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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Central States News: One Dead- 30 Injured When Severe Storm Blows Down Large Hospitality Tent in St. Louis

Severe thunderstorms have been raking Metro St. Louis all afternoon (they continue as of this post)- and there are injuries and a fatality as a result...

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH online reports that one person is dead as the result of "a heart attack-" and 30 others were injured when winds during a severe thunderstorm blew ovwer a large hospitality tent near St. Louis's baseball stadium downtown.

It happened about 3:50 pm outside Kilroy's Sports Bar in the 700 block of South 7th Street- according to the SLP-D story- in a large tent set up as "a beer garden."

Of the 30 injured- it's reported that 4 of those are "in critical condition."

What's not stated in the SLP-D story was if anyone associated with the setup and operation of this tent was paying any attention to the weather moving in- but the National Weather Service had a severe storm watch AND warnings in effect for Metro St. Louis at the time of the incident.

Critical Injuries After Midtown Kansas City MO Shooting

What could be Kansas City's 40th homicide would result from a shooting in east Midtown KC-MO Saturday morning.

Police were on the scene at 27th Street and Prospect when EMS was called at 12:43 am- where they found "a male in his mid-20's with several gunshot wounds."

Shot in the belly- left shoulder and "possibly right above (his) heart-" the man was taken to a Metro medical trauma center in critical condition.

There was as of yet no further information on this incident as of this posting.

Fatality Crash on South Downtown Kansas City MO Freeway Loop

A 2-vehicle head-on crash on westbound I-670 near Broadway killed the driver of one vehicle and closed westbound traffic for several hours early Saturday morning.

The crash occurred about 1:05 am.

The male driver of the vehicle that was going the wrong way had to be cut from his crashed car by firefighters- and that took about 35 minutes- according to an EMS unit report to a hospital.

That driver- a "25-year-old male-" was also reported by EMS to be "highly intoxicated" and had a broken leg but had "no other visible injuries" according to EMS while enroute to the hospital.

Sunday- police identified the driver going the wrong way as "Robert J.K. Domsch-" who was charged with "involuntary manslaughter" for killing the other driver.

The driver killed was identified as "28-year-old Marco G. Vendetti."

Friday, April 27, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Mobile Home Fire in Gardner KS

Fire units from District 1 in Johnson County Kansas are battling a "fully-involved" mobile home fire in Gardner.

The alarm was dispatched at 7:30 p.m. to the Conestoga Estates mobile home park at 1199 East Santa Fe Street.

Police officers arriving at the fire scene at "Lot 341" moments later reported the mobile home was "fully involved" in fire.

There are no initial reports of injuries.

More on this post as received.

CSW WEATHER: Metro Kansas City Under Severe Storm Watch Until 11 PM

CSW WEATHER: "Moderate" Severe Storm Risk Near Kansas City

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CSW BREAKING: 2-Alarm Fire at Olathe KS Elderly Facility

No details yet on this- but at 3:25 pm Thursday afternoon- a "2nd-alarm" was dispatched for a building fire at 17550 West 119th Street.

The building is at the Aberdeen Village Assisted Living facility.

Details that have become available is that there was initially a reported "explosion" in the kitchen area of this facility and fire reportedly spread to the attic area.

As of this post- fire ground radio traffic indicates that much of the work of firefighters at this time was "ventilation" of smoke from the fire building and that the fire- appearing to not be major- was out..

There are no immediate reports of injuries and it sounds as if the second alarm was strictly precautionary.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AP: Justice Department Won't Re-Examine 1970 Kent State Murders

If you are too young to remember- on May 4- 1970 Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on Vietnam War protestors on the Kent State University campus- striking 13 students and killing four.

Not quite 18 years old- the Murders at Kent State forever changed the way I viewed America- it's justice system and government.

I never got back the pride I once had for this country.

Now nearly 42 years later- America's justice system is still blind to the murder of it's own children by the military- as the ASSSOCIATED PRESS story states the Justice Department won't reopen the case.

Things have not gotten any better- now such protestors could be jailed and tried as terrorists thanks to those so-mis-named 'PATRIOT' Acts.

Kansas City MO's 39th Homicide of 2012

It occurred around 10:40 pm Monday night in the 3200 block of South Benton.

Police found a male in his 20's who had been shot dead near the street- and were looking for the two suspects- described as black males.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fire Companies Return to Former Elementary School Burned Sunday in Independence MO

At least three companies of the Independence Fire department (IFD) have returned to the scene of a 2-alarm fire that destroyed a former school building.

The fire was in the old Pitcher- later renamed Anderson- elementary school at 9701 East 35th Street and broke out around 7:30 am Sunday morning.

Flames were jumping from the 2-story building when a second alarm was requested- and at least 6 companies of the IFD remained on the scene for most of the day.

About 8:45 am Monday morning- an IFD company was sent back to the fire scene to investigate smoke coming from the remains- and at least 2 additional fire companies were ordered.

The building was originally owned by the Kansas City (MO) School District and was later transferred with other schools to the Independence School district after a voter-approved re-alignment of the district's borders.

The ISD then sold the building to a developer who owned the building when the fire - which is still under investigation- broke out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kansas City MO Records Homicide No. 38 For 2012

On pace to reach at least 114 killings- KC-MO had it's 38th homicide early Sunday morning...

The latest killing was reported to emergency services at 12:15 am- at the A-1 Motel at 6101 East 87th Street (southeast corner of the I-435 interchange).

Police report a man was found shot to death in the lobby there- and were seeking "a black male who ran north toward 87th Street" from the scene of the crime.

With 9 days still left in the first third of 2012- Kansas City MO is on pace to reach at least 114 homicides this year.