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Saturday, June 02, 2012

CSW WEATHER: "Slight" Chance of Severe Storms Over Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center (NWS-SPC) in Norman OK has outlooked Metro and a large part of MetroRegion Kansas City for a possibility of severe thunderstorms on Sunday.

The primary severe threat is for large hail and possible damaging winds of greater than 58 MPH- however as in all severe thunderstorms- there is always the risk of a tornado.

The valid times for this forecast is 7 am Sunday until 7 am Monday mornings.

CSW will post any severe weather watches issued....

CSW BREAKING: Pedestrian Killed By Hit & Run Driver in South Kansas City MO

A pedestrian is dead and the suspected driver is in police custody after a hit and run at 80th Street and Troost early Saturday morning.

A KC-MO Police Metro Zone patrol officer came upon the victim lying in the street at 3:08 am and ordered EMS.

EMS declared the victim- reportedly a male- dead on the scene at 3:36 am..

Within minutes of the victim's discovery- police had only a vague suspect vehicle description based on vehicle parts left at the scene: "a silver or gray vehicle with new damage."

Yet by 3:22 am- police reported to have located the suspect vehicle- with "fresh front end damage consistent with having struck a pedestrian" along with "a cracked windshield-" at Bannister and Wayne- and the male driving the car was arrested.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CSW BREAKING: 2-Alarm Apartment Building Fire in South Kansas City Under Control

A fire in an apartment complex on 84th Terrace west of Hillcrest grew to two alarms before it was brought under control early Wednesday morning.

The first alarm of 3 pumper and 2 truck companies as well as an EMS unit were dispatched at 12:40 am.

The first of those companies- Truck 8 arrived at 12:45 am reporting "fire from the roof" of a "2-story apartment building."

A "working fire response" ordered at 12:46 am brought another company- EMS unit and ancilliary equipment to the scene 

At 12:48 am- a 2nd-alarm of three additional pumpers and a truck company were ordered as fire attack and search and potential rescue was underway by on-scene companies.

Rescue is fortunately not necessary- as the occupants of the units in the burning building escape apparently uninjured.

As lightning flashed in the western sky- the fire was brought under control at 1:04 am- restricted to the one- heavily-damaged building.

No injuries reported as of this post- with only three occupants: "an adult female and her two young children" reportedly need Red Cross assistance in accomodations and necessities.

The cause is under investigation....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Independence MO Fire Department Appears Severely Understaffed

The City of Independence MO has 14 fire companies...

According to an INDEPENDENCE/BLUE SPRINGS/GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER story- on-shift staffing of those 14 fire companies is 38 people.

If you do the math- that is 2.71 firefighters per company which is BELOW minimum fire company staffing of no less than 3 firefighters on a company.

Many cities have at least 4 firefighters per pumper and/or ladder company.

Independence- like Kansas City MO- has given out corporate welfare that both cities have to subsidize with taxpayer dollars.

Like Independence- KC-MO is cutting it's fire department staffing to make budget.

I guess the citizens are okay with the subsidized corporate welfare and it's empty promises of new jobs rather than a fully-staffed fire department- without which is the real promise of lives and property lost. 

Man Drowns in South Kansas City MO Swimming Pool

At 7:03 pm Sunday evening- KC-MO Fire and EMS were called to a reported drowning at Bannister Road and Drury- just east of I-435.

The incident was at the Shadow Creek Apartments pool and CPR was performed on the victim- described by EMS as a male in late-20's.

The man was rushed to a Metro hospital where he later died.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teen Shot in Kansas City KS Sunday Morning

A 15-year-old male is in a Metro hospital Sunday morning after he was shot in eastern Kansas City KS...

The incident occurred about 12:50 am in the 600 block of Freeman Drive.

Apparently the teen was shot in the back outside his girlfriend's house then was helped inside.

The boy was in serious condition when he was transported by EMS and no suspect info was yet available.

CSW BREAKING: Shooting Victim Found in Old Northeast Kansas City MO Area

A male victim is in very critical condition after a shooting around 4:10 am Sunday morning...

The victim was found by police on Anderson near Benton Boulevard and he had been "shot in the back."

There was no suspect or any other information available as of this posting- refresh for updates.