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Friday, March 22, 2013

CSW BREAKING: One Dead- Three Seriously Hurt in Plaza-area Shooting

KC-MO emergency services report a shooting at 4904 Brookside- near the Country Club Plaza- at 11:38 pm..

Initial police and EMS reports says there are "four" victims- injuries reported "life-threatening."

At 11:47 pm- Metro Zone police officers report one of the victims has died at the scene.

At 11:49 pm- a KC-MO EMS unit was enroute to a med center with a male in his 20's who has been shot in the abdomen.

His condition was critical...

A second victim was reported to be a female- shot in a leg with a through and through wound.

That unknown-age victim's condition was serious.

The third surviving victim is reported by EMS to be a 25-year-old female- with a through and through gunshot wound to an upper arm.

Her condition appeared to be serious to critical.

Police are reporting the shooting was the result of a home invasion- and that there was "a large crime scene" area.

Two black males are being sought by police.

One is 6-foot tall and was armed with a machete.

The other was 5-foot 9-inches tall and armed with a handgun.

Later Friday morning- KC-MO Police report that at least one-half dozen young people lived at the house- most if not all of them being students at nearby University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The killing is Kansas City MO's 22nd homicide of 2013- compared to 24 murders of Human Beings by this date in 2012.. 

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