of "a black male wearing a blue hoodie."

PD continues to block off that area in the apartment complex.

BREAKING: Another Vacant House Burns in Old Northeast Kansas City MO

Early this morning- a house on 7th Street and Fuller was destroyed by a suspected arson fire- this time a suspicious fire ignites a vacant 2-story house near Indiana on 7th St....

The initial alarm for 5 KC-MO fire companies was sounded at 9:45 pm on a reported "house fire- Independence Avenue and Benton."

Units began arriving 2-1/2-minutes later finding smoke at that location- but the actual fire was a couple of blocks southeast- in the 3200 block of East 7th St..

The structure was "fully-involved" in fire- so hoselines and master streams were directed on the fire from outside.

No injuries heard as of 10:57 pm with the fire declared "under control."

BREAKING: House Fire in Near East Side Kansas City MO

Seven Kansas City MO fire companies battled a fire in a large house early Wednesday morning.

The  call was dispatched at 1:44 am to "9th Street and Fuller" in the Sheffield area of the East Side.

Pumper 24- responding from a nearby outbuilding fire that had just been extinguished- arrived at 1:47 am to report "fire showing from a 2-story vacant house."

A "working fire response" was dispatched- sending more crews to the scene.

Fire crews took "a defensive (outside)" stance on the firefight.

As of 2:04 am- Battalion chief 104 (BC-104) reported 3 handlines and a master stream being used on the fire- with "a partial collapse of the roof."

A collapse zone for the safety of firefighters had been established at least 7 minutes prior.

As of 2:20 am- the firefight continues in mid-20 degree temperatures with a light east wind.

At 2:22 am- an arson investigator as well as "dangerous buildings" inspector from the city was requested by BC-104 to the scene.

More than a hour after the initial alarm for this fire was dispatched- it has not yet been declared under control.

No injuries have been reported as of 2:53 am..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BREAKING: Working Fire in Building South of Downtown Kansas City

The alarm came in at 8:56 pm for a reported "fire in a vacant building at 20th" Street "and Main." 

The first of 6 fire companies rolled-in about 4 minutes later to find "a fire in one- possibly 2 units on the 2nd-floor of a 5-story building."

At least one handline is being used with the fire being reported "under control" at 9:07 pm.

Streetcar operations are suspended until the FD clears this scene.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Woman in Serious Condition after being Carjacked by Teens

Citizens- unfortunately in this day and age you MUST stay constantly aware of your surroundings and the people in it!

Woman in serious condition after being carjacked by teens: A metro woman is in the hospital after being carjacked by a group of teens on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

BREAKING: Grandview MO Police Officer Injured

Grandview Fire and EMS were dispatched at 9:39 am Sunday morning to an address in the 13700 block of Parker- where it was reported a "police officer " suffered "a broken ankle."

The "32-year-old ... male" officer was taken non-emergency to a Kansas medical trauma center in good condition.

Unknown are the circumstances surrounding the officer's injury- that info is pending an 'official' report to the media.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Metro Kansas City Homicides Through March 10 2017

Toni Anderson's Car Pulled from Missouri River; Body Inside

Toni Anderson's car pulled from Missouri River; body inside

The second vehicle pulled from the Missouri River in the Northland has been confirmed to be Toni Anderson's car. There is a body inside, but it's unknown if it's her.


Police and recovery teams have pulled Toni Anderson's car from the Missouri River. There is a female body inside, but it is currently unknown if it's her.
A black SUV and a black were found in the Missouri River in the Northland on Friday.
For the last several weeks, police have been conducting searches of the area hoping to find any clues to where 20-year-old Toni Anderson might be.
Anderson was last seen driving a black Ford Focus and has not been heard from or seen since Jan. 15. She vanished after leaving a QuikTrip in North Kansas City.
Crews in boats and divers were searching for something underneath the water most of the day. Eventually, a large fire truck was brought in to help light the area. Then, a bigger search boat. 
The black SUV was not Anderson’s car. It is a Lincoln Navigator. Kansas City police say the SUV is not connected to any of their investigations.
After finding the SUV, two more drivers went into the river. After hours, the second vehicle was pulled out. 
The mother confirmed to KCTV5 News that this is Anderson's car and said the license plates matched. 
It is unknown whether or not Anderson is in the car. 
Platte Landing Park is closed while law enforcement continues to search the area. 
Anderson’s family did hire a private company to use sonar in the river. That company is currently on the river working right now.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

BREAKING: Shooting Homicide in South Kansas City MO

Kansas City MO Metro Patrol division officers responded to a reported shooting in the parking lot of the Knob Hill Apartments in the 9300 block of Myrtle around 1:15 pm Friday afternoon.

Fire and EMS was called- but EMS declared the victim- reportedly a male- "DOA" at 1:38 pm..

Police reportedly took a suspect into custody at the scene.

BREAKING: Severe T-Storm Warning- S. Johnson- N. Miami Counties Kansas

UNTIL 1:15 PM ....

Severe T-Storm Watch Until 7 pm- Kansas and Missouri

Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 70 will be in effect until 7 pm for parts of extreme southeastern-eastern Kansas into west-central and southwest Missouri.

Metro Kansas City is NOT included in this watch- but a thunderstorm or two is possible through this evening south of the rivers.

Severe thunderstorms are currently on-going in the Fort Scott KS and Nevada MO areas.

Severe Storm Risk Today for Southern Kansas City MetroRegion

The first full week of March 2017 brings yet another chance of severe thunderstorms to the Central States.

Metro Kansas City- for the most part- will miss today's round.

An "enhanced" risk of storms (similar to Monday) will exist this afternoon and evening from southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma into southwestern Missouri.

Surrounding that risk is a "slight risk" area that comes as far north as Iola and Fort Scott KS east to Nevada and the Eldorado Springs areas.

A thunderstorm or two is expected in Metro Kansas City- but no severe storm is forecast.

Currently- there already are severe storms in southeastern Kansas and these are moving generally northeast toward the southern part of the Metro.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Tornadoes- High Winds Spreads Swaths of Damage in Metro Kansas City

A storm system reminiscent of the May 1-2 2008 killer storm moved diagonally northwest to southeast across Metro Kansas City Monday evening- producing at least 2 tornadoes and wind damage of tropical storm force.

At least 10-15 injuries have been reported- those in southern Oak Grove MO who was struck by a tornado around 8:50 pm..

None of the injuries were life-threatening and only 3 of those injured had to be taken to a hospital.

City of Lee’s Summit Assessing Damage From Evening Storm

City of Lee’s Summit Assessing Damage From Evening Storm
 March 7, 2017

By Jim Eden
Lee’s Summit Fire Department     
LEE’S SUMMIT, MO—At approximately 7:30p.m.the National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jackson County, Missouri. As the storm approached Lee’s Summit the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for the Jackson County, Lee’s Summit area for radar indicated rotation over Grandview, Missouri. There were no reports of spotter indicated rotation or a funnel approaching the city. In addition to the warning messages sent by the National Weather Service, the Lee’s Summit Fire Department sent out a Tornado Warning message on the Nixle alert system and Emergency Radio System, but did not activate the outdoor storm warning sirens. According to the National Weather Service there was no radar indicated rotation or trained weather spotter reports of rotation as the storm passed over Lee’s Summit.
As the storm moved through Lee’s Summit; high winds, rain and hail impacted the central portion of the city causing minor damage to buildings, knocking down trees and powerlines. The heaviest damage occurred in the area of Olive Street and Chipman Road. The office building of Boise Cascade Building Materials at 221 NW Chipman Road was destroyed and the lumber yard damaged. Approximately nineteen other homes and businesses in the four to six block area sustained various amount of damage from wind and debris. Fallen trees also knocked down powerlines to the area. There were no reports of injuries. All of the buildings in the area remained occupied with the exception of the Boise Cascade facility.  The National Weather Service has been contacted to survey the damage.
Following the storm, KCP&L reported approximately 26,000 customers were without power. Crews were trying to get to as many areas as they could to restore service. Residents are reminded to avoid downed or low hanging power lines and to assume they are energized. If you encounter this hazard, call 911.
Citizens are reminded to have at least two methods of severe weather notification and to stay alert for rapidly changing weather conditions. For more information on how to prepare for severe weather and weather safety tips visit:;
Residents with questions or concerns, may contact the City of Lee’s Summit at (816) 969-1300, or visit the website at

Works in progress: updates HERE- HERE and HERE .

Severe Wind- Tornado Damage in Eastern Jackson County MO

High winds and possibly a tornado have apparently left widespread damage in the Metro suburbs of Blue Springs- Grain Valley- Oak Grove to Odessa MO..

Homes have been heavily damaged along Hardsaw and Stillhouse Roads south of Grain Valley.

An injury to an adult male was reported at 9:26 pm.

At 9:41 pm- Oak Grove authorities report the "worst damage is between 21st and 25th Streets" in southern Oak Grove.

Structures have been damaged as well as trees and lines down.

There are other reports- as public safety people fan out- from southern Blue Springs east-northeast into and beyond Oak Grove.

Numerous reports of trees and utility lines down- blocking the roads for search crews.

There are close to 12 fire and police agencies at two command posts- one in Grain Valley- the other in Oak Grove- assisting in search and possible rescue.

More than 400 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.