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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facebook - Just Another Slice of Pop Culture

While doing the morning reading- I came across this ASSOCIATED PRESS story about Facebook via the TULSA WORLD website.

The story mentions Facebook's 'coming-out' public stock offering for sure- but the article also goes on about those who refuse to indulge in the social medium.

Those interviewed in the story mostly cited their lack of interest in Facebook had to do with time- and I can wholeheartedly agree there.

After daily looks at the news and weather sites- taking care of a bedridden father and TRYING to juggle all that with a live-in relationship makes sideshow things like Facebook a luxury rather than a necessity..

Although I have both a Facebook and Twitter account (as well as that outdated MySpace)- I rarely have time to visit- let alone post things on them.

Yeah- Facebook is hugely popular- right now.

Would I buy Facebook stock?

Hell no- I want nothing to do with that corrupt-assed American stock market and their minions.

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