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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Man and His Daughter Drown at Smithville Lake

his incident occurred at around 12:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon near the Camp Branch of Smithville Lake in Metro Kansas City's Northland.

Drowned are a 27-year-old man and his 7-year-old daughter.

Details are still pending....

Grandview MO Crash Takes Two Fire Departments To Extricate Driver

t 4:10 a.m. Saturday morning- Grandview Fire- EMS & police responded to a 1-vehicle crash on southbound U.S. 71 under the 140th Street overpass.

When they arrived minutes later- the found the male driver of the vehicle trapped from his waist down after he had crashed into a guardrail- which penetrated the man's vehicle.

KC-MO Fire- enroute to another crash call that was actually this one- stopped and helped the Grandview Fire department extricate the man- which took about an hour and 25 minutes to free the driver.

That driver's injuries were critical according to a GFD paramedic's report as he was being taken to a Metro medical trauma center around 5:45 a.m..

Police were investigating.

Man Found Drowned in Wyandotte County Park Lake

irefighters in rescue boats pulled a man who had drowned from the Wyandotte County Park lake around 2:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

KC-KS emergency services had received the call about a man who had fallen into the lake around 1:40 a.m..

Firefighters could not locate anyone who had called in the report for about 45 minutes- while they searched lake shorelines and coves unsure as to the exact location the man fell in at.

Radio problems caused by Friday evening's severe thunderstorm added to the search's difficulty.

The man was reportedly with a group of people when he fell in- and police are investigating.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Severe Storms Cause Damage on Both Sides of the State Line

hunderstorms developed in the St. Joseph-Atchison KS areas around 3 p.m. Friday afternoon and became severe and they moved/developed south-southwest- then south to southeast through Metro Kansas City.

There are about a thousand people without power- mostly in a north-south swath from Leavenworth- western Wyandotte into Johnson counties- especially Shawnee- Lenexa and Olathe.

Numerous reports of wind gusts of 60 to 70 miles per hour (mph) were reported on the Kansas side- with a few reports of hail as large as 1-3/4-inches in diameter.

Trees- tree limbs and power-line-down reports are numerous from those areas- as well as street blockages as a result of the storm damage.

Rainfalls of one to two inches were common in areas that received the core of the thunderstorm as it moved slowly into Johnson county KS around 5:30 p.m..

There have been no reports of injuries as a direct result of the storm.

Meanwhile- Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFD)  units are battling a house fire that resulted after a reported lightning strike in northeastern Blue Springs MO..

The working fire was reported just after 7 p.m. in the 2500 block of Northeast Prairie Falcon Drive.

There have been no reports of injuries in the fire that has not yet been declared under control.

CSW BREAKING: Flash Flood Warning- Northern Platte County MO

There are thunderstorms popping up around the Metro- mostly in northern portions.

One such storm has been on-going for a few hours now- and that storm on the Platte-Buchanan county borders has prompted a "Flash Flood Warning" for "north-central Platte and south-central Buchanan counties Missouri until 7 p.m." this Friday evening.

In addition- another flash flood warning is in effect for Doniphan county KS- west of St. Joseph.

Thus far- no showers or storms threaten the immediate Kansas City Metro- but development anywhere at any time can be expected through the next few hours.

Blue Springs MO City Commission Approves "Ambitious" Welfare For Corporates

Wonder why your property tax increases even though the market value of your property falls?

See Tax-Increment Financing and other taxpayer welfare for corporations.

In what the INDEPENDENCE-BLUE SPRINGS- GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER calls "an ambitious tax increment finance plan-" this plan at Missouri 7 and U.S. 40 highways will give the involved corporations more tax breaks to build- lessening the monetary risk to that corporation's bank account and stockholders and hanging ANY financial risk on the Blue Springs taxpayers. 

Who in the HELL is acting in John and Jane Taxpayer's best interests because it SURE isn't politicians???!!!

Baldwin City KS Keeps It's Lone Ambulance After All

e here at CSW have NO idea why the Lawrence KS City Manager makes budget decisions for the REST of Douglas county (DGCO) KS- but- according to the BALDWIN CITY (KS) SIGNAL- the decision to take the lone southern DGCO's ambulance out of service due to budgetary concerns has been rescinded.


NASA Space Telescope Finds 25000 New Asteroids

Of those 25K asteroids- 95 are considered "near-Earth-" according to the Associated Press story via the ST. LOUIS (MO) POST-DISPATCH online.

The story says not to worry about the "near-Earth" space rocks- but can we REALLY believe what our government tells us anymore?

Faced With Investigation- Texas Mayor Kills Daughter- Herself

The female mayor of Coppell Texas- a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth- killed her 19-year-old daughter then herself at their home on Tuesday night.

Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters was in the process of having her home foreclosed upon- and was being investigated by Coppell city manager to explain charges on a city-issued credit card- according to the Associated Press. 

Central States News: Much of Nebraska Declared Disaster Area Due to Flooding

The above-average rainfall pattern that has sat over America's Central States continues- and the June results of this flooding rainfall has resulted in a disaster-area declaration for much of Nebraska.

Of the 93 counties in Nebraska- 53 of them are included in the disaster declaration- for public infrastructure and NOT for individual flood victims- according to this story in the LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR.

Two K.C. Area Teens Drown in Pella IA Swimming Pool - Video

tory is from the CEDAR RAPIDS (IA) GAZETTE with the video courtesy of KCCI-TV.


Editorial: KC-MO Mayorial Candidate Deb Hermann "Okay" With Taxpayer's Corporate Welfare

urrent 'Clowncilperson' and candidate to become your next mayor Deb Hermann says she's "okay" with the fact Kansan Citians will be paying anywhere from $230 to $345-million through 2033 for our fancy downtown (overpriced) eating and boozing area known as the Power and Light District.

Hermann was also "okay" with subsidizing the corporate sports teams at the Truman Sports Complex with city taxpayer money as well- so let's add another ($2-million a year) $45-50-million by 2033 for those millionaire ballplayers' playpens.

So let's figure a 2033 total anywhere from around $275-$395-million that WON'T be available for:

  • Hundreds of dilapidated structures throughout the city and improvements for crumbling neighborhoods-
  • The public transit system (light rail? ah-HaHaHaHa!)- 
  • Roadways/sidewalks-
  • Repair of our antiquated sewer/stormwater system (oh- but the HUGE increase in water bills will take care of THAT)- -
  • Water mains (see above)-
  • Hiring and retention of city workers-
  • Parks and the zoo-
  • Crime-fighting (increased taxes)-
  • South KC-MO's eyesore of the old Bannister Mall area (make sure you vote TIF-champions Sharp/Eddy back in folks!)-
  • The (already subsidized) Union Station-
  • The (already subsidized but apparently not convention-sufficient) Downtown Marriott hotel-
  • A NEW downtown hotel requiring heavy taxpayer subsidies to stay open-
  • Additional Tax Increment Financing (TIF/corporate-welfare) projects (what got us in this shape to begin with)-
  • Et Cetera (you fill-in the needs here).

Deb Hermann is "okay" with all this superfluous spending that does NOT address KC-MO residents' day to day needs or the city's 'livability.'

WE are NOT "okay" with Deb Hermann continuing to give away decreasing tax revenues while on the City Clowncil- let alone being KC-MO's next mayor....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Raytown MO Deals With A House Fire- Then "An Explosive Device"

Actually- according to a spokesperson from the KC-MO Fire department- there are "4 explosives" reportedly inside a house in the 9000 block of East 79th Street in Raytown.

Police have shut-down 79th Street east of Spring Valley Road and west of Raytown Road while a bomb squad comes to the scene.

Nearby residences have also been evacuated.

The KC-MO companies were responding on this at 4:35 p.m. because of a house fire further to the south in Raytown.

That report came into Raytown emergency services about an hour earlier: fire in a house in the 8800 block of East 81st Terrace.

The fire caused considerable damage to a 1-story wood-frame house- occupancy of which is not yet known.

Five KC-MO fire companies with Raytown's 3 fire companies battled the fire in about 105-degree heat indices- but there are no reports of any firefighter injuries. 

Court Rules FCC Indecency Standards "Violation of the First Amendment"

Recall the Janet Jackson-(This)Justin Timberlake "wardrobe malfunction" during a Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago and the heavy fine levied by the FCC on the TV network that aired the peeper.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down the FCC's current "near zero-tolerance" indecency and obscenity rules as "a violation of the 1st Amendment protection of free speech-" according to this story from the LOS ANGELES (CA) TIMES.

Note that the ruling DOES NOT change the FCC's right to police the airwaves in that manner whatsoever and no doubt- this issue will probably end up before the Supreme Court when all is said and done.

Missouri House and Senate Approve Corporate Welfare for The Ford Motor Company



Just wondering aloud what methods corporate America uses on politicians to grant them tax relief when middle and lower-income Americans can't even get unemployment extensions- let alone ANY tax relief that's not diluted/offset by raises in other taxes and fees.

At any rate- the taxpayer welfare for Ford legislation finally has made it's way to Governor Nixon's desk to be signed.

According to the Associated Press- here's how who voted:

The 20-7 roll call by which the Missouri Senate voted Wednesday to pass legislation authorizing tax incentives for automobile manufacturers.

Voting “yes” were 12 Republicans and 8 Democrats.

Voting “no” were 6 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

Not voting were 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats.


Dan Clemens, Marshfield.

Tom Dempsey, St. Charles.

Kevin Engler, Farmington.

John Griesheimer, Washington.

Robert Mayer, Dexter.

David Pearce, Warrensburg.

Luann Ridgeway, Smithville.

Scott Rupp, Wentzville.

Kurt Schaefer, Columbia.

Eric Schmitt, Glendale.

Charlie Shields, St. Joseph.

Carl Vogel, Jefferson City.


Victor Callahan, Independence.

Tim Green, St. Louis.

Jolie Justus, Kansas City.

Joe Keaveny, St. Louis.

Ryan McKenna, Crystal City.

Wes Shoemyer, Clarence.

Yvonne Wilson, Kansas City.

Robin Wright-Jones, St. Louis.


Norma Champion, Springfield.

Jason Crowell, Cape Girardeau.

Jack Goodman, Mount Vernon.

Brad Lager, Savannah.

Chuck Purgason, Caulfield.

Bill Stouffer, Napton.


Frank Barnitz, Lake Spring.


Matt Bartle, Lee’s Summit.

Jane Cunningham, Chesterfield.

Jim Lembke, St. Louis.

Gary Nodler, Joplin.

Delbert Scott, Lowry City.


Joan Bray, St. Louis.

Rita Days, St. Louis. 

Edwarsdville KS Pollys Gives Corporate Welfare To Apartment Building Project Going Nowhere

et another story about area politicians giving tax breaks to wealthy real estate developers while at the same time decrying budget shortfalls- cutting services yet raising people's taxes.

This particular folly is in Edwardsville- where "not one spade of dirt" has been turned on an apartment building project that town's pollys approved corporate welfare ("tax abatements") for since at least 2008- according to the BONNER SPRINGS (KS) CHIEFTAIN.

On top of all that- Edwardsville spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars on improvements to public infrastructure for the planned apartment complex.

If the so-called "Tea Party" really wants to make a hit with American citizens- propose and implement a STOP to ANY and ALL forms of corporate welfare in these UCSA (United Corporate States of America)!

Douglas County KS Pollys Make Another Dumb Decision- Cuts Baldwin City's Ambulance

ake a drive from Lawrence to Baldwin City (BC) in Douglas county (DGCO) KS..

On a clear- dry day- that drive will take AT LEAST 20-30 minutes- multiply that drive-time accordingly for inclement weather.

(Photo courtesy of the BALDWIN CITY (KS) SIGNAL)

That's about how long it will take for a Lawrence-based ambulance to reach a victim in BC if Douglas county commisioners get their way and take BC's ambulance out of service- according to the story in the BALDWIN CITY (KS) SIGNAL.

Let me wrap my brain around this latest MetroRegion political folly- the DGCO pollys want to increase the county property tax by more than 16%- yet those same pollys want to CUT NECESSARY- LIFE-SAVING services?

Politicians DO NEED regular drug testing!

KANSAS CITY STAR: KC-MO Taxpayers Will Subsidize Power and Light District- Forever

en to fifteen MILLION dollars a year.

That would buy A LOT of city services- improvements to infrastructure- etc..

Instead- due to the myopic vision of KC-MO's elected ones- we'll be spending all that tax money JUST to support the Power & Light entertainment district downtown- reports the KC STAR's corporate writer/cheerleader Kevin Collison.

And- if the City Clowncil gets it's way-  KC-MO taxpayers will be dumping millions more on that 1000-room convention hotel that will be useless once American corporations figure out that video tele-conferencing is WAY cheaper than conventions.

Is this acceptable to Kansas City MO residents?

Central States News: Northern Iowa Tea Party Hits Below The Belt

he image shown is of a billboard that was put up in Mason City Iowa by the so-called "Tea Party."

Your Captain wonders why George W. Bush's picture wasn't shown but Obama's was.

Bush participated FREELY in corporate socialism to the tune of hundreds of BILLIONS- but one HAS to wonder where this party- it's people and it's stupid billboards were prior to November 2008?

Nah- it couldn't be that person's COLOR and/or POLITICAL AFFILIATION could it?

Also- I'm assuming that all members of the Northern Iowa Tea Party and for that matter- Tea Partiers everywhere do NOT accept Social Security checks and other American government "socialism."

Why Doesn't NAACP Address Kansas City's Black Murder Rate?

f the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the NAACP really cares about it's brethren- why isn't Rev. Jackson and the NAACP descending on Kansas City's black community to TRY and find a way to stop the black genocide going on there?

Even my first black teacher Mrs. Sims in 7th grade at Southeast Junior high taught us that "actions speak louder than words."

To sit around in your air-conditioned convention halls/hotel rooms engaging in small-talk and NOT vocally and visibly address Kansas City's black murder rate is a total and absolute sham- kind of like our City Council.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CSW BREAKING: At Least 2 Shot in East KC-MO

People with undertermined injuries are at at least 2 Metro KC-MO hospitals after being shot in the area of 39th Street and Cleveland to Monroe around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

Another victim was found in the area of 44th Street and Montgall.

Police have closed off that area to investigate what appeared to be a running gunbattle with no further details at this time.

America's Fascination With Celebrity

eBron James.

Lindsay Lohan.

Mel Gibson.

America's celebrities get as much or MORE precious "news" time as real- actual news stories.

And we wonder why America is on this downhill slope???

City of KC-MO Schedules Storm Debris Pickup for Ruskin Heights-Hickman Mills Area

Last Sunday's "microburst-" covered here at CSW FIRST in Kansas City- damaged several hundred trees and dozens of homes and vehicles in the Ruskin Heights/Hickman Mills areas of southeastern KC-MO..

The city has now named a date for the storm debris pickup:  Monday- July 19- all storm debris to be piled by the curbside with no restrictions on size of tree limbs to be hauled away.

Quote of the Century

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross" - Sinclair Lewis.

(NOTE:  That day is rapidly approaching!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Murder on Bristol

olice say Saturday morning- someone broke into his house and shot the occupant- 33-year-old Jamie D. Johnson dead.

Mr. Johnson was often seen outside his residence in a wheelchair with at least several people with him- but aside a wave or a nod as we drove by- we didn't know what Mr. Johnson had suffered from.

Johnson's house caught fire about a year and a half ago- heavily-damaging the Bristol Avenue house he was murdered in.

The house was rebuilt- but apparently Mr. Johnson didn't have enough money to replace destroyed furnishings and the house was "sparsely furnished" as police put it when they found him.

Police say they have no suspects in custody and would not comment on a question as to whether drugs were involved.

Just another "Killa City" homicide to many- but Jamie Johnson was sombody's son- and our neighbor.

R.I.P Jamie....

Missouri Senator Blocking Ford Corporate Welfare Bill Ousted

issouri Senator Chuck Purgason- chairman of the committee that was stalling the Ford Motor Company taxpayer-assistance bill has been removed from the chairmanship of that committee by the Republicrat Speaker of the (Missouri) House.

If I had as bad a haircut and dye job as Senator Purgason- I too would expect to be 'purged' of any high-profile position anywhere.

This guy is running for the U.S. Senate???

As far as the taxpayer-provided welfare for Ford?  My jury is still out on that one.

Six Dead- 4 Injured in Albuquerque NM Workplace Shooting

he shooting was this Monday morning at the Emcore Company- an Albuquerque fiber optics manufacturer when a man upset with a former wife or girlfiend opened fire on her and co-workers- according to the Associated Press.

Six people are dead- including that female and the male shooter- with three others wounded and at Metro Albuquerque hospitals.

Oklahoma Mother's Grief Example of Veteran Administration's Failures

t's just one story out of what is no doubt volumes of people where the Veteran's Administration has failed to properly help and/or treat America's military veterans.

Kassandra Jones tells her story to The MUSKOGEE (OK) PHOENIX about how here daughter- who had been raped while in the military- sought treatment for depression and other related issues unitl Jones' daugher recently committed suicide.

Meanwhile- American sons and daughters continue to die in a war that won't change the outcome of anything in the long run except increasing America's national debt.

We willingly plunge our precious national resources into wars and the materials to fight them without much if any money at all being spent to somehow PREVENT wars.

Mamas- DON'T let your babies grow up to be soldiers!

Weekend Fires of Vengenge Around Metro Kansas City

eople holding grudges apparently were out setting fires early Sunday morning.

The first fire was in Harrisionville just after 12:45 a.m. when firefighters were called out to a "fully-engulfed" structure fire in the 300 block of West Wall Street.

During the firefight in which no one was injured at the lived-in but unoccupied structure- a fire commander said the fire was "likely a result of a domestic dispute."

Being the weekend- there were no "officials" to comment on the fire or the domestic dispute angle.

A few hours later- Kansas City KS firefighters responded to a reported firebombing at a residence in the northeast part of their city.

That fire alarm came in just after 3 a.m. to a residence in the 1900 block of North 6th Street- where a woman called 9-1-1 "screaming that someone threw a fireball" through a window into the occupied house.

Everybody got out of that structure uninjured- and fire crews reported the fire was "small" and put out within minutes of firefighters' arrival.

The law was investigating both incidents.

Some Metro Kansas City Rainfalls Approach 20-Inch Mark Since June 1st

ith some local rainfall amounts of nearly 3.3 inches on Sunday- some areas are approaching the 20-inch mark rainfall total since June 1st.

The first image shows area rainfall totals to this morning for the month of July so far- and there are a number of locations from Johnson county (JoCo) KS into midtown and south KC-MO with more than 5-inch totals up to this morning.

The next image shows some area rainfall accumulations since June 1st to this morning- and one gauge- "Mission Road at Indian Creek" in Leawood KS-  shows 19.02 inches of rain has fallen in that period.

There is a chance of more showers and thunderstorms later today- tonight- into early Tuesday morning before there's a brief break until late Wednesday and early Thursday when more rain is forecasted.

At least the tomatoes and flowers are doing well!

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Elderly Care Facility Evacuated Due to Water Main Break

An elderly care facility in south-central KC-MO is being evacuated of all it's residents due to a 4-inch water main break at the facility.

Electrical systems threatened by the more than foot of water that accumulated forced the shut-down of power to the facility- necessitating the evacuation of residents to ATA busses.

Those displaced residents were to be transported to other affiliated care facilities until the water could be pumped out and the electrical systems died out and checked.

So far- no reports of health issues to those being evacuated- but around a half-dozen KC-MO fire companies and EMS units are on-the-scene of the multi-story facility.

Central States News: Naked Mannequin Creates Trouble in Beatrice NE

complaint about a naked mannequin in a downtown Beatrice storefront window has resulted in a possible lawsuit against the Beatrice police department.

The BEATRICE (NE) DAILY SUN online says last week police in that southeastern Nebraska town received a complaint about the nude mannequin in the window of Hannah’s Treasures- and police then attempted to get in contact with business owner Kevin Kramer to cover the mannequin up.

(Photo courtesy of The BEATRICE (NE) DAILY SUN)

The story says that police were unable to reach Kramer- so officers took it upon themselves to cover up the store's window so Beatrice residents shocked by nude plastic models of not-so-anatomically-correct humans wouldn't be offended.

However- when Kevin Kramer caught wind of his windows being covered up by police- Kramer contacted a lawyer and threatened Beatrice police with legal action.

The police WERE going to charge Kramer with "disorderly conduct-"  but dropped those charges against Kramer when they found out Kramer's possible legal actions against them.

Kramer was in the process of moving his business to Lincoln- so we'll watch to see how this tempest in a storefront window works out and let you know....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Accidental" Shooting in KC-KS Injures Man

t 1:57 p.m. Sunday afternoon- a shooting was reported at the boathouse by the marina at Wyandotte County Lake near 91st Street and Leavenworth Road.

KC-KS Fire-EMS was transporting the "28-year-old" victim emergency to a nearby medical trauma center with "an accidental discharge of a pistol" that sent a bullet into the man's "scrotum and right thigh."

He was in serious to critical condition.

There were no details on whether the victim is a peace officer or otherwise authorized to carry a firearm in a public park. 


Emergency operations in Cass county and the City of Harrisonville have sighted a funnel cloud approaching south Harrisonville.

The tornado sirens are sounding and the fire station on South Commercial has been evacuated.

Photos of Homes- Vehicles Damaged By High Winds in KC-MO's Ruskin Heights Area- New Tornado Watch

CSW just returned from a tour of storm damage in the Ruskin Heights area of KC-MO where hurricane-force winds around 10:30 a.m. have caused extensive tree and power line damage.

As noted here on CSW earlier Sunday morning- an area of thunderstorms sank slowly southeast from Nebraska across northeast Kansas and northwest and western Missouri.

One storm intensified in the southern Metro around 10 a.m.- dropping dime to nickle-sized hail and producing winds gusts as high as 70-80 m.p.h. in southeastern KC-MO..

Power is out in the area generally along and south of 99th Street- east of U.S. 71- along and west of James A. Reed all the way south into northern Grandview- affecting thousands.

Tree damage is severe generally along either side of Blue Ridge Boulevard generally south of 103rd Street.

This series of storm damage photos were taken in just that general area- and large limbs and even whole trees damages at least 15 homes over a 10-block area of Ruskin Heights.

Structural damage was noted on at least 4 homes- all with large tree limbs or entire trees fallen on them.

A white house on 107th Street just east of Blue Ridge shown here (click on image's properties for locations in file name) had the back corner wall of a house and one room destroyed when an entire tree fell southward into it and missing the blue house to the west.

Many residential power lines have been downed in people's backyards or the lines pulled away from the house- sparking fires.

At least 2 homes in the Ruskin area have caught fire in that way- but the fires were fairly minor and no one was reported injured in them.

I haven't heard of any storm injuries either.

A Tornado Watch is now in effect for Johnson county Kansas and those counties southward- as well as Cass and Johnson counties and southward in Missouri to the Fort Scott-Nevada area.