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Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Missing Victims Found in Debris of Atchison KS Grain Elevator Explosion

An explosion occurred about 7 p.m. Saturday night at the Bartlett Grain Co. elevator in Atchison- as reported here at CSW...

Early Monday- authorities searching through the debris left by the violent blast found the 3 reported missing workers at the elevator.

Located were the bodies of  21-year-old Curtis Field and 34-year-old Travis Keil.

The 3rd victim's name has yet to be released- but he is belived to be the 2nd state grain inspector who was working at the elevator.

Also killed in the explosion were John Burke and Ryan Federinko- no ages and hometown were  given for these 2 men.

Two unidentified people injured in the explosion remain at the University of Kansas Medical Center- conditions unknown.

Four others who were at the grain elevator when the explosion occurred were not injured.

Authorities will continue their search today for the 3rd missing person- and continue working to find a cause of the dealy explosion.

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Anonymous said...

Please make sure you get this to a paper .We had a recent run in with the wbc it was diclosed that no permit was filed they stayed during the services for our hero!
WBC will picket all ur squall fests for those killed in Atchison, KS grain elevator GodSmack! 2