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Thursday, May 09, 2013

CSW Commentary: Leave Kansas City International Airport Alone!

One billion- two-hundred million dollars...

Probably enough money to re-surface virtually every major roadway in the city...

Enough money to put storm sewers- sidewalks and redo the many residential streets in this city without same...

Would make a HUGE dent in Kansas City's old infrastructure of century-old water and sewer lines...

Maybe sufficient funds to at least build a starter commuter transit line utilizing anything but vehicles that run on already congested and dilapidated city streets.

$1.2-billion dollars could be spent virtually any other way to greatly enhance the livability of my hometown other than a new airport terminal.

KCI airport is a local travellers' dream.

Probably at least ninety-percent (90%) of the time- one can arrive at KCI only 30 minutes before flight departure- go through the TSA-PITA security- and still have enough time to read half a chapter of a book before the boarding (cattle) call.

Arriving at KCI is even better- you're off the plane- got your luggage (if you spent that cost) and are on the road home in less than 15 minutes.

Have one of the very few connecting flights out of KCI and you're hungry or thirsty?  The short TSA-PITA lines don't make it difficult at all to leave the boarding area- patronize a bar or eatery at the airport- and return to the boarding area in sufficient time.

The pro-new terminal people say:

A) There are too many TSA-PITA security checkpoints.  

$1.2-billion could pay for this added security for hundreds of years WITHOUT a new terminal..

B) Present layout unfriendly to passengers with flight delays or layovers.  

The augument here is that those unfortunate few would have to leave the "secure" boarding area to access  food- drink or trinket-purchases. It's not that big of a deal!  See several paragraphs ago- you can be back inside of the secure boarding area in 15 minutes- often less than that.

This city has a lot of infrastructure needs- none of which- in my keen observations- include a single KCI airport terminal for $1.2-billion.

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