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Friday, March 22, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Male Civilian Steals Jackson County Sheriff Patrol Car

This is breaking news as of 12:45 am Friday morning:

The KC-MO police are reporting that the Jackson County Sheriff's department (SO) "was chasing one of their (SO) cars- occupied by a white male (named)..."

KC-MO police reported that the JCSO "lost sight" of their stolen patrol car "in the area of Blue Ridge and Bannister" in southeastern KC-MO..

At 1:15 am- KC-MO and Grandview police are on foot looking for "a (named) white male with handcuffs in front of him" in the "12400 block of Blue Ridge- by the Sonic" drive-in there.

That's where the male suspect reportedly "wrecked-out" the stolen patrol car .

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