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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Man Missing After Lake Jacomo Boat Mishap Was Retired KC-MO Firefighter

Eighty-five-year-old Gladin Harrison survived 32 years on the Kansas City MO Fire department- retiring in 1980...

It appears Brother Harrison did not survive a fishing trip on Lake Jacomo Tuesday afternoon.

It was 4:23 pm when Central Jackson County (CJC) Fire and EMS crews were called to Jacomo's marina.

As the story is later told- the boat containing Mr. Harrison and a 60-year-old male fishing companion capsized after becoming unbalanced when one of the men stood up in the small craft.

The younger man managed to hold on to the overturned boat- but he could not hold on to Mr. Harrison- who disappeared into the lake's waters.

It was the younger man's screams for help that alerted lake employees to their tragic accident.

I pray for a swift resolution as to brother firefighter's whereabouts- and offer a salute and moment of silence for the family and friends of veteran Gladin Harrison.

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