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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photos of Homes- Vehicles Damaged By High Winds in KC-MO's Ruskin Heights Area- New Tornado Watch

CSW just returned from a tour of storm damage in the Ruskin Heights area of KC-MO where hurricane-force winds around 10:30 a.m. have caused extensive tree and power line damage.

As noted here on CSW earlier Sunday morning- an area of thunderstorms sank slowly southeast from Nebraska across northeast Kansas and northwest and western Missouri.

One storm intensified in the southern Metro around 10 a.m.- dropping dime to nickle-sized hail and producing winds gusts as high as 70-80 m.p.h. in southeastern KC-MO..

Power is out in the area generally along and south of 99th Street- east of U.S. 71- along and west of James A. Reed all the way south into northern Grandview- affecting thousands.

Tree damage is severe generally along either side of Blue Ridge Boulevard generally south of 103rd Street.

This series of storm damage photos were taken in just that general area- and large limbs and even whole trees damages at least 15 homes over a 10-block area of Ruskin Heights.

Structural damage was noted on at least 4 homes- all with large tree limbs or entire trees fallen on them.

A white house on 107th Street just east of Blue Ridge shown here (click on image's properties for locations in file name) had the back corner wall of a house and one room destroyed when an entire tree fell southward into it and missing the blue house to the west.

Many residential power lines have been downed in people's backyards or the lines pulled away from the house- sparking fires.

At least 2 homes in the Ruskin area have caught fire in that way- but the fires were fairly minor and no one was reported injured in them.

I haven't heard of any storm injuries either.

A Tornado Watch is now in effect for Johnson county Kansas and those counties southward- as well as Cass and Johnson counties and southward in Missouri to the Fort Scott-Nevada area.


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