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Friday, February 05, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect Chased After Causing MHP Trooper Car to Overturn in Lafayette County MO

A suspect driving "a black (Chevy) Suburban" reportedly caused a "State car (MHP?) 1269" to overturn in or near Odessa MO at 9:29 pm Friday night.

It happened "west of (M-) 131 on the north outer road."  .

The trooper was not seriously injured- but EMS was sent to examine the officer.

About 5 minutes later- a law officer from Lafayette county spotted the black Suburban "westbound on I-70 passing Bates City" at 9:33 pm.

The chase continued into Jackson county at a reported speed of "80 MPH-" and has "passed (M-) 7 highway" as of 9:40 pm..

As of 9:50 pm- the chase had entered KC-MO on westbound I-70 in the area of the Truman Sports Complex- and no further was heard.

BREAKING NEWS: Working Duplex Fire- Two Injured in Kansas City MO Northland

A "working fire response" of at least six KC-MO fire companies was sent to a fire in "a 1-1/2-story duplex" in the 500 block of Northeast 107th Street. 

The alarm was sounded at 7:26 pm- followed by a dispatch report of "one injured jumping" from the burning structure. 

 Pumper 3 was first-in at 7:29 pm- reporting the "working fire-" where there are a reported "two" injured. 

 At least 2 "small (1-3/4-inch) streams were being used on the fire which is "under-control" as of 7:46 pm. 

A critically-injured patient was "an approximately 50-year-old male who jumped from a 2nd-floor window- about 10 to 15 feet" and had "20-30 percent" burns of up to the 3rd-degree.

He was transported to a KC-KS medical trauma center by KC-MO FD-EMS Medic 554.

The second injury was "a 9-year-old male who jumped about 15-feet-" KCFD "Medic 16" tells an area medical trauma center for minors.

The boy's condition was stable and not life-threatening.

At 7:57 pm- the Red Cross is requested to assist "3 adults" displaced by this fire of yet-undetermined cause. 

Video of Collapsed Apartment Building in Taiwan after 6.4m Earthquake

As of this posting- at least 4 are reported dead with scores of people injured after a major earthquake of Magnitude 6.4 in southern #Taiwan.

Click for link to live earthquake coverage on FTV (Formosa Television).

Major Damage in Kaohsiung, Taiwan From 6.4-magnitude Earthquake | 06 02 2016

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Timely Images on KC Scout Website? Don't Count on Them...

The "KC Scout" traffic Website is owned and operated by (us taxpayers) the Missouri Department of Transportation or 'MoDOT.'

Ever since MoDOT made public their budget woes last year- I have noticed that the traffic camera images that are shown on the KC Scout Web-page are up to 30 minutes delayed.
This image was 'screen-captured' at 2:06 pm.
Note the image listed on the embedded traffic camera image: "1343" or 1:43 pm CST.

Be advised of this if you rely on the 'latest' KC Scout traffic images for your commute.

BREAKING NEWS: Working House Fire near KC-MO's Ruskin Heights Area

At 1:38 pm Tuesday afternoon- five companies of the KC-MO Fire Department  were dispatched to a reported house fire at "10800 White Avenue in the Stratford Estates addition west of Ruskin Heights in south KC-MO..

Battalion chief 107 was the first to arrive at 1:44 pm and reported "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story" structure.

As of 1:50 pm- at least 3 hoselines were deployed on what is reported to be "a fire in the basement of a vacant" house "under-going renovation."

At 1:52 pm- all interior firefighting crews were ordered to "evacuate the first-floor" of the burning structure.

At 1:58 pm- BC-107 reports "fire under control" with no reports of injuries at that time. 

A "partial floor collapse on the first floor" is reported at 1:59 pm..  

Any significant update(s) will be posted here if needed.....

Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Jersey House Fire Illustrates Manpower Needed at a Working Structure Fire - 1/30/16

This video just posted by 'ole-buddy' Dave Statter at Statter 9-1-1 shows with clarity the need for personnel at working fires.

Note that three firefighters are required to operate a "large stream-" or a 2-1/2-inch hose line.

Even more firefighters are needed to re-position or move a charged large stream.

Also note on the video- firefighters save a cage of cockatiels- as well as what appears to be a bed-ridden male from one of the houses next to the burning structure.

This video shows why the need of so many firefighters is important when a structure fire breaks out 

BREAKING NEWS: Male in Late-Teens Shot in Kansas City KS

A KC-KS Fire dept. EMS unit is enroute to a medical trauma center with a male who was "shot by a high-caliber weapon in the upper thigh."

The patient's condition was serious.

It's unknown where in KC-KS the male was shot- but the reporting EMS unit is stationed near 10th Street and Central- southwest of downtown KC-KS.. 

Metro K.C. Car Chase Ends in Cops Killing Suspect/Driver

The local news media is reporting the driver of a vehicle involved in a police car chase was shot and killed by the Missouri Highway Patrol (MHP) late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

The story from KMBC-9 News says the chase was initiated around 11 pm Saturday night by the Ray county MO Sheriff's Dept.- who was soon joined by the MHP..

The chased vehicle was "believed to be stolen."

It's reported the pursuit proceeded into Clay county and terminated at the "LaBenite Park" located on the Missouri River just east of M-291 in Sugar Creek in northern Jackson county.

The male driver/suspect then reportedly shot at law enforcement- who returned fire and killed the male.

Fatality House Fire in South-Central KC-MO Early Sunday Morning

A yet not-publicly-identified person was killed in a house fire in the 3900 block of East 72nd Street after midnight Sunday morning.

There's a story on the fire at the KSHB Web site

Winter Storm Watch Upgraded to Blizzard Watch in Northern Central States

The "Blizzard Watch" issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) includes eastern and southeastern Nebraska as well as a large part of Iowa (see map).

The blizzard watch does not go in effect until Monday afternoon and evening- and will be in effect through Tuesday- so travel to areas around Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska- and Des Moines Iowa should not be affected until after noon tomorrow (Monday).

As I stated on yesterday's weather post- Metro Kansas City should MISS the really nasty winter stuff.

The center of this new storm should go virtually over the Metro- so we'll be between the cold and warm sectors of the storm.

The Kansas City area will most likely start off as rain- changing to a light freezing mix and/or snow later Tuesday.

Metro K.C. should not get more than an inch or two of snow at most it appears right now.

I'll update this situation if any significant change appears on the weather charts.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Strong Winter Storm to Affect Central U.S. Beginning Late Monday through Early Wednesday

Winter storm watches have been issued for portions of Kansas- Nebraska- Iowa and adjacent states beginning Monday afternoon in anticipation of a strong winter storm forecast to move though our region.

Thunderstorms- some strong to severe are also expected in parts of the 6-state area as well.

As of this posting- Metro Kansas City is forecast to be on the 'warm' side of this storm- which would mean rain- at least until the low pressure system moves to our northeast.

Truck slams into three vehicles near Windsor, Canada CAUGHT ON VIDEO

Latest Kansas City MO Killing Raises January 2016 Homicide Total to at Least A Dozen

Another murder on KC-MO streets: this one between midnight and 1 am Saturday morning in the Pendleton Heights area of Old Northeast.

Victim reportedly found in an alley off Brooklyn Avenue near St. John- according to this story online posted at KMBC 9 News.

This incident was just one of at least 3 different shootings injuring at least 4 people reported in KC since Friday evening.

Double-Fatality Head-on Crash on I-49 in South Belton MO

The Missouri Highway Patrol reports two men died when their vehicles collided head-on on southbound I-49 at or near the North Cass Parkway exit in south Belton before 1 am Saturday morning.

A screen-capture of the MHP report found on-line here is below:

Friday, January 29, 2016

The 'New Kid in Town:' The "Zika" Virus

From CBC online- January 29 2016:

The Zika virus should not cause Americans to be "unduly alarmed just yet," the co-director of the Georgetown Center for Infectious Disease told CNBC on Friday.
"[There's] no local transition on our shores just yet," Paul Roepe told CNBC's "Squawk Box" a day after the World Health Organization said the mosquito-transmitted disease, linked to severe birth defects in thousands of babies in Brazil, was "spreading explosively."
The WHO, promising quick action after last year's criticism about reacting too slowly to West Africa's Ebola outbreak, said Zika could infect as many as 4 million people in the Americas.
"The highest level of virus in your system only lasts for a couple of days and then dissipates. So the viral load goes way, way down. Probably most of these infections self-resolve ... in about a week of so," said Roepe, a biochemistry professor at Georgetown University.
There's no vaccine or treatment for the virus, which is like dengue and causes mild fever, rash and red eyes. An estimated 80 percent of people infected show no symptoms.
"The only way you can get Zika is by the bite of an infected mosquito. And that mosquito has to pick it up from an infected person," Roepe said. "It's spreading quickly in Central and South America because there are lot of people that are currently infected."
He said another reason those regions have been so hard hit is that Zika is more commonly passed along among the kind of mosquitoes there, a species not as widespread in the United States.
But he warned that a "larger concern" could develop in the U.S. if transmission became prevalent among a related type of mosquitoes that is routinely found in the Southeast and even as north as New York during warmer months.
U.S. health officials said Thursday while they have not yet seen spread of the disease in the 50 states, the number of U.S. travelers infected over the last year in the Caribbean or Latin America has climbed to 31.
The Zika virus was discovered in Africa in 1947. But until last year, when it was found in Brazil, it had never been a threat in the Western Hemisphere.
WHO officials are set to convene a special meeting next week to decide whether they should declare an international health emergency.

Flint Residents Water Still Unsafe! Iowa Caucus Surprise! Possible Hilla...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

End Result of L.A.'s 2013 Manhunt

A surreal follow-up to a CSW story about the Dorner manhunt in Metro L.A. almost 3 years ago:

Protesters call for embattled Catholic bishop to be removed : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Protesters call for embattled Catholic bishop to be removed : Lincoln, NE Journal Star: A handful of protesters gathered outside the Catholic Chancery Wednesday and delivered a letter asking Lincoln Bishop James Conley to remove embattled Bishop Robert Finn from his post as chaplain

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ice Falls 1600 Feet From TV Tower Narrowly Misses Person

BREAKING NEWS: Female Stabbing Victim Near Kearney MO

Around 3:15 pm Tuesday afternoon- Kearney Fire and Excelsior Springs EMS was sent to assist a female stabbing victim in a vehicle on I-35 near that northern Clay county community.

The victim had reportedly been stabbed in the "upper right chest by scissors-" according to an EMS radio report.

The patient was transported by EMS to a Northland medical trauma center in serious condition.

It's not yet known where the stabbing took place nor was there any suspect information.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Large Tornado near Rowlett, Texas | Dec 26, 2015

December 26th Dallas Tornado

Major Tornadoes in Dallas TX MetroPlex

At least 4 fatalities have been reported in the Rowlett/Garland areas as of 8:15 pm Saturday night.

From NBC5 in Dallas:

NBC 5 is streaming continuous live weather coverage on and the NBCDFW app in the video player above.
Four people have died after severe storms spawned several tornadoes Saturday afternoon and evening in North Texas, officials tell NBC 5.
Garland police confirmed four fatalities at about 8:10 p.m.
Significant storm damage has also been reported near Rowlett and Waxahachie.
The Ellis County Emergency Management Agency says some homes there have been destroyed and damaged.
The National Weather Service in Fort Worth confirmed that a tornado touched down south of Dallas earlier this evening. Warning sirens went off in the downtown area of Dallas.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Official Report on October 12, 2015 Double Firefighter-Fatality Fire on Kansas City MO's Independence Avenue

Time of Incident: 1927hrs
Date of Death: 10/12/2015
Fire Department: Kansas City (Missouri) Fire Department
Address: 635 Woodland AVE, STE 2100, Kansas City, MO 64106
Fire Department Chief: Paul J. Berardi

Incident Description: Fire Apparatus Operator Larry J. Leggio and Firefighter John V. Mesh died from injuries sustained in a structural collapse while working at the scene of an apartment building fire.

Multiple units were dispatched at 1927hrs on initial calls that indicated fire visible from the structure; additional units were dispatched as the incident escalated, with a full second alarm requested shortly after arrival.  
Tactical assignments were made, including establishing a Rapid Intervention Team, and crews began operating to effect fire suppression and occupant rescue, rescuing multiple occupants by ladder prior to deteriorating conditions and forcing a shift to defensive operations.
Evacuation was ordered at 1952hrs.  At approximately 2007hrs, a collapse was reported on the east side of the building.  
Two MAYDAY calls were received from the collapse area, indicating firefighters in urgent distress; four firefighters were reported trapped by the collapse.  
The Rapid Intervention Team witnessed the collapse and held their ground for no more than 10 seconds until Command ordered them to effect the rescue. 
They located, uncovered and removed several firefighters from the immediate area. 
The first ambulance transporting a firefighter departed the scene at approximately 2013hrs, arriving at Truman Medical Center (TMC) approximately five minutes later.  
A second emergency transport left the scene at approximately 2021hrs with arrival at TMC five minutes following.  
Both those firefighters, Fire Apparatus Operator Leggio and Firefighter Mesh, were pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics, nurses and doctors had attempted to revive them.  
A third firefighter was transported to University of Kansas Medical Center at 2023hrs and a fourth transported non-emergency to St Luke’s at approximately 2027hrs; their condition is still to be reported.

The cause of the fatal fire is being investigated by local, state, and federal authorities.

Incident Location: 2608 Independence Avenue

Monday, October 12, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Two Firefighters Dead in 4-Alarm Apartment/Retail Building Fire Near Old Northeast Kansas City MO

The fire is in the 2600 block of East Independence Avenue was reported about 7:25 pm Monday evening.

Three pumpers- two trucks and a rescue company with an EMS unit were sent on the first alarm.

Two residents of this building were initially rescued without injury.

Another chief- pumper- truck and EMS unit were 'still-alarmed' to the fire before a full 2nd-alarm was dispatched at 7:45 pm..

At 7:52 pm- all interior crews are ordered out of the building- a "defensive" firefight is commenced.

By 8 pm- an on-scene chief- by radio- has requested "a collapse zone be established" around the fire building.

At 8:06 pm- "a collapse" of part of the fire building is reported- on the southeast side of the structure closest to Snyder's grocery store to the east.

A 3rd-alarm was sounded as a "mayday" alarm- and six additional EMS units were sent to the scene for a reported "4 firefighters" injured in the collapse.

Two of the most critically-injured were taken to Truman Med Center (TMC-West).

The other two were transported to other medical centers with fairly minor injuries.

At 9 pm- the KC-MO Fire Chief publicly reports "two firefighters have died-" the two souls taken to TMC-West.

The scene wasn't declared under control until around midnight Tuesday morning.

The entire fire building except for the one-story portion closest to Prospect collapsed.

The north half of the remaining structure was still heavily-involved in fire with "4 master streams and 6 or 7 handlines" reported being used at 11:15 pm.