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Friday, July 16, 2010

Editorial: KC-MO Mayorial Candidate Deb Hermann "Okay" With Taxpayer's Corporate Welfare

urrent 'Clowncilperson' and candidate to become your next mayor Deb Hermann says she's "okay" with the fact Kansan Citians will be paying anywhere from $230 to $345-million through 2033 for our fancy downtown (overpriced) eating and boozing area known as the Power and Light District.

Hermann was also "okay" with subsidizing the corporate sports teams at the Truman Sports Complex with city taxpayer money as well- so let's add another ($2-million a year) $45-50-million by 2033 for those millionaire ballplayers' playpens.

So let's figure a 2033 total anywhere from around $275-$395-million that WON'T be available for:

  • Hundreds of dilapidated structures throughout the city and improvements for crumbling neighborhoods-
  • The public transit system (light rail? ah-HaHaHaHa!)- 
  • Roadways/sidewalks-
  • Repair of our antiquated sewer/stormwater system (oh- but the HUGE increase in water bills will take care of THAT)- -
  • Water mains (see above)-
  • Hiring and retention of city workers-
  • Parks and the zoo-
  • Crime-fighting (increased taxes)-
  • South KC-MO's eyesore of the old Bannister Mall area (make sure you vote TIF-champions Sharp/Eddy back in folks!)-
  • The (already subsidized) Union Station-
  • The (already subsidized but apparently not convention-sufficient) Downtown Marriott hotel-
  • A NEW downtown hotel requiring heavy taxpayer subsidies to stay open-
  • Additional Tax Increment Financing (TIF/corporate-welfare) projects (what got us in this shape to begin with)-
  • Et Cetera (you fill-in the needs here).

Deb Hermann is "okay" with all this superfluous spending that does NOT address KC-MO residents' day to day needs or the city's 'livability.'

WE are NOT "okay" with Deb Hermann continuing to give away decreasing tax revenues while on the City Clowncil- let alone being KC-MO's next mayor....

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