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Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Death in Creighton MO

Late Friday night- at 11:27 pm to be exact- Garden City EMS in southeastern Cass county MO was sent on the call of an "assault victim in Creighton-" a very small community on Missouri 7 highway near the Henry county line.

The caller was said to be from "a very disoriented female-" and the first Creighton address that the Cass county dispatcher sends the crew to- as well as a second address- is unfounded.

Within fifteen minutes of the original dispatch- the "caller" is finally located in the 400 block of A Street.

Nothing is heard until the early morning hour of Saturday when- at 12:11 am- the Garden City EMS unit leaves the scene on A Street- reporting "an obvious death."

Several days later and according to a source at news partner KSHB-41 News- the Cass County Sheriff's department has ruled the death here "a suicide."

CSW offers our sincere condolences to the friends and family of the departed one.

Please note- all prior comments have been erased and no new comments allowed on this tragedy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Storm II - Update 1

A 'Winter Storm Warning' continues for virtually all of the Kansas City MetroRegion as well as the Metro.

The current NWS Doppler radar image is from KC/Pleasant Hill- and shows areas of precipitation moving north-northeast toward the Metro.

Temperatures around the area are in the mid to upper 30's- so it appears that the precip will begin as rain- which will tend to wash any pre-treating chemicals off roadways.

The snow should begin in earnest (and Metro KC) Monday evening- and a snowfall of 8 to 14-inches is still expected by Wednesday morning.

Once again- I'll post updates- radars and camera images during this new snowstorm.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Olathe KS Fire Dept. Needs Lessons in Courtesy

My brother- wife and daughter have lived in Olathe since the late 1990's.

Until Friday evening- they never had a need to call for any emergency services.

My brother could smell natural gas in their home so they correctly called upon the Olathe Fire Department to come check things out.

It was their defective furnace leaking the gas- so the fire department turned the furnace off.

Then- according to both my brother and sister-in-law- a fireman "rudely" told them they needed to get a carbon monoxide detector in their house.


What the HELL does a carbon monoxide (CO) detector have to do with a natural gas leak? 

CO detectors DO NOT detect natural gas.

OFD- is the "rude" attitude standard with service to your citizens?