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Monday, July 12, 2010

Murder on Bristol

olice say Saturday morning- someone broke into his house and shot the occupant- 33-year-old Jamie D. Johnson dead.

Mr. Johnson was often seen outside his residence in a wheelchair with at least several people with him- but aside a wave or a nod as we drove by- we didn't know what Mr. Johnson had suffered from.

Johnson's house caught fire about a year and a half ago- heavily-damaging the Bristol Avenue house he was murdered in.

The house was rebuilt- but apparently Mr. Johnson didn't have enough money to replace destroyed furnishings and the house was "sparsely furnished" as police put it when they found him.

Police say they have no suspects in custody and would not comment on a question as to whether drugs were involved.

Just another "Killa City" homicide to many- but Jamie Johnson was sombody's son- and our neighbor.

R.I.P Jamie....


sorelooser said...

Jamie was a good guy he wasnt the guy in the wheelchair but thats darnell. jamie was a dealer and thats all he ever had a chance in life to be the streets offered no more to him. He will be missed.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Thanks for settin' me straight there 'sorelooser' and my sincere condolences.