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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO PD "Operation-100" Called

KC-MO South Patrol officers reportedly were attempting to contact a person "in regard to stolen property" in a room at the motel at 11801 Blue Ridge- near the Grandview border.

That person- reportedly with a "nationwide warrant-" refused to open the door and officers said that person "threatened to shoot himself in the head."

Officers then requested an Operation-100 be called to that location- with the staging area at the Save-A-Lot "parking lot at Longview and Blue Ridge."

It is not yet known if busy Blue Ridge Boulevard- just north of I-49/U.S. 71- is being closed to traffic.

Kansas Basketball Coach Self, Other LLCs Avoid Taxes Under Kansas Law

Another reason Kansas is suffering financially...

Kansas coach Self, other LLCs avoid taxes under Kansas law: Bill Self isn't paying state taxes on the bulk of his millions of dollars of income as men's basketball coach at Kansas, all legal under 2012 tax reforms.

Meteor-Like Fireball Lights Up Sky in Portland, Maine

Combating Metro Kansas City's Feral Cat Boom

Combating the feral cat boom: Thousands of feral cats roam the metro. Rescue groups and communities have very different ways to try and control the population.