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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AP: Justice Department Won't Re-Examine 1970 Kent State Murders

If you are too young to remember- on May 4- 1970 Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on Vietnam War protestors on the Kent State University campus- striking 13 students and killing four.

Not quite 18 years old- the Murders at Kent State forever changed the way I viewed America- it's justice system and government.

I never got back the pride I once had for this country.

Now nearly 42 years later- America's justice system is still blind to the murder of it's own children by the military- as the ASSSOCIATED PRESS story states the Justice Department won't reopen the case.

Things have not gotten any better- now such protestors could be jailed and tried as terrorists thanks to those so-mis-named 'PATRIOT' Acts.

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