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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Olathe KS Fire Dept. Needs Lessons in Courtesy

My brother- wife and daughter have lived in Olathe since the late 1990's.

Until Friday evening- they never had a need to call for any emergency services.

My brother could smell natural gas in their home so they correctly called upon the Olathe Fire Department to come check things out.

It was their defective furnace leaking the gas- so the fire department turned the furnace off.

Then- according to both my brother and sister-in-law- a fireman "rudely" told them they needed to get a carbon monoxide detector in their house.


What the HELL does a carbon monoxide (CO) detector have to do with a natural gas leak? 

CO detectors DO NOT detect natural gas.

OFD- is the "rude" attitude standard with service to your citizens?

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Anonymous said...

You can smell natural gas so it is pretty easy to detect. It displaces oxygen and is obviously very flammable.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas which also displaces oxygen and is Immediately dangerous to life and health at a lower concentration. It can kill people without them ever having a clue there was something wrong.

Both are toxic and flammable gases which is why the "rude" fireman most likely thought it was a good time to inform these people about the dangers of CO. Educating someone about something that could save them and their family's life is a far cry from being rude but sometimes people come off in a way they didn't intend.