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Saturday, January 21, 2017

First Killer Tornado of 2017 Strikes Hattiesburg MS and Vicinity

Four people are dead after a tornado- preliminary-rated by the NWS as an "EF-3-"  struck Hattiesburg and it's suburbs before 4 am Saturday morning.

At least 50 were reported injured.

The YouTube video shown here is the actual broadcast from WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg- before- during and after the tornado struck.

The real excitement begins around the 47 minute mark in the video.

Monday, January 16, 2017

According to The Scots- New Twilight Zone Begins January 20

The "new" Twilight Zone?

This story from an Oakland CA TV news site:

Chiefs Observations From South of Arrowhead

I may not be a huge sports "fan" now- but it wasn't always that way.
Dad took us to a Chiefs game back in 1964. 

Worked at Arrowhead- and then-Royals stadiums in the 1980's.

When we lived by Swope Park in the '60's- the Chiefs practice facility was across the 63rd Street bridge- about a mile away,

This was around the time of the first 'Super Bowl (It wasn't called that then)' and we swam in Chiefs paraphernalia and personally autographed photos and items.

Same with the old A's and the new Royals in baseball. 

Two of my brothers and I took the Prospect bus and walked to attend the last doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox in 1967.

Two friends and I ditched school in April 1969 to see the Royals first game as a new team.

The love of Royals baseball brings floods of memories far too vast for this blog.

So now I'm full-circle back to the Chiefs.

Tonight we played a team that didn't score ANY touchdowns against our 2 and lost (steam comes from ears).

 Well- we were West Division AFC champs I guess (gritting gums).

Mr. Kelce drew my ire earlier this year with his flag-throwing penalty.

After tonight's performance and tirade encore- Chiefs mgmt. should bid Kelce farewell.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Ice? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Prepare to Tailgate at Arrowhead

Metro KC roadways are wet- but are generally ice-free.

Current temperature here at my weather station in South KC is 35.

Ice Storm 2017 - Some Regional Images and Radar Update No. 8

Freezing rain has now enveloped Metro Kansas City from the southwest and west- with more on the way (see radar image below).

Here are some photos of the icing from around the Central States:


Wichita State University Cam - Wichita





Here's the latest regional Doppler weather radar composite from the NWS: