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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CSW BREAKING: 2-Alarm Apartment Building Fire in South Kansas City Under Control

A fire in an apartment complex on 84th Terrace west of Hillcrest grew to two alarms before it was brought under control early Wednesday morning.

The first alarm of 3 pumper and 2 truck companies as well as an EMS unit were dispatched at 12:40 am.

The first of those companies- Truck 8 arrived at 12:45 am reporting "fire from the roof" of a "2-story apartment building."

A "working fire response" ordered at 12:46 am brought another company- EMS unit and ancilliary equipment to the scene 

At 12:48 am- a 2nd-alarm of three additional pumpers and a truck company were ordered as fire attack and search and potential rescue was underway by on-scene companies.

Rescue is fortunately not necessary- as the occupants of the units in the burning building escape apparently uninjured.

As lightning flashed in the western sky- the fire was brought under control at 1:04 am- restricted to the one- heavily-damaged building.

No injuries reported as of this post- with only three occupants: "an adult female and her two young children" reportedly need Red Cross assistance in accomodations and necessities.

The cause is under investigation....

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