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Saturday, June 02, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Pedestrian Killed By Hit & Run Driver in South Kansas City MO

A pedestrian is dead and the suspected driver is in police custody after a hit and run at 80th Street and Troost early Saturday morning.

A KC-MO Police Metro Zone patrol officer came upon the victim lying in the street at 3:08 am and ordered EMS.

EMS declared the victim- reportedly a male- dead on the scene at 3:36 am..

Within minutes of the victim's discovery- police had only a vague suspect vehicle description based on vehicle parts left at the scene: "a silver or gray vehicle with new damage."

Yet by 3:22 am- police reported to have located the suspect vehicle- with "fresh front end damage consistent with having struck a pedestrian" along with "a cracked windshield-" at Bannister and Wayne- and the male driving the car was arrested.

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