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Friday, March 22, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Please Tell Mother Nature What Season It Is

The calendar said Spring began Wednesday morning- but the weather is yet to respond...

Another low pressure storm system will affect the Kansas City MetroRegion this weekend with a myriad of weather.

The NWS (National Weather Service) has much of Kansas and Missouri in a 'Winter Storm Watch.'

Cutting to the chase- a band of heavy snow will set up somewhere over eastern Kansas into west- northern and central Missouri by Saturday evening.

Here in Metro Kansas City- temperatures will start out in the 40-degree range when the precipitation begins some time around the noon hour tomorrow.

Here at midday Friday- it appears the accumulating snow and accompanying slick surfaces won't be an issue until Saturday evening.

At this time- I'm thinking a 6 to 10-inch accumulation of that pesky white stuff by afternoon Sunday- with the higher amounts expected here in the southern portions of the Metro.

No super-cold air with this system- but even temps in the 30-degree range are 15-25 degrees below averages this time of late March.

In fact- I don't see ANY really warm (70 degrees) weather on the extended models through early April.

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