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Thursday, November 03, 2011

CSW Commentary: Sales Tax Weighs Most On Poor- Vote No on KC-MO Zoo Tax November 8

The City of Kansas City MO raises fees on this and that- proposes new taxes to finance this and that- yet spend millions per year supporting a Downtown drinking district (K.C. Live).

The city's infrastructure crumbles while so-called city leaders talk about tearing perfectly good buildings down- and spending tens of millions to replace it with another (Kemper Arena).

The head of a white elephant of a 1000-room convention hotel- heavily subsidized by KC-MO taxpayers- looms still.

Yet next Tuesday November 8- voters in Clay and Jackson counties in Missouri will be asked to approve a 1/8-cent sales tax increase to fund a non-infrastructure item: The Kansas City Zoo.

While I totally support our zoo- I'm totally against more sales taxes.

If approved- sales taxes in areas of Raytown for instance would rise to as much as 9.25%.

Residents in Raytown- as well as KC-MO are looking at huge increases in their water and sewer bills as it is- not to mention raises in electrical rates- etc..

People are being assaulted with price rises in food (30-50% rise in price of peanut butter!) and fuel (it will- count on it)- the last thing we need is to pay more for something that doesn't necessarily help the city run well.

Proper funding of the zoo is good- using another sales tax boost to fund the zoo is bad.

So do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and Vote NO for the KC-MO Zoo sales tax on November 8.


Anonymous said...

What guarantee do we have that if the Zoo tax is passed; the money will actually be spend on the Zoo and not spend for current expenses?

Superdave said...

Better yet charge more to get in and let the Zoo hit up special interest groups for money and leave the tax payers out of it.

We all have seen to many times how KC-MO gets money that seems to end up used not for what it was intended for.

And Mayor Sly people are tired of being raped from the city leaders all the time. Wake up or you will have a short time in office. You have proved right off the bat to be as big a crook as all the others.

The Observer said...

No sunset on this and that's big to me. Even if the sunset was in 25 years it would be better than an open ended tax.

Vote no and make them try again.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Ah yeah- no susnset clause- the MOST important point of all!

Thanx TO!