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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Barn Destroyed by Fire South of Warrensburg MO

A barn that reportedly contained an unknown number or type of animals was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning.

Three stations of Johnson County MO firefighters were called to 11 Southwest 600 Road at 2:07 am..

When the first firefighter arrived at the scene about 10 minutes later- he reported the barn completely engulfed in flames.

It isn't known if any of the animals inside the barn were saved- there were no human injuries.

CSW BREAKING: Person Run Over by Truck and Killed in Shawnee KS

This happened at the Federal Express (Fed Ex) Ground shipping warehouse at 8000 Cole Parkway around 3:45 am Saturday morning.

Shawnee firefighters and a MEDACT-EMS crew were told that a person had been "run-over by a semi" truck there.

That person- reported to be a security guard at the facility- was declared dead-at-the-scene by the MEDACT crew at 3:56 am..

Shawnee police- who investigated the incident- said the man "fell" under the truck's wheels.

CSW BREAKING: Six Rendered Homeless After Northland KC-MO House Fire

The six people are reported as two adults and four children by the KC-MO Fire department during the 1:08 am fire.

Five fire companies went to the address in the 5200 block of Northeast 56th Place.

When the first crew arrived at 1:11 am- the pumper's captain said there was "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story" house.

Additional fire equipment was then dispatched- with at least two handlines used on the fire.

Flames were "under control" as of 1:30 am..

No injuries were reported- and the cause was under investigation as of this report.

CSW BREAKING: Pedestrian Struck During KC-MO Police Pursuit

It happened at 12:28 am near the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Summit- when a male pedestrian was struck by a black SUV being pursued by the KC-MO Police.

The chase had begun a few minutes earlier when a female police officer attempted to stop a "possibly (intoxicated) female" driver of the SUV who had "struck a curb" on "14th Street" in or very near the Power and Light entertainment district.

After striking the pedestrian- the woman continued west on Chavez (23rd Street) into KC-KS..

At 12:35 am- after her two front tires were flattened- possibly from road spikes- the female driver was stopped and taken into custody near downtown KC-KS..

The male who was struck was "unconscious-" and remained so when he was transported to a hospital by EMS in critical condition.

Friday, March 22, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Please Tell Mother Nature What Season It Is

The calendar said Spring began Wednesday morning- but the weather is yet to respond...

Another low pressure storm system will affect the Kansas City MetroRegion this weekend with a myriad of weather.

The NWS (National Weather Service) has much of Kansas and Missouri in a 'Winter Storm Watch.'

Cutting to the chase- a band of heavy snow will set up somewhere over eastern Kansas into west- northern and central Missouri by Saturday evening.

Here in Metro Kansas City- temperatures will start out in the 40-degree range when the precipitation begins some time around the noon hour tomorrow.

Here at midday Friday- it appears the accumulating snow and accompanying slick surfaces won't be an issue until Saturday evening.

At this time- I'm thinking a 6 to 10-inch accumulation of that pesky white stuff by afternoon Sunday- with the higher amounts expected here in the southern portions of the Metro.

No super-cold air with this system- but even temps in the 30-degree range are 15-25 degrees below averages this time of late March.

In fact- I don't see ANY really warm (70 degrees) weather on the extended models through early April.

CSW BREAKING: High-Speed Police Pursuit on I-49 in Cass County MO

KC-MO- Grandview- Belton Police and the Missouri Highway Patrol are or have been involved in the pursuit of "a white Nissan-" reported by some agencies as "suspects in an armed robbery" that occurred in the 8300 block of Wornall in South KC-MO..

The chase is southbound on I-49 south of Belton/Raymore and was approaching Peculiar.

The chased vehicle is reported to have "two- possibly three" occupants- and speeds of the chase have been reported between "80" and "100" mph..

Around 10:50 am- the suspects have "bailed-out" of the Nissan on "C Highway" near "Baier's Den" Road- south of Peculiar.

At 10:53 am- KC-MO police report having "four" people "in custody" in "a farm field."

TRAFFIC BULLETIN: I-49/U.S. 71 Closed Both Directions at M-150 near Grandview"

Police report the "bridges" of the freeway there are "iced-over."

There have been crashes on both the south and northbound lanes.

No life-threatening injuries are indicated.

Ice is said to have contributed to a fatal crash in Cass county near Peculiar.

A male driver of a single vehicle has crashed on J Highway near 195th Street- northeast of Peculiar.

There is as of yet- no more details on that crash.

CSW BREAKING: Male Civilian Steals Jackson County Sheriff Patrol Car

This is breaking news as of 12:45 am Friday morning:

The KC-MO police are reporting that the Jackson County Sheriff's department (SO) "was chasing one of their (SO) cars- occupied by a white male (named)..."

KC-MO police reported that the JCSO "lost sight" of their stolen patrol car "in the area of Blue Ridge and Bannister" in southeastern KC-MO..

At 1:15 am- KC-MO and Grandview police are on foot looking for "a (named) white male with handcuffs in front of him" in the "12400 block of Blue Ridge- by the Sonic" drive-in there.

That's where the male suspect reportedly "wrecked-out" the stolen patrol car .

CSW BREAKING: One Dead- Three Seriously Hurt in Plaza-area Shooting

KC-MO emergency services report a shooting at 4904 Brookside- near the Country Club Plaza- at 11:38 pm..

Initial police and EMS reports says there are "four" victims- injuries reported "life-threatening."

At 11:47 pm- Metro Zone police officers report one of the victims has died at the scene.

At 11:49 pm- a KC-MO EMS unit was enroute to a med center with a male in his 20's who has been shot in the abdomen.

His condition was critical...

A second victim was reported to be a female- shot in a leg with a through and through wound.

That unknown-age victim's condition was serious.

The third surviving victim is reported by EMS to be a 25-year-old female- with a through and through gunshot wound to an upper arm.

Her condition appeared to be serious to critical.

Police are reporting the shooting was the result of a home invasion- and that there was "a large crime scene" area.

Two black males are being sought by police.

One is 6-foot tall and was armed with a machete.

The other was 5-foot 9-inches tall and armed with a handgun.

Later Friday morning- KC-MO Police report that at least one-half dozen young people lived at the house- most if not all of them being students at nearby University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The killing is Kansas City MO's 22nd homicide of 2013- compared to 24 murders of Human Beings by this date in 2012.. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Water Main Break Hampers Firefight of KC-MO Building Fire

There is a two-alarm fire burning in a building at Truman Road and Spruce.  

The initial alarm sounded at 10:33 pm Thursday night.  A working fire was declared by the first arriving crews.

During the firefight- FD radio reported "two" hydrants went dry- and "a fairly-large water main break" was reported on Truman "west of the fire."

All interior firefighting crews were ordered outside.

At 10:47 pm- a 2nd-alarm response of four more fire companies was requested.

As aerial water streams with limited water pressure are being used on the fire- two additional pumper companies were requested.

More than a dozen KC-MO fire companies are working at this fire as of this report- with no reports of any injuries thus far.

Heard no "official" declaration- but fire under control by 11:55 pm..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Local TV 'Newscast' in America

Watch the following YouTube clip and ponder- is this the future of local TV news or is it already here?