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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Central States News: One Dead- 30 Injured When Severe Storm Blows Down Large Hospitality Tent in St. Louis

Severe thunderstorms have been raking Metro St. Louis all afternoon (they continue as of this post)- and there are injuries and a fatality as a result...

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH online reports that one person is dead as the result of "a heart attack-" and 30 others were injured when winds during a severe thunderstorm blew ovwer a large hospitality tent near St. Louis's baseball stadium downtown.

It happened about 3:50 pm outside Kilroy's Sports Bar in the 700 block of South 7th Street- according to the SLP-D story- in a large tent set up as "a beer garden."

Of the 30 injured- it's reported that 4 of those are "in critical condition."

What's not stated in the SLP-D story was if anyone associated with the setup and operation of this tent was paying any attention to the weather moving in- but the National Weather Service had a severe storm watch AND warnings in effect for Metro St. Louis at the time of the incident.

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