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Saturday, November 05, 2011

CSW BREAKING: "Earthquake or Tremors" Reported in Platte County MO

At 11:06 p.m. Saturday night- the Platte County MO Emergency Communications Center was broadcasting an advisory over their frequencies that the center was getting "numerous calls of an earthquake or (earth) tremors" in that Northland KC-MO county.

Dispatch added that "there's been no reports of injuries or damage."

Police dispatch in Bonner Springs KS also reported "numerous calls" from people there.

At 10:53 p.m.- the USGS reports a "5.2" magnitude earthquake centered 44 miles east-northeast of Oklahoma City.

A short time later- the USGS upgraded the intensity of the Oklahoma quake to a "5.6" magnitude.

As of 11:30 p.m. CDT- news media sources in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa are not reporting any damage or injuries from what is now the strongest earthquake in Oklahoma state history.

The shaking locally is probably from that earthquake (not felt here at CSW).

Turn Your Clocks Back 1 Hour at 2 A.M. Sunday Morning

Or- if you go to bed earlier- make sure your non computer-controlled clocks are set BACK 1 hour.

If not you'll be an hour ahead of everybody else later Sunday.

CBS' Andy Rooney Dies At Age 92

The man had barely time to enjoy his "retirement" from his long-run on the CBS news show '60 Minutes.'

Andy Rooney passed away in New York late Friday at the age of 92.

God Speed Andy!

Central States News: 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Central Oklahoma

Residents of Oklahoma and at least 4 other states report feeling a moderate earthquake that had an epicenter east of Oklahoma City early Saturday morning.

The USGS reports the quake struck around 2:12 a.m. local (Central Daylight) time- had a magnitude of 4.7- and the center was about 47 miles east of Oklahoma City or 75 miles southwest of Tulsa.

Replies to a USGS shake-map query has people from 4 surrounding states- Kansas- Missouri- Arkansas and Texas- who felt the quake.

The Oklahoma City THE OKLAHOMAN states that the earthquake was felt as far away as here- "Kansas City MO.."

No damage or injuries have been reported to OKC or Tulsa news media as of this report..

Friday, November 04, 2011

Corporate Welfare Carrot Lures NY Firm's Headquarters to Metro Kansas City

If you could move your company and get tax credits and cash to do so- you probably would...

American corporations have found the perfect cash cow- The American Taxpayer.

Announced today in the KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR is another company getting "incentives (corporate welfare)" to move to Metro Kansas City from New York.

The story says the company- "Netsmart Technologies-" intends to move it's headquarters to the Metro- but that the company already has a temporary office in Overland Park.

KCTV-5's New Chief Meteorologist: Chris Suchan

Well- Channel 5's Katie Horner is out as chief meteorologist and a guy from Tampa FL- Chris Suchan- takes her place.

Once again- KCTV's Gary Amble is passed over for the chief spot.

It will be interesting to see how KC-area weather wonks take to the new talent (personally- except for WGN's Tom Skilling in Chicago- I don't watch any of them).

It will be interesting to see how many times the new guy pronounces 'Nevada' MO the same way as the Las Vegas state until he gets a clue.

What's REALLY going to be interesting to me- is how the fact Channel 41 and Channel 5 are sharing a news helicopter are going to plead "exclusive pictures" when the other station has access to the same shot.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Metro Kansas City Rainfall Maps Nov. 2-3

It had been September 18th since such widespread- beneficial rains came to Metropolitan Kansas City.

The maps- courtesy of Johnson County KS 'Stormwatch-' shows rainfalls at the indicated reporting stations in 4 Metro counties got around an inch or more Wednesday.

Some stations in Jackson county MO approached the 2-inches of rainfall mark.

This isn't it for rainfall in the near-term either...

More wet weather should come into the area by late Monday- lasting through Tuesday into Wednesday- with inch amounts likely.

CSW Commentary: Sales Tax Weighs Most On Poor- Vote No on KC-MO Zoo Tax November 8

The City of Kansas City MO raises fees on this and that- proposes new taxes to finance this and that- yet spend millions per year supporting a Downtown drinking district (K.C. Live).

The city's infrastructure crumbles while so-called city leaders talk about tearing perfectly good buildings down- and spending tens of millions to replace it with another (Kemper Arena).

The head of a white elephant of a 1000-room convention hotel- heavily subsidized by KC-MO taxpayers- looms still.

Yet next Tuesday November 8- voters in Clay and Jackson counties in Missouri will be asked to approve a 1/8-cent sales tax increase to fund a non-infrastructure item: The Kansas City Zoo.

While I totally support our zoo- I'm totally against more sales taxes.

If approved- sales taxes in areas of Raytown for instance would rise to as much as 9.25%.

Residents in Raytown- as well as KC-MO are looking at huge increases in their water and sewer bills as it is- not to mention raises in electrical rates- etc..

People are being assaulted with price rises in food (30-50% rise in price of peanut butter!) and fuel (it will- count on it)- the last thing we need is to pay more for something that doesn't necessarily help the city run well.

Proper funding of the zoo is good- using another sales tax boost to fund the zoo is bad.

So do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and Vote NO for the KC-MO Zoo sales tax on November 8.

(Last) Update on Status of Missing Baby Lisa Irwin - November 3 2011

In less than 24 hours after this writing was posted will mark exactly  one month since infant female Lisa Irwin disappeared from her KC-MO Northland home.

Unfortunately- the news remains the same: no arrests made in this case and Baby Lisa has not been located.

This case has had a number of twists and turns- well described AND pondered in a post made a few days ago by "The Observer" who runs the SOUTH KANSAS CITY OBSERVER blog.

Since there have been no real developments in the Lisa Irwin case- I'm discontinuing the every few days updates.

When and if there are new significant developments- an arrest or if the infant is located- CSW will be right on it.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CSW Weather: Metro Kansas City Gets Most Rain Since September - Snow Possible

The light to occasionally moderately-heavy showers continue to move southwest to northeast across the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion.

In the Metro by 7 p.m. Wednesday night- some scattered amounts approaching 1-inch can be found both north and south- as illustrated by the accompanying Johnson County KS "Stormwatch" map.

Doppler weather radars both in Pleasant Hill and Topeka show light to moderate rainshowers continuing to develop in southeastern and eastern Kansas and move northeast thru Metro Kansas City toward northern Missouri.

As the cold air with this storm system becomes better entrenched- this rain could well turn to snow toward midnight and sunrise Thursday.

Some areas could see up to a couple of inches on grassy areas and such- but no NWS snow or travel advisories are in effect for the MetroRegion early Wednesday night.

Precip will be out of here by noon Thursday at the latest..

CSW BREAKING: Credit Union Robbed Near Antioch Mall-area of KC-MO Northland

A branch of the CommunityAmerica Credit Union was robbed around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

The branch was at 5400 Northeast Antioch in KC-MO..

Police report an "elderly male" who who had his head covered entered the bank- went to a teller and "presented a note but no weapon."

The male reportedly had a red Chiefs cap.

No mention of the amount taken in the robbery as police scour the old Antioch Mall area for the suspect.

Central States News: Des Moines Fire Linked To Facebook Dispute - Story Links To Facebook

A garage fire in Des Moines is being blamed on a person made angry over actions on the Internet...

The DES MOINES (IA) REGISTER reports that a Des Moines woman is under suspicion of setting a former Facebook friend's garage on fire.

I say former friend because that's what got the alleged perp mad- she was reportedly 'unfriended' on a Facebook account.

No one was hurt- but the fire destroyed the contents of the garage including 2 vehicles.

The odd thing about this story is- if you'll refer to a screen-cap of the DMR's story page- you can send a Facebook like/comment of/on this story directly from the newspaper's Internet site...

Stubborn Natural-Cover Fire Continues to Burn in Western Shawnee KS

More fire crews are on-the-scene of a brush/natural-cover fire that has burned hundreds of acres- but no structures- in western Shawnee.

The fire began yesterday afternoon in the "Frisbee" area- between K-7 and the Kansas (Kaw) River south of Bonner Springs.

At one time- at least 6 fire departments were helping to battle the wildfire that was spread by southerly winds gusting as high as 40 m.p.h..

The BONNER SPRINGS (KS) CHIEFTAIN reported that one firefighter got a minor injury.

Around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning- fire crews from Shawnee were again sent to the area when smoldering embers from yesterday's fire re-ignited.

Today's version of the fire sounds to be well under control- with lower temperatures and higher humidities.

Rain is expected in Metro Kansas City by afternoon- with a chance of rain turning to snow sometime around or after midnight.

Kara Kopetsky's Family Gets An Attorney After Belton Police Exposed

Currently many people are fixated on the disappearance of infant Lisa Irwin- but nearly 5 years ago a Belton teenager seemingly disappeared from her high school.

Kara Kopetsky was last seen on May 4 2007 walking the halls of Belton High School and that night- her parents filed a missing person report with the Belton Police department.

However- KSHB investigative reporter Russ Ptacek has a Belton P.D. report that's date 2 days earlier than the day Kara actually went missing.

In addition- the KSHB report uncovers a number of discrepancies in Belton Police's handling of the Kara Kopetsky case- INCLUDING a reported confession from a person who flatly stated "I killed Kara."

This reminds me in a way the handling of the Lisa Irwin case- but by a much larger and supposively more-experienced police department.

Why did it take police MORE THAN a week to obtain a search warrant to Lisa Irwin's home?

These are things we'll probably never know on the other side of The Great Blue Wall....

CSW BREAKING: Now A House Fire in Independence MO

Independence MO's emergency services are very busy this Wednesday morning...

A house fire was reported at 7:28 a.m. in the 8800 block of Kentucky- and 5 companies of the Independence Fire department responded.

Flames and smoke were visible from the 1-story structure when the first fire crews arrived a few minutes after 7:30 a.m..

The fire was reportedly "knocked down" at 7:37 a.m.- but as of this post- no searches had been reportedly conducted of the structure's interior.

CSW BREAKING: Water Main Break Has Roadway Closed on 23rd Street Near M-291 in Independence

A water main break on 23rd Street- M-78- juest east of M-291 has resulted in roadway damage and closed traffic lanes.

Independence Police reported moments ago (7:16 a.m. Wednesday morning) that part of the roadway was "collapsing" near the break- necessitating closure of  all of the eastbound roadway.

At 7:26 a.m.- police on the scene say it's possible at least "one business has been flooded" by the broken main- address given is "2301 South M-291" and the business the officer says "is flooded" is "Select Physical Therapy."

Later Wednesday morning- there are reports that the closure could last at least several days.

Detour eastbound 23rd Street there is right or south on M-291 to Gudgell- left to R.D. Mize Road- then left again or back north to 23rd Street.

CSW BREAKING: Pedestrian Struck Near Van Horn High School in Independence

Independence Police are investigating a car-pedestrian collision early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. at the intersection of Truman and Winner Roads- in front of Van Horn High school.

The person hit- according to AMR-EMS- is "a 15-year-old female" who was struck by a car going at an unspecified speed.

The ambulance crew said their patient had "road-rash on her back- arms- hands and legs" and "flew about 50 feet after being struck" by the vehicle.

Her condition was considered serious as she was being transported to Children's Mercy Hospital in KC-MO..

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Shooting Reported at an Independence MO Motel

The call came in at 11:11 a.m.- a reported shooting victim at the "Red Roof Inn" motel in the 13700 block of East 42nd Terrace- near the intersection of I-70 and Noland Road.

According to AMR-EMS reports- the victim is enroute to a nearby hospital.

AMR reports that victim is "an approximately 36-year-old male-" gunshot wounds to "his right forearm and right chest" and he's in critical condition.

Independence Police in a prepared media statement says a U.S. Marshal was serving a warrant to a man who had a room at the motel.

The Marshal- reportedly being "backed-up" by the IPD- knocked on the door of the man's ("victim") room and the suspect started firing a gun at the door.

Uninjured by the man's shots- the U.S. Marshal reportedly returned fire- striking the man twice (as noted in the med report).

CSW BREAKING: Working House Fire in Belton MO

At 10:45 a.m. Tuesday morning- all on-duty Belton fire crews were called-out to tend to a reported house fire in the 500 block of Hibiscus Drive in the southeast part of that northwestern Cass county city.

When the first fire crew arrived 4 minutes later- they reported smoke and fire coming from the back and attic area of a reported 1-story house here.

The occupancy status of the house was unknown.

The Belton Fire department needed additional help- and companies from South Metro and the West Peculiar departments have been sent to help.

At 11:12 a.m.- the fire's reported "under control."

There have been no reportes of injuries as of this update at 11:20 a.m..

CSW Weather: Outdoor Fires Could Be Trouble Today in Kansas City MetroRegion- Possible First Snowflakes Tomorrow Night

We'll have an 'Indian Summer-type' day today- with warm temperatures and- unfortunately- gusty winds.

Many areas will experience afternoon highs in the 75 to 80-degree range today- and south to southwest winds will increase through the day- with gusts reaching the 30 to 35 m.p.h. range by late afternoon.

With the extremely dry conditions- this makes the risks of wildfires especially high.

There have already been out-of-control natural-cover fires reported in northeastern Jackson and in Johnson counties MO..

Take special care with outdoor grilling or use of firepits today- make sure any embers are COMPLETELY extinguished.

A strange weather phenomena known as RAIN is due on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Most areas of the Kansas City MetroRegion should see anywhere from one-half to as much as locally 2-inches of rain by early Thursday morning.

In addition- many areas could possibly see snowflakes by late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

The greatest chance of any accumulating snow (on grassy areas) would be along and north of U.S. 36 highway- a Chillicothe- St. Joseph MO to Seneca KS line.

Monday, October 31, 2011

CSW UPDATE: Three Shootings Sunday Morning Were University of Central Missouri Students

Reported here at CSW Sunday morning was what appeared to be a double shooting in or near Knob Noster in far-eastern Johnson County MO around 1:30 a.m....

I've found a media source- "db" who reports that the double shooting took place in the parking lot of Do Drop Inn in Knob Noster.

Both victims were University of Central Missouri (UCM) students and one was a football player for the UCM Mules.

The source reports the football player as "sophomore Paul Hughes of St. Louis, is in Research Hospital in Kansas City, with wounds in the stomach and leg."

The male who was LifeFlighted from the scene was identified by the source as "UCM broadcast media major Paul Hughes" who was also- according to the source- "shot in the stomach and leg about 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of the Do Drop Inn, on U.S. 50 in Knob Noster."

There wasn't any report of any arrests in these shootings.

Another shooting- also monitored here at CSW- occurred Sunday morning much closer to UCM's Warrensburg campus.

Emergency services were sent to the 400 block of West South Street at 2:42 a.m..

There was reported to be a male who was shot in a leg at the location.

Media source db says that "a UCM student" was shot in his left leg- was treated at the Warrensburg hospital- then released.

db reports a suspect was arrested at a  McDonald's less than 45 minutes after the shooting was reported.

Three Missing Victims Found in Debris of Atchison KS Grain Elevator Explosion

An explosion occurred about 7 p.m. Saturday night at the Bartlett Grain Co. elevator in Atchison- as reported here at CSW...

Early Monday- authorities searching through the debris left by the violent blast found the 3 reported missing workers at the elevator.

Located were the bodies of  21-year-old Curtis Field and 34-year-old Travis Keil.

The 3rd victim's name has yet to be released- but he is belived to be the 2nd state grain inspector who was working at the elevator.

Also killed in the explosion were John Burke and Ryan Federinko- no ages and hometown were  given for these 2 men.

Two unidentified people injured in the explosion remain at the University of Kansas Medical Center- conditions unknown.

Four others who were at the grain elevator when the explosion occurred were not injured.

Authorities will continue their search today for the 3rd missing person- and continue working to find a cause of the dealy explosion.

KC-KS Fire Department "Rookies" Take Over Overhaul at Warehouse Fire

A fire in a carpet recycling center in the 3200 block of North 7th Street Trafficway has been under control for several hours- but a working over of the debris from the fire continues...

The "general alarm" sounded about 4:45 a.m. Monday morning and 6 KC-KS fire companies responded to the address.

Sprinklers inside the large structure kept the flames in check- but produced heavy- toxic smoke that made it difficult for crews to locate the exact location ("seat") of the fire.

The incident was reported under control around 7:30 a.m.- but a few fire companies as well as cadets from a KC-KS fire academy class are going through the fire debris to extinguish all embers.

Just after 11:30 a.m.- a fire department officer found "a partial collapse" of the building in the rear- and ordered the remaining fire crews to "reposition" their efforts.

No one has been hurt in the firefight- with a cause and dollar-amount of damage done still to be determined by a fire investigator.

KSHB Investigative Story Says Belton Police "Mishandled" Kara Kopetsky Case

Miss Kara Kopetsky disappeared from Belton High school on May 4- 2007 and thus far- there's been no trace of what happened to that young lady.

This Monday on KSHB's Action News at 6 and 10 p.m.- Kansas City's best investigative (all-purpose) reporter and damn nice Human Being Russ Ptacek will tell Kansas City and the world that the investigation into Kara's disappearance "uncovered new evidence and a possible confession family members say show Belton Police mishandled the disappearance of the Belton teen-" according to the story found here on the television station's Web site.

 CSW has been following this case through the past few years as well- please join me and tune in the get the details.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kansas City's Korean War Memorial Site Damaged by Thugs

Using the term "thugs" is being nice I think- since my bed-ridden Dad is a Korean War-era veteran.

The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR reports along with KCTV-5 that the Memorial- less than a month old and located near the iconic Liberty Memorial in Washington Square Park- was damaged by vandals.

The story did not say when the damage occurred.

BTW- Kansas Citian "Eric Bowers" has some nice photos of the memorial (one image used here- thank you Eric) as well as some dynamite photos of Kansas City on his Flickr photo page.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Crash Near Spring Hill KS

Just before 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon- Johnson County KS emergency services responded to a reported vehicle crash on U.S. 169 highway near Spring Hill.

One fatality has been reported at the scene.

Northbound U.S. 169 was closed by police in Spring Hill.

Faithful reader/contributor SuperDave (no- not Osborne) says the crash was just south of 199th Street.

David said it appeared to be a rear-end type of crash- with the fatality in the front vehicle.

Another unidentified reader told CSW that the crash was "a T-bone-" and that it involved a red pickup truck and a black SUV.

The reader also said that northbound U.S. 169 was still closed as of 3:30 p.m..

Monday morning- authorities released details on the crash as well as the names of those involved...

Sixty-eight year-old Curtis Kent Lawrence of Iola KS died when his 2003 Pontiac ran a red light at the off-ramp of U.S. 169 at 199th Street and slammed into the back of a pickup truck being driven by Arthur F. Jensen of Olathe.

Mr. lawrence died in the crash- Mr. Jensen was not hurt.

Thanks much for the tips folks- you are my reporters in the field!

CSW's sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased person.

CSW BREAKING: Critical Injuries in Shooting Near Knob Noster MO

Two people were reportedly found shot on U.S. 50 west of the eastern Johnson County MO community of Knob Noster.

The circumstances of the shooting were unknown as of this post- but the incident has closed U.S. 50 highway for a time.

A medical helicopter was ordered for one of the victims who reportedly had "multiple gunshot wounds."

That victim- described by the Lifeflight-Eagle med chopper crew as "a mid-20's male with 3 gunshot wounds- to the right chest- upper abdomen and his left side-" was flown to a KC-MO hospital in critical condition.

There was no information yet on the 2nd victim.

Shootings on Both Sides of The State Line

Three people- 2 in Kansas City KS and 1 in Kansas City MO- have been injured by gunfire late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

The first shooting was reported around 11:15 p.m. Saturday night in the 1200 block of North 28th Street in KC-KS..

Shortly after that report- another victim from the same incident is reported in "a SUV at the gas station" at the corner of 29th Street and State Avenue.

Both victims were males: a "21-year-old" was shot 4 times and was taken to a hospital in serious condition.

The other victim in the SUV was reported by EMS as "a 22-year-old."

Both had non life-threatening injuries and there wasn't any suspect information available from police.

The 2nd shooting was in KC-MO- reported as "a drive-by" in the Old Northeast area.

That was in the 5100 block of East Thompson Avenue around 12:53 a.m. Sunday morning.

According to EMS reports- a "39-year-old (Hispanic) female" was shot in her left elbow- and was taken to a Metro hospital in good condition.

There wasn't any suspect information immediately available on this incident either.

At 1:45 a.m.- I'm working a possible double-shooting in Johnson County MO near Knob Noster.

More on that incident in another post....

CSW BREAKING: 2-Alarm House Fire in Lawrence KS

At least 6 companies of the Lawrence KS Fire department are battling a wind-driven fire in a large house in western Lawrence.

The initial fire alarm sounded at 11:55 p.m. Saturday night for the address in the 2200 block of Rodeo Drive.

Police arrived on the scene minutes later- and reported a back deck fire was spreading to the roof of the residence.

A fire officer ordered a 2nd-alarm at 12:04 a.m. Sunday morning.

Thus far- no injuries have been reported- with ground and aerial water streams being used on the fire.

More information on this story here as received....