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Saturday, May 19, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Inbound Passenger Jet With Engine Out Enroute to K.C.I. Airport

At 8:20 pm- an inbound aircraft emergency was reported at the Kansas City International airport (MCI).

It's a good sized jet- heard between 128 or 158 people on-board- and the pilot reported losing an engine in-flight and is heading for KCI.

Five structural fire companies- and the three crash/fire/resue rigs at the KCI station are either standing by or enroute.

At 8:33 pm- the aircraft had landed safely and was headed for a passenger gate.

Will Kansas City News Media Downplay Power & Light District Murder?

From the coverage of this story on the local news media Web sites- it appears the downplay has already started...

As first reported here at CSW- a man in his 20's was shot and killed at Truman Road and McGee early Saturday morning- outside of one of the Power & Light District area bars.

As of 5 pm late Saturday afternoon- here's a sample of the various news organizations and how they're presenting Kansas City's latest murder via screen captures of their news pages:


  • WDAF-4 (No Story at all- FOX-4 does not cover overnight weekend news!):  

  • KCTV-5:  

  • KMBC-9:  

  • KSHB-41 (No story on their Website even though I called their videographer to the scene!):  

After all- since KC-MO taxpayers are shovelling anywhere from $10 to $15-million per year into this eating and drinking area next to Sprint Arena downtown- we CAN'T have any negative publicity from this vicinity that will keep people away from the P&L and increase it's taxpayer subsidy!

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storm Watch Covers Central- Eastern Kansas

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 281 covers and area from extreme western Iowa- eastern Nebraska into central and eastern Kansas and is valid until 10 pm this Saturday night.

This watch only covers the exteme western part of the Kansas City MetroRegion- cities such as Topeka- Lawrence and Ottawa are NOT included in this storm watch.

Scattered thunderstorms have and are developing from south-central Nebraska into south-central Kansas.

As shown on the NWS Doppler radar inage- a storm cluster in south-central Kansas is already severe.

Thunderstorms to the west of Metro Kansas City should stay there until after 10 pm to midnight.

Fire Virtually Destroys Grandview MO House

A house- occupancy unknown- was heavily damaged by fire early Saturday morning.

The fire was reported to Grandview's emergency services at 1:09 am to the address in the 13600 block of Norby.

Heavy smoke and some fire was visible to the first-arriving fire crew at 1:15 am..

Finding a fire in the basement that was spreading up into the first floor- GFD requested mutual aid assistance from the Belton Fire department.

After more than a hour (2:16 am)- the fire was reported under control.

No firefighter injuries were reported- and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

CSW BREAKING: Shooting At Kansas City's Power & Light District Is Latest Homicide

The shots that eventually killed what KC-MO FD-EMS Unit 567 termed "a mid-20;s male" were reportedly heard by a Center Zone police officer on patrol near "15th Street and McGee" at 1:18 a.m. Saturday morning.

Less than two minutes later- another police officer reports finding the wounded man "at Truman and McGee-" outside of the Retro nightclub.

The victim "is unresponsive" to the officer's questions- EMS states the victim has two gunshot wounds- one "entering the stomach and exiting his back."

The man was in very critical condition when transported to Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill (TMC/West)- but he later died there of his wounds. 

There was no suspect information available- and police investigators even went to the KANSAS CITY STAR newspaper building to see if the shooting had been caught on The STAR's video security cameras.

KC-MO's homicide rate rises further into the 40's- and now even the heavily-publicized/taypayer-subsidized Power and Light District is not safe from the murderous gunfire.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Royals Fans Come To Aid After Crash

At 4:05 pm- a rollover crash occurred on the Stadium Drive bridge over I-435 after the Royals-Orioles  game.

As you can see by these series of KANSAS CITY SCOUT traffic camera images- citizens- most likely baseball fans leaving the stadium after the 5-3 loss- are seen trying to assist the driver of the white car in the lower left-center of most images.

That driver needed a fire department extrication.

In another image- a man in shorts is seen directing traffic at the crash scene.

Serious injuries to the white car's driver were indicated by scene radio reports- but according to an EMS report the female driver's injuries are not life-threatening....

CSW BREAKING: Fire Reported in The Scoreboard at Kauffman Stadium

At 2:10 pm- a fire in the large digital centerfield scoreboard at the Royal's Kauffman Stadium was reported "out."

Fire crews were called to the baseball stadium at the Truman Sports Complex around 1:45 pm- and it took "several water cans" to extinguish the fire.

One firefighter suffered a head injury when "an axe fell from some distance and hit (the male firefighter) on his helmet."

The injury sounded non life-threatening as the patient was being transported to St. Luke's Plaza hospital.

It's yet unknown the extent or cause of the fire- and if the scoreboard is working as there is a Royals game (vs.  Baltimore) in progress as of this post.

'Disco Queen' Donna Summer Dead at Age 63

Oh Lord how the years are flashing by...

Donna Summer- recognized by many as the Queen of Disco- has passed away at the age of 63- according to this ASSOCIATED PRESS story.

Although I was a rocker- I loved to dance and I didn't hold the opinions that many critics of disco music did.

Rest in eternal peace Miss Summer- and thanks for all those great tunes and wonderful nights....

Facebook - Just Another Slice of Pop Culture

While doing the morning reading- I came across this ASSOCIATED PRESS story about Facebook via the TULSA WORLD website.

The story mentions Facebook's 'coming-out' public stock offering for sure- but the article also goes on about those who refuse to indulge in the social medium.

Those interviewed in the story mostly cited their lack of interest in Facebook had to do with time- and I can wholeheartedly agree there.

After daily looks at the news and weather sites- taking care of a bedridden father and TRYING to juggle all that with a live-in relationship makes sideshow things like Facebook a luxury rather than a necessity..

Although I have both a Facebook and Twitter account (as well as that outdated MySpace)- I rarely have time to visit- let alone post things on them.

Yeah- Facebook is hugely popular- right now.

Would I buy Facebook stock?

Hell no- I want nothing to do with that corrupt-assed American stock market and their minions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Children Among Multiple Victims of South Kansas City MO Fire

A house fire in the Ruskin Heights area of south KC-MO has claimed three lives- including two children.

The fire was reported around 12:40 pm Wednesday morning at 107th Street and Bennington (the fire was actually at "10801 Bennington" according to a FD officer).

It was only when the first fire company- Pumper 42- arrived about two minutes later that it was learned that there were still three people in the 1-story house with "heavy" smoke and fire showing.

At 12:49 am- the first of the victims is rescued by firefighters- then two more would be pulled from the fire within a minute.

One of those victims is "an approximately 2-year-old male-" and he's in very critical condition while enroute to the nearest medical trauma center at 1:06 am..

The boy later died of his injuries at Research Medical Center.

The other two victims pulled from the fire- reported to be "a 31-year-old man" and a "7-year-old girl" died at the fire scene of their injuries.

The fire was under control at 12:54 am- and the beginning of an extensive investigation is underway.

Man Missing After Lake Jacomo Boat Mishap Was Retired KC-MO Firefighter

Eighty-five-year-old Gladin Harrison survived 32 years on the Kansas City MO Fire department- retiring in 1980...

It appears Brother Harrison did not survive a fishing trip on Lake Jacomo Tuesday afternoon.

It was 4:23 pm when Central Jackson County (CJC) Fire and EMS crews were called to Jacomo's marina.

As the story is later told- the boat containing Mr. Harrison and a 60-year-old male fishing companion capsized after becoming unbalanced when one of the men stood up in the small craft.

The younger man managed to hold on to the overturned boat- but he could not hold on to Mr. Harrison- who disappeared into the lake's waters.

It was the younger man's screams for help that alerted lake employees to their tragic accident.

I pray for a swift resolution as to brother firefighter's whereabouts- and offer a salute and moment of silence for the family and friends of veteran Gladin Harrison.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CSW BREAKING: School Bus Involved in Multi-Vehicle Crash in Johnson County KS

The crash location specifically is U.S. 56 highway and Four Corners Road- and it reportedly involves a school bus...

The call for emergency services (JoCoSheriff) went out to the location between Gardner and Edgerton at 3:42 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Upon arrival of the fire department and EMS unit- it's reported "heavy damage to the school bus" and "2" other vehicles involved with "minor extrication" of one of the vehicle's occupants.

There were occupants on the bus- but unknown yet how many. A 2nd school bus has been sent to finish their trip.

There are no serious injuries in this crash- reported as one vehicle who rear-ended another who was then forced into the back of the school bus.

The male drivers of those two vehicles went to a medical trauma center.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CSW Awaits Comment Regarding Same-Sex Marriages

President Obama recently announced his support for same-sex marriages- so CSW sought a comment from a right-wing Republicrat.

You know- the ones in support of big business-  and middle or lower-income Americans be damned.

We're waiting to hear back from our Republicrat friend- who was tied up in court during proceedings to divorce his 3rd wife....

Second Weekend Shooting in Raytown MO- This One A Homicide

Around 7:15 am Sunday morning- someone shot and killed 60-year-old Harry M. Stone outside a gas station/convenience store in western Raytown.

The shooting occurred at 67th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard where police found Mr. Stone gravely injured from his wound.

Mr. Stone was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Area police are looking for a possible suspect vehicle- described as a "dark-colored 4-door car with two occupants" that left "northbound on Blue Ridge" from the scene of the crime.

This was the 2nd serious shooting in Raytown this weekend.

CSW offers our condolences to the family and friends of the victim- Mr. Harry M. Stone- and hope Mr. Stone's killer(s) are brought to a swift and sure justice.

JP Morgan-Chase Vs. Drug Dealers: The Wrong People Are Jailed

Q: Which entity almost brought America to it's financial knees- and continues to endanger America's finances- but none of their leaders are ever jailed?

If you guessed 'drug dealers' you were so very- very wrong....