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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CSW Weather: Metro Kansas City Gets Most Rain Since September - Snow Possible

The light to occasionally moderately-heavy showers continue to move southwest to northeast across the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion.

In the Metro by 7 p.m. Wednesday night- some scattered amounts approaching 1-inch can be found both north and south- as illustrated by the accompanying Johnson County KS "Stormwatch" map.

Doppler weather radars both in Pleasant Hill and Topeka show light to moderate rainshowers continuing to develop in southeastern and eastern Kansas and move northeast thru Metro Kansas City toward northern Missouri.

As the cold air with this storm system becomes better entrenched- this rain could well turn to snow toward midnight and sunrise Thursday.

Some areas could see up to a couple of inches on grassy areas and such- but no NWS snow or travel advisories are in effect for the MetroRegion early Wednesday night.

Precip will be out of here by noon Thursday at the latest..

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