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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Douglas County KS Pollys Make Another Dumb Decision- Cuts Baldwin City's Ambulance

ake a drive from Lawrence to Baldwin City (BC) in Douglas county (DGCO) KS..

On a clear- dry day- that drive will take AT LEAST 20-30 minutes- multiply that drive-time accordingly for inclement weather.

(Photo courtesy of the BALDWIN CITY (KS) SIGNAL)

That's about how long it will take for a Lawrence-based ambulance to reach a victim in BC if Douglas county commisioners get their way and take BC's ambulance out of service- according to the story in the BALDWIN CITY (KS) SIGNAL.

Let me wrap my brain around this latest MetroRegion political folly- the DGCO pollys want to increase the county property tax by more than 16%- yet those same pollys want to CUT NECESSARY- LIFE-SAVING services?

Politicians DO NEED regular drug testing!

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