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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Independence MO Fire Department Appears Severely Understaffed

The City of Independence MO has 14 fire companies...

According to an INDEPENDENCE/BLUE SPRINGS/GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER story- on-shift staffing of those 14 fire companies is 38 people.

If you do the math- that is 2.71 firefighters per company which is BELOW minimum fire company staffing of no less than 3 firefighters on a company.

Many cities have at least 4 firefighters per pumper and/or ladder company.

Independence- like Kansas City MO- has given out corporate welfare that both cities have to subsidize with taxpayer dollars.

Like Independence- KC-MO is cutting it's fire department staffing to make budget.

I guess the citizens are okay with the subsidized corporate welfare and it's empty promises of new jobs rather than a fully-staffed fire department- without which is the real promise of lives and property lost. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That 2.71 crap is going to raise it's ugly head someday and it won't be pretty.

Plus it as well means a lot more units responding to calls than is needed just to get more manpower.

Just wait I say just wait it will be bad I just hope a death isn't a a part of the results.

I have rolled up on a working fire with 6 men on one unit and it isn't enough the first 5 minutes. Some may have been volunteers but they was damn well trained ones that I would stack up against most paid firefighters back then any day.