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Saturday, August 02, 2008


KC-MO police are reporting a homicide in the 2500 block of Prospect..

The shooting call came into police at 12:18am.. Officers arrived to find the victim- a black male- in front of a tavern.

The victim died on the scene. Police are seeking a black male suspect with only a clothing description- who left on foot.


KansasCity'sBreaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Tonight May Not Be So "Stellar"

An National Weather Service (NWS) "Excessive Heat Warning" remains in effect for Metro Kansas City through this weekend.

Watching a mid-level cloud deck moving over the Metro this afternoon in association with a weak cool front.

It was forecasted to be in the upper-90's- but the clouds aren't going to allow that much of a temperature rise.

However- dew points are near the mid-70's- and in combination with the heat we do have- I'm concerned a few showers and isolated thunderstorms may build up late this afternoon and evening- and perhaps overnight.

For outdoor activities tonight- I suggest a precautionary umbrella. If it doesn't rain- it'll help keep the sun off you.


Why Fight For Democracy When Americans Willing To Part With Freedoms

I have been running a poll for the past several months that asks
"Would You Give Up Certain Freedoms In Exchange For Promises Of Greater Security?"

I'm astounded. Out of 127 responses thus far- only 75 people or 59% of those responding said no.

What floors this American is that 35 people- or 27% of the respondents said they WOULD give up certain freedoms in exchange for "promises" of greater security.

Politicians up for re/election "promise" the moon. Do they deliver?

To round out the voting on that poll- 17 people or 13% said they MIGHT give those freedoms up.

I'm saddened that Americans would be willing to sacrifice hard-earned and fought for freedoms to ANY group or politician for promises of ANYTHING.

Promises can be broken and often are by those we elect.

To me- this vote signals a VERY frightening beginning of the end for what USED to be "The Land of The Free."

Why are we wasting American lives- supposedly for democracy ELSEWHERE- when more and more Americans don't even seem to want the freedoms we already have???

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Drink Mars' Water

According to the Associated Press and scientists- the latest Mars spacecraft- Phoenix- has "electronically-tasted" water from melted ice on Mars.

Unconfirmed was a report that shortly thereafter- the Phoenix developed a case of electronic diarrhea.

Fire Call

A KC-MO Fire call just dispatched went like this:

"Investigate the grease odor coming from a Mc Donald's- imagine that...."


Barack Obama Rejects Ludacris Ode As "Offensive"

The rapper writes a rap about Obama's presidential bid because the guy likes Barack.

Obama's camp disses the rap- as Ludacris apparently calls out selected pollys in a rather "offensive" manner (I've done the same- but not in a "rap").

You can read the AP story HERE.

Heh. WTF does one expect? It's rap music!


"Degree of Durability" In "Mission Accomplished" Iraq War

"But- but he SAID "mission accomplished"- he didn't say it was done!"

The AP reports your president's latest remarks on Bush's Fiasco.

I give you- strictly for diversionary entertainment purposes- MY hero- NBC's legendary J. Fred Muggs.
In related mind's-images- no word yet from the FAUX News people if they'll offer Bush a job after January 20- 2009..


Caney-KS Zoo Has A Surrogate Mother

Tiring of all the negative stuff- here's a warm & snuggly story with a happy ending (so far) from the Associated Press.

Seems a mother tiger- taking a cue from human "crack moms"- abandoned her 3 newborn cubs.

A golden retriever who reportedly just got through weaning her own puppies- has stepped into the void and is feeding & caring for the motherless cubs.

Good dog!

Minnesota Police Who Raid Wrong House Gets Medals

I'll let the reader to go-figure what happened here.

The Associated Press reports that 8 Minneapolis police officers who raided the wrong house December 16 last year got medals from their police department.

I wonder had they killed those occupants of the wrong house- would the officers have statues?


Peter Cetera Concert Free At Crown Center Friday

For all the ladies as well as CHICAGO fans from the 1970-80's- Crown Center will be featuring former CHICAGO vocalist & bassist Peter Cetera tomorrow (Friday) evening at 8pm.

It SHOULD be a stellar summer evening for a free concert- Ms. Rittenhouse and yours truly hope to see you there!

Photo Essay Of A Kansas City-MO Eyesore: Old Bannister Mall

As we South Kansas City residents eagerly await it's destruction- the old Bannister Mall still stands.

This is supposed to be the site of a new soccer stadium for the K.C. Wizards- as well as the location of new office buildings and- ready for this- retail.

New retail- heh. You can see what's left of the old retail here.

In fact- only one business remains open in that stretch of Chuck Eddy Drive (Hillcrest Road). Thank you- Burlington Coat Factory.

The next to last business- an IHOP- recently closed- posting this reason on their door.

The only NEW construction in the past 10 years along this road has been a new fire station. The old one sits empty on Bannister Road west of Chuck Eddy Drive.

Lane4 Development: PLEASE let all of us South Kansas Citians know when the demolition of this eyesore begins.

We'd like one last look at The Monument to governmental and citizen indifferance before it's gone....


America 1 Year After Fatal Bridge Collapse: Mostly Lip-Service

One year ago tomorrow- the Captain was sitting here minding the world's business when came word of the I-35 bridge collapse in Downtown Minneapolis.

Yeah- I was on it- still- it was a horrific scene.

Thirteen people died and nearly 150 were injured. It was one of those disasters one thinks "except for the Grace of God" et cetera.

One year later- a new bridge goes up at the site of the 2007 disaster.

This Associated Press story points out that yet too many American bridges remain in peril.

Locally- the eastbound Lewis & Clark Viaduct (I-70) and the I-70 bridges over the Big Blue River are in the worst shape.

Federal fuel taxes help fix bridges and roads. See what a foolish thing it would be to suspend those taxes for a bit of temporary relief?

You can savor the few dollars fuel savings as you ride your favorite bridge to the ground....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KANSAS CITY'S NEWS-WEATHER VIDEO: Flooding - Roads Closed In Swope Park - KC-MO

The flood crests from the Tomahawk & Indian Creeks is flowing down the Big Blue River in South Kansas City right now.

This video was shot a few hours ago- as flooding closed Oldham and Hillcrest Roads in Swope Park.

Nearly 9 inches of rain fell in parts of south-central Johnson County Kansas overnight- caused by the remains of Hurricane Dolly.

KANSAS CITY WEATHER-NEWS VIDEO: Flooding Shopping Center in South KC-MO

The dying remains of once-Hurricane Dolly triggered more than 8-inches of rain to fall in south-central Johnson County Kansas overnight

Tomahawk and Indian Creeks left their banks- closing roads and causing one rescue of a security guard from his vehicle along Tomahawk Parkway in Leawood.

Before the TV news crews or even the police or fire department arrived- here is a strip-type shopping center at 103rd Street & Wornall flooding by the rapidly-rising Indian Creek behind.

Witnesses say this the highest water they've seen since here since (October 4-5) 1998.


KANSAS CITY WEATHER-NEWS: More Than 8-Inches Of Rain Causes Flash Flooding

Rainfalls of just over 8-inches along Tomahawk Creek in Johnson County- Kansas has caused flash flooding along the Tomahawk and Indian Creek..

See- klik for full size- the screen capture of the rainfall totals through 0550am am listed on Overland Park's "" site.

Video of the flooding- shot before police arrived to close roadways- is available on YouTube at the CaptGSpaulding video page (also on the right column of this blog page).

A shopping center at 103rd Street & Wornall is flooded.

Several roads are closed this morning as moderate rain continued to fall in the southern Metro areas.

In KC-MO- 103rd Street is closed between Wornall & State Line. Oldham Road at Hillcrest may be closed soon due to rising water from the Blue in Swope Park.

Tomahawk Creek Parkway is closed north of 119th Street in Leawood.

High water is also expected alsong the upper and middle Big Blue River today through KC-MO..

The showers and isolated thunderstorms should move east today.


The NWS in Pleasant Hill has issued a Flood Warning for Indian Creek at 103rd Street & Marty in Overland Park.

The heaviest rain however has been in the Tomahawk Creek basin- where more than 6-inches of rain has fallen in the past 6 hours.

Therefore- it is likely there will be flooding along Indian Creek in KC-MO- especially the area around 103rd Street & Wornall- by daylight.

SHowers and thunderstorms- some with heavy rains- will continue for the next several hours..


Thunderstorms have dropped more than 5-inches of rain the past hour and a half in Johnson County KS- a reading at Pflumm & Tomahawk Creek shows 5.36 as of this post.

A gage at Ouivira & Tomahawk was reading just over 5-inches.

Additional thunderstorms with torrential rain is entering JoCo-KS from the southwest- and an at least additional inch or two of rain likely.

We're powered up here and waiting for reports...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

K.C. Breaking Weather: Tornado Possible But No Watch Likely

The Storm Prediction Center says there's a chance "for an isolated tornado" in southwestern parts of the MetroRegion and for the Kansas City Metro- but a tornado- or severe thunderstorm watch issuance is "unlikely."

This stated in a "Mesoscale Discussion" posted here.

A tornado warning was issued for parts of Lyon County KS near Emporia. These cells are moving generally northeastward toward the K.C. Metro.

In addition- the Metro and a good chunk of the MetroRegion are under a flash flood watch through Wednesday.

Guilty Before Proven Innocent In Dallas County-TX

I have long been of the belief that American "justice" is for the wealthy.

Those with money can handle any charges brought against them with high-priced and well-trained legal mouthpieces.

Now- this story by the Associated Press out of Dallas-TX- where it's being discovered that Dallas' high-powered legendary prosecuter Henry Wade apparently regularily imprisoned people for crimes they did not commit.

I know- why should I care? Unless of course something like this should happen to YOU.....

Captain Offers Kansas City-MO Government Tip For Saving Fuel

One good savings would be to quit having emergency vehicles driving all the way across the city for training purposes.

Yesterday- I spied these KC-MO Fire companies at the decrepit old Bannister Mall. The chief told me they were "drilling" or doing simulated rescues.

Among the companies there were Truck-5- from Station 18 near Linwood & Indiana in Midtown.
But the prize for longest-distance travelled was Pumper 44- no photo of them- for they arrived just as I was leaving.

Pumper 44 is stationed on Barry Road west of I-29- an at least 20 mile one-way trip for 44's.

Aren't there other places closer to Station 44 or- for that matter- Station 18- for those companies to drill?

Why are we wasting expensive Diesel fuel and wear & tear on expensive fire trucks for training sessions on the other side of town?

Inquiring taxpayers wanna know!

Kansas City's WEATHER: Heavy Rain Primary Threat

The entire Kansas City MetroRegion will be influenced by the mid-level remains of Hurricane Dolly for the next 24-48 hours.

The primary threat will be heavy rain- possibly producing flooding concerns in those areas inundated by recent heavy rains.

There is a chance of a thunderstorm or two that develops later today to briefly become severe- but severe storms are not a great concern over the MetroRegion- according to the NWS' Storm Prediction Center.

Updates here as this situation develops.

L.A. Pollys Get Into People's Eating Habits

Politicians- those exclusive members of society free from pre-employment (or during employment) drug-testing- are not soley satisfied with getting inside your bedroom or pockets.

Now they're getting inside your stomach.

According to the Associated Press- Los Angeles elected officials now want to restrict fast-food joints in their poorer parts of town.

The pollys are all worried about people getting too many calories and cholesterol.

Methinks Americans are REALLY REALLY getting too many socialist-acting politicians.