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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Two Juveniles Struck In South KC-MO Crosswalk

t's reported by KC-MO Fire & MAST-EMS that two juveniles were struck while in a crosswalk at 108th Street and Holmes in south Kansas City-MO around 5:10 pm.

One of the injured is reported by MAST-EMS as "a 15-year-old female who was struck at high speed" by a vehicle and was "catapulted into the air" by the collision.

The patient was reportedly suffing "hip pain" and appeared to have a head injury. Her condition did not appear to be immediately life-threatening.

The 2nd person struck was also "a 15-year-old female who (was struck and) hit the vehicle's windshield." The girl suffered "numerous" cuts and bruises- as well as "a fractured ankle" and another broken limb.

Her condition was serious as she was being transported to the same children's medical trauma center as patient #1.

It's unknown if the driver that struck the girls stopped at the scene or if the traffic signal shown in the GOOGLE graphic was activated at the time.


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Fire In East KC-MO Residential High-Rise

At 5 pm- KC-MO Fire dispatched a regular alarm- then upgraded the response to seven companies to a residential high-rise building at 1600 Jackson in East KC-MO..

At 5:04 pm- there apparently was a fire on the 7th-floor that's been extinguished by the sprinkler system. The sprinkers are also "flooding the 7th floor" according to firefighters.

The fire's reported "out" at 5:09 pm..

Residents have been and are being evacuated down stairwells- many of the residents elderly and/or infirm- and MAST-EMS units are standing by.

UPDATE - 1900 CDT - A person who was occupying the 7th-floor apartment where the fire was suffered not immediately life-threatening injuries and was taken by KC-MO FD/MAST-EMS to a hospital.

There was considerable water damage to at least the 7th as well as the 6th-floors with KCP&L called to inspect electrical systems....

Garage Fire Damages Part of Lenexa-KS Duplex

he fire was reported at 4:43 am in a duplex in the 14100 block of West 87th Terrace.

Firefighters arrived to find the occupants outside- but a fire in the lower level garage of one unit.

The flames were extinguished by 5 am and a damaged vehicle in the garage pushed outside. There was smoke damage throughout the involved side of the duplex.

The cause was under investigation this Saturday morning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Leavenworth-KS Mayor Thrown Out

eavenworth Mayor Shay Baker wrote a letter to a prosecutor in behalf of a longtime friend who had been accused of drug trafficing.

Now Mayor Baker has lost her position- according to the LEAVENWORTH (KS) TIMES.


Travel Channel's “America Haunts” Will Be In K.C. This Weekend

ccording to the SMITHVILLE (MO) HERALD- cable channel The Travel Channel will be doing video at The Beast and Edge of Hell haunted houses in Kansas City’s West Bottoms.

The video shoot will begin around 7 p.m. Saturday and continue until around 10 p.m..


Entertainment that WILL NOT Be Showing In KC-MO Arenas

ccording to the Independence (MO) EXAMINER online- here is a preliminary list of attractions coming to Indy's new Events Center:

"When the new arena opens in November it will feature 5,800 fixed seats and 25 luxury suites. The Missouri Mavericks play their CHL hockey home opener Nov. 14.

Mannheim Steamroller will perform Dec. 17.

Charlie Daniels Band will be Dec. 18 and Kenny Rogers on Feb. 10. Ticket sales for those shows begins at noon Saturday.

Tickets for all shows can be purchased on-line at or by phone at 866-443-8849. To charge by phone, call from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday or 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday or 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Sunday.

More on each of the seven shows announced Tuesday:

Nov. 17 – Local rapper Tech N9ne will start on a tour called “Strange Music’s K.O.D Tour 2009.” It was named for his most recent album and will bring together some of the most “unique forces in hip hop” including Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob, Slaughterhoue and others.

Tickets are $35 and go on sale noon Oct. 3.

Dec. 17 – Mannheim Steamroller will bring their Christmas tour to the center. The band’s signature sound is the convergence of classical music and modern-day rock, acoustic and electronic music.

Tickets range from $24 to $67.

Dec. 18 – The Charlie Daniels Band will sing the band’s biggest hits along with Christmas classics from his new CD set to be released this fall.

Tickets are $34 to $54.

Feb. 10 2010– Kenny Rogers, 71, has recorded more than 65 albums that have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Rogers has won three Grammy Awards, 11 People’s Choice Awards, 18 American Music Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards and five Country Music Association Awards.

Tickets are $47 to $67.

Jan. 2 and 3 2010– Extreme Ice Racing, a professional racing tour on ice where competitors race modified bikes, like dirt bikes, and ATVs or quads. They can accelerate on the ice, going from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds.

Tickets are $17 to $25, and $10 for children under age 12. They go on sale Oct. 3.

Feb. 19 2010– Disney Live! Rockin’ Road Trip is a musical that, of course, features Mickey Mouse and friends. Ticket for the show will go on sale at 10 a.m. Sept. 29.

Prices range from $18 to $46.

Feb. 20 and 21 2010– Riverdance, a celebration of Irish music, song and dance, will come perform four shows over two days starting at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Feb. 20 and 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Feb. 21. Tickets go on sale 10 a.m Dec. 15.

Tickets range from $39 to $76."


Thursday, September 17, 2009

KC-MO Ordinance Passes - MAST-EMS To Fold Into Fire Department

nly 2 city councilpeople had the cajones to vote against this folly: Ford & Skaggs.

Ambulance users: Be ready for confusion and an increase in cost for KC-MO ambulance service!

Taxpayers: Be ready for increased costs in regard to this service consolidation!


MAST-EMS Incorporation Into Fire Department "Not About Saving Money"

hat's what Mayor Funkhouser said at 2:54 pm at this lame public "hearing"- the MAST consolidation is "not about saving money."

Funkhouser stressed the same statement- albeit worded slightly different- at 3:02 pm..

Quite- QUITE odd- as I thought that's what this consolidation was ABOUT!!

Other posts on this "hearing" are HERE and HERE.


City Hall "Public Hearing" Update

he department head previously reported- as well as the council people finally gave what's left of the 2-hour "hearing" to the public- with a reported "10" citizens wanting to speak with slightly less than 30 minutes left in this bogus "hearing."

At this posting- 7 of the public left to speak with slightly more than 15 minutes left in this so-called "hearing."

Fire Department Takeover of MAST-EMS: Fire Chief Dyer Can't Guarantee ANY Cost Savings

he "public comments" are live on KC-MO cable Channel 2- only the only one I've heard from the "public" is the city's fire chief and council members.

Is it NO citizens of KC-MO has even one comment about turning MAST-EMS over to Fire department operation?

Of particular note when asked about the "$1.8-million" of savings claimed folding MAST-EMS into the KC-MO FD- Fire Chief Richard "Smokey" Dyer said "he can't guarantee" those savings.

In department head-speak- that means "don't count on it."

This is a BAD move- folding a successful EMS service into the city's fire department- under a guise of "savings."

At least initially- this move will cost this cash-strapped city MORE.

The Mayor and every council person voting for this move with parts "that ain't broke" should be recalled- at the very least voted out.

YOU the citizen make the call- you'll just have to wait unit the next election.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mary Travers of Peter- Paul and Mary Dead

s. Travers died at the age of 72 in a Connecticut hospital Wednesday after battling leukemia for several years- according to the Associated Press.


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Possible Aircraft Emergency at K.C.I. Airport

t 10:02 pm- all K.C.I. crash- fire rescue along with 5 outside KC-MO fire companies were sent to K.C.I. airport for an incoming aircraft emergency standby.

The aircraft in trouble is reported as "a Southwest Airlines 737 with a fuel leak in an unknown location" on the aircraft.

There are reportedly "63" passengers and crew on board.

At 10:10 pm- the captain on the aircraft- still inbound- had "shut down the Number 1 engine" on the aircraft.


UPDATE 10:21 pm- The Southwest Airlines plane landed safely at K.C.I. at 10:18 pm.

The plane was being escorted to the terminal gate....


Actor Henry Gibson Dies

r. Gibson had played a judge on TV's 'Boston Legal' for the past 5 years- but was best known as a cast member on the 1960's hit 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh In' in addition to his many other TV and motion picture credits.

Henry Gibson died today of cancer in his Los Angeles area home at age 73.

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: House Fire in KC-KS

ix companies of the Kansas City Kansas Fire department are currently battling a fire in a house in the 1400 block of New Jersey in eastern KC-KS..

So far- no occupancy status of the burning house is known- but no injuries have been heard yet.

Emporia-KS Shooting Has Rumors Flying

mar Gerardo Flores was shot in an Emporia hotel Tuesday and Mr. Flores later died at K.U. Med Center in KC-KS..

The Emporia Police have few leads- but apparently lots of rumors WHY the shooting happened- according to The EMPORIA GAZETTE newspaper online.


Bonner Spring's Agricultural Hall of Fame In Financial Straits

t's doubful many of us "Kansas Citians" have either attended- or even heard of the Ag Hall of Fame- located at 630 N. 126th Street in Bonner Springs-KS..

Some probably think it's just displays of 'farmers outstanding in their field" which it is not.

Nonetheless- the Bonner Springs CHIEFTAIN newspaper says the governing body of the AHoF will meet tonight- along with protesters worried that the governing body is going to liquidate the museum.


The Shame of Kansas City Missouri (A Pictorial)

he following images of overgrown- vacant houses were 'borrowed' from a fellow local blogger's site-
Toellner Tells It.

These are vacant or "feral" houses that are waaaay too many- making KC-MO looking like a third-world city.
Mr. Toellner also posts about a community meeting in Midtown- brought about by recent murders on Armour Boulevard.

Toellner notes the city's HUD Section 8 policies contribute to high crime areas.

My take?

Kansas City-MO should NOT give our so much as one cent of TIF to ANY DEVELOPER until the increasingly bad housing/neighborhood conditions- spreading through older neighborhoods like a California wildfire (including ours)- are addressed!


The PITCH Explains Kansas' STAR Bonds

want to thank The Pitch- Kansas City's alternative newspaper- for publishing a good story on how Kansas' STAR bonds work (it's TIFs on steroids) to help explain why KC-MO lost the Kansas City Wizards soccer stadium for the old Bannister Mall area.


Your Account With Bank of America? Consider Another Bank...

BC Nightly News just completed a 2-part story of seemingly deceptive overdraft charges by the Bank of America.

One young soldier presently serving the UCSA (United "Corporate" States of America) and BOA was charged more than $1700 by BOA JUST for overdraft fees. Bank of America's transaction policies are under scutiny.

You can read the problems this sampling of Americans have had with BOA HERE.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senator Levin Knows Even The Russians Couldn't "Win" In Afghanistan

ith America is it's worst recession (depression) since the 1930's- the "anti-terrorist" war drags on in Afghanistan for the 6th year with absolutely no resolution in sight.

The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee- Senator Carl Levin- wisely says the United States shouldn't add more forces to the Afghanistan war for now- according to the Associated Press.


Cool- Wet Summer Leading To An Early Autumn?

t appears this is the case- as indicated by the early fall colors on this tree in south KC-MO..


Springfield-MO Man Gets Felony For Helping Robbery Victim

harles R. Webb- a Good Samaritan turned felon.

All Mr. Webb tried to do- according to the Springfield (MO) NEWS-LEADER- was to stop a couple of purse-snatchers at a Springfield Price Cutters grocery store last Friday.

(Photo courtesy of the Springfield (MO) NEWS-LEADER)

Webb- waiting in his car for his wife who was shopping- watched from the parking lot as a young man snatched 75-year-old Mary O'Neal's purse- then ran to and jumped into a waiting SUV and roared off.

Webb- who has a concealed carry permit for his 9-mm handgun- gave chase.

Webb cornered the suspects in a nearby parking lot and fired 3 times- trying to flatten the tires of the suspect's SUV.

The suspects- with Webb close behind- roared off. The suspects led Webb out of town on an "80 mph" chase- then back again.

When the suspects stopped again on another Springfield street- Webb with his 9-mm handgun drawn- approached the SUV and ordered the driver to stop the engine and throw out the stolen purse.

The suspects complied- then managed to re-start the SUV with a spare key and speed away- leaving the stolen purse on the ground. Webb didn't chase them this time.

Ms. O'Neal got her purse back but Springfield police arrested Good Samaritan Webb later that Friday and charged him with "unlawful use of a weapon, a class D felony."

The actual criminals got away.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Actor Patrick Swayze Dead At Age 57

he actor- best known for his performances in 1980's motion pictures such as "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost"- died peacefully around family in his Los Angeles area home of pancreatic cancer.

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Infant Injured in KC-MO House Fire

t 6:23 pm- a "regular alarm" of 6 KC-MO fire companies was sent to a reported house fire at 4133 Chestnut in Midtown.

There was also the report of "an infant trapped on the 2nd-floor" in the house.

The first fire company arriving at 6:25 pm reported "smoke showing" from the 2-1/2-story structure with "fire showing" from the back of the house.

A minute later- a firefighter is heard among some agitated-sounding people asking for police "for crowd control." Shortly- another report that the infant had been taken outside- where medical care was administered.

That infant has been taken by MAST-EMS to a children's medical trauma center in critical condition.


Sedalia-MO Walmart - Grocery Store- Chase Away Teen "Complimenters"

he SEDALIA DEMOCRAT has a story of 3 teens who just tried to give out "free compliments" to people on Sunday at a Walmart and a grocery store.

The Walmart manager told the young men to leave- the grocery store manager told the three that they'd have to get approval from the day manager who wasn't there.

No CSW compliments for either Walmart OR the grocery store!


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Police Tactical Operation In East KC-MO

C-MO police have had an Operation-100 going in the area of 57th Terrace and Booth since about 12:30 pm this afternoon..

A reported robbery suspect is holed-up in a house near there- refusing to leave.

That suspect is said to be wanted in connection with a robbery at a nearby convenience store.

A 2nd suspect at the scene of the Operation-100 already surrendered to police.

Kanye West Shows Utter Lack of Class At Music Awards Ceremony

ineteen-year-old Taylor Swift had just received an award when Kanye West grabbed the microphone from her and went on a rant.

West joins Rep. Joe Wilson for best lack-of-class nominee for 2009....

Have You Seen This Missing Atchison-KS Couple?

r. Billie "Bob" and his wife Mary Lou Black have been missing since last Friday.

It's believed they left their Atchison home in the couple's 1990 blue Honda Civic.

Call the Atchison police at (913) 367-5525 or the Kansas Highway Patrol if you have ANY information on this couple!


Sunday Fire Burns 3 Buildings In Scottsbluff-NE

he story and the photos courtesy of The Scottsbluff STAR-HERALD newspaper.


Union Station In Dire Straits

erhaps a free concert by that band could help the refurbished Union Station's financial difficulties- but prolly not.

Sunday- The KANSAS CITY STAR reported how America's 2nd-largest train station is suffering a severe budget crunch.

Union Station was refurbished in 1999 after bi-state approval of a tax- now the station has run through their $40-million endowment in 10 years.

Unbelievably- the Union Station people have been drinking the politician's Kool-Aid: these people want to ask Metro Kansas City residents for yet ANOTHER tax to keep the place open.

Kind of like subsidizing a drug addict who refuses to get their problem properly treated I say....

EDITORIAL: Why Have Kansas City-MO News Sources Missed Reporting Real Story Behind Wizards Stadium Moving to Kansas?

any of us are upset- some are up in arms- over the loss of the proposed K.C. Wizards stadium from the Bannister Mall area to KC-KS..

What is much MORE irritating was one BIG INFLUENCE of this move that the Kansas City news media is either overlooking or ignoring:

Nebraska Furniture Mart.

The KANSAS CITY KANSAN reported that not ONLY did NFM officials initiate the dialouge between KC-KS government officials and the Wizards- but also happens to OWN THE LAND the Wizards new stadium would be built on.

No wonder NFM started that discussion- that company which- at last report- had withheld millions of dollars of disputed property tax money from Wyandotte county coffers:
NFM stands to make a nice wad of cash selling the land it owns to the Wizards unfaithful ownership group for the new stadium!

A Sunday morning unsigned editiorial in The KANSAS CITY STAR talks extensively about the stadium fiasco- but doesn't once (notes NFM BEING at Village West) mention the Nebraska Furniture Mart's role in the deal.

Could it be the Kansas City-MO news media doesn't want to upset Nebraska Furniture Mart for all the advertising dollars they bring in?

Heh- LOTS of advertising dollars!

I'd sure hate to even THINK that facets of Kansas City news goes unreported just because the news organization is worried about offending and or losing big ad accounts.

Regardless- there are many "unbeholden" news bloggers out here- including ad-free CSW.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

MetroRegion Kansas City Overnight News- Sunday- September 13- 2009

busy Saturday night led to an active Sunday morning.

During the 11 pm hour Saturday night- a male who had been shot was found sitting in his BMW at 22nd St. & The Paseo.

The man reportedly had been shot somewhere in the Jazz District around 18th Street and Vine and was trying to drive himself to a hospital..

Police didn't get any viable suspect information from the victim as the man's injuries left him in critical condition.

Of course- the train-pedestrian fatality accident in southwestern Cass county-MO led off the headline events during the midnight hour.

At 1:31 am- Lee's Summit-MO fire crews were called to Lake Jacomo- where a boat had become stranded in the middle of the lake.

That situation was resolved without incident more than an hour and a half later.

At 1:39 am- someone in a "red minivan" drove up on a sidewalk in the 1400 block of Kansas Avenue in KC-KS and struck a 24-year-old female.

The woman's injuries were faily minor and she was transported to a KC-MO medical trauma center.


KC-KS' lone medical trauma center- K.U. Med Center- remained "closed to trauma" patients for another hour as KC-KS emergency services ran a reported motorcycle crash on eastbound I-70 at about 10th Street at 1:34 am..

The 41-year-old male fortuately had a helmet on- and that device took a lot of damage as the man catapulted from his bike onto an embankment- suffering road rash and various non life-threating injuries as he was transported by EMS to a KC-MO trauma center.

Also in KC-KS was a shooting reported at 1:58 am at 13th Street and Yecker. Police report it was a "drive-by" from a vehicle that didn't have it's lights on- and the 23-year-old male victim was shot in both of his legs.

He was also taken to a KC-MO medical trauma center in serious condition and police had very little suspect information to investigate.

Just after 2 am- 2 Franklin county-KS teens suffered non life-threatening injuries in a single-vehicle rollover on Old U.S. 50 highway near Ottawa.

Around 2:45 am- a male in his 20's was injured in a single-vehicle crash in the 14600 block of West 311th Street in Miami county-KS..

At about the same time- "4 teenagers" suffered non life-threatening injuries when their car crashed at N Highway and Farley-Hampton Road northwest of Parkville in rural Platte county-MO..

There were at least 5 calls for EMS in KC-MO's Power & Light District early Sunday morning- mostly alcohol overdoses and other medical issues with people over-indulging.

The last notable but barely newsworthy incident occurred around 5:15 am on Number 1 International Circle at K.C.I. airport.

A woman lost control of her vehicle on the airport access road and ended up in one of those ponds along the road.

The woman was assisted from her vehicle by an airport police officer who said it appeared the driver had suffered a medical episode prior to driving into the pond.

She wasn't hurt badly at all and her vehicle was recoved from the 4-foot deep water.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Cass County Pedestrian Killed By Train Indentified

eported here exclusively at CSW this morning: a person walking on the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks in southwestern Cass county-MO was struck and killed by a train about 12:45 am Sunday morning.

That person has been identified by the Missouri Highway Patrol as Zachary D. Messmer- age 19 from nearby Louisburg-KS..

The MHP said this incident was investigated as an accident.

CSW offers our condolences to Mr. Messmer's family and friends.

MetroRegion Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Train Kills Person In Cass County-MO

person who was on the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks several miles north of Drexel-MO has been killed by a passing train early Sunday morning.

Cass county authorities report receiving the call at 12:49 am in the area of 319th Street and Davenport.

Dispatched ground and air EMS units were cancelled just after 1 am when it was determined the person hit by the train was dead on the scene.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating this incident as an accident.

The victim's identity has not yet been released.