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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Dead Body Investigation In Overland Park-KS

Police are investigating a dead body found in an apartment in the 7200 block of West 78th Street in northern Overland Park-KS...

The initial call came into authorities around 3:15pm..

There are yet few details- update here if this is other than a suicide...


Kansas City MetroRegion BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Wreck In Miami County KS

A fatality accident occurred in Miami County KS near Paola early Saturday morning..

The call went out to Paola Fire and EMS at 4:56am to 327th Street and Hospital Drive on a single-vehicle rollover crash with an occupant ejected.

A law officer arrived quickly and reports the ejected occupant- indicating the driver- was "70 yards from his (wrecked) vehicle" and possibly deceased.

The death call was made by an EMS unit at 5:01am..


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Metro K.C. BREAKING WEATHER: Light Snow Could Create Travel Problems

Scattered light snow has moved into Metro Kansas City and could accumulate on surfaces before the snow ends before midnight.

Right now- it appears that up to one-half inch of snow is possible.

U.S. Senate Near To Voting On Delay Of Digital TV

The Associated Press reports this morning that the Senate is close to finishing a bill that would delay the complete American switch to digital television signals until June 12.

The AP story says a Senate vote on the digital delay is expected as early as next week.

An estimated more than 6.5-million people are stuck with analog TVs with the worst "recession" since the 1930's Great Depression in progress.

If the delay is approved- those peoples' as well as your analog (portable) TV WILL work through most of the coming severe weather season.


Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Apartment Building Fire In Lee's Summit

Fire has damaged at least eight units of a building at the Pheasant Run Apartment complex in north-central Lee's Summit-MO this morning.

The fire was reported around 7:30am in the 1100 block of Northeast Independence Avenue.

Fire units from Central Jackson County Fire assisted at the scene- while units from South Metro and Grandview fire departments filled-in at empty LSFD stations.

The flames were reported under control at 8:55am..

Yet no word on any injuries- though KSHB-41 Action News reports 1 person suffered "smoke inhalation"- and the Red Cross has been ordered for a yet-unknown number of apartment occupants displaced by the fire.

One Dead In KC-MO Waldo-area House Fire

The Fire department says the initial alarm sounded around 5:30am to a fire in the house here on the northeast corner of 78th Street and Grand.

A neighbor reportedly told the first arriving fire crew that the owner was out of town- but a body of a male was found inside by firefighters after the fire was put out around 6am..

Police and fire investigators- as well as the news media- have converged on the scene with no more details yet released.

News Media Has Trouble With River Names

Reported on this blog first yesterday morning was the breaking news of bodies of a young mother and her infant found in a creek in south Kansas City-MO..

That creek is a tributary of the BIG Blue River- but I've heard and continue to hear this morning from TV news readers the BIG Blue being refered to as the LITTLE Blue.

The BIG Blue starts in Johnson County-KS and enters KC-MO around State Line and 151st Street southwest of the Martin City area.

The BIG Blue then runs north-northeast through east Kansas City and enters the Missouri east of the KCP&L Hawthorne power plant in the KC-MO East Bottoms.

The LITTLE Blue runs several miles EAST of the BIG Blue.

The LITTLE Blue is dammed behind Lake Longview- then runs northeastward to serve as the northern border of Lee's Summit and Independence- then runs through eastern Independence to empty into the Missouri river near Sibley in extreme northeast Jackson County.

A little thing- but if your going to report geography- PLEASE get it right.

Does KC-MO Spend It's Transit Tax JUST On Transit?

Not according to a post by fellow local blogger "William Rockhill Nelson" over at Blog KC in a post there titled "City diverting bus money?".

Nelson (HaHa) links to yet another post that shows how a BIG chunk of the KC-MO transit tax is actually funneled into corporate welfare (TIF projects).

No wonder the KCATA needs a 25-cent increase in fares. No wonder the transit system in Metro Kansas City is so fragmented and the service so shitty...


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Haz-Mat Incident At K.C.I. Airport

At 1:56pm- KC-MO Fire- police and MAST-EMS are enroute to a cargo facility at 992 Mexico City Avenue at Kansas City International airport for a hazerdous materials incident.

Initial reports are that 2 employees of a cargo firm there were unloading a box and got some sort of "white- powdery substance" or " liquid" on them and began to have breathing problems.

As of 2:04pm- EMS on the scene is reporting one employee "has hand burns" and the other citizen too appears to be "okay."

This incident should not affect any airport passenger operations- but avoid Mexico City Avenue until this incident is resolved.

More if significant details become available...

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Possible Murder-Suicide In South KC-MO - Pipe Bomb Found In Tonganoxie School

Police on the scene of a reported female body in a tributary of the Big Blue River near 8700 Blue River Road have located a 2nd body- that of an infant.

When firefighters first arrived at the scene just after 10:30am this morning- they reported a "car off the road and a body in the water" of that creek and according to that firefighter "the body has been in the water for some time.

Within a half-hour of that discovery- police reported finding the body of an infant in or near that car off the roadway. The woman's body located was believed by police to be that of the child's mid-20-year-old mother.

Police are preliminarily calling this a murder-suicide.


Leavenworth County-KS authorities are at the Tonganoxie Middle School- where a "pipe bomb" was reportedly located in a school official's room.

The school has been evacuated and I'm awaiting further details on this incident.

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Olathe House Fire - Body Found In KC-MO

First the Olathe house fire.

The initial fire alarm sounded around 9:45am to the 1500 block of East Frontier Lane in east-central Olathe.

The first of 5 companies of firefighters arrived to find heavy fire and smoke coming from the story and a half structure.

Two female occupants of the house had already escaped the flames uninjured.

At 9:59am- a 2nd alarm was sent here and 5 more fire companies- some from Overland Park- responded.

The fire was declared under control around 10:30am- with no reports of injuries heard. The house was severely damged.


Around 10:30am- KC-MO emergency agencies responded to 8700 Hickman Mills Drive on the report of a shooting.

Police on the scene have reported a body of a female in a small tributary of the Big Blue River west of U.S. 71 under Blue River Road.

Yet no details on this incident as the fire department is engaging in the recovery of that body at this time.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bannister Mall Demolition News Media Moment

Kansas City's news media- including moi- gathered at the north side of the old Bannister Mall to document the destruction.
There was mention on several media outlets of "a wrecking ball"- but no crane with a wrecking ball was in evidence anywhere on the Mall property..

Also attending was District 6 Councilperson Sharp.
I did not see Chuck Eddy- whom I want to rename Hillcrest Road after.

There were about a dozen other persons gathered just outside the safety fence watching the proceedings.

Video at 5 ... heh.


Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Small Aircraft Crash In Northland

Not too many details yet- but the Southern Platte Fire Protection District and Platte County Sheriff is on-scene of a small aircraft that has crashed near Waldron in southern Platte County-MO..

A unit on the scene reports 1 injury- "Code Red" which is critical condition- reportedly fractures of "the lower extremities (broken legs).

A medical helicopter is enroute for this victim.

Update here as received...


UPDATE - 1130 CST: There are 2 patients being transported from this scene of a small aircraft crash near Waldron-MO..

The crash was at or near a small landing strip located west of Missouri-45 and just northwest of Waldron.

One victim- "a 57-year-old male"- is being transported to a Northland medical trauma center with what sounds to be non life-threatening injuries.

The "Code Red" reported patient- reported to be "the 62-year-old pilot who crashed on takeoff from Noah's Ark airport"- being flown to another hospital.


The George W. Bush Presidential Library Completed Early


Shawn Edwards of WDAF-TV4

Shawn Edwards is the "movie reviewer" for Fox-4.

I've never met Shawn- he wasn't there when I worked for them and I have seen him maybe a few times while surfing through the channels TRYING to find something intelligent to watch.

But Mr. Edward's review of Clint Eastwood's latest film "Gran Torino" is as off-base as they come.

According to a local media Web site- Edwards gave that most-excellent Eastwood movie a 0- based on a scale of 0 to 5 with the highest number being the best.

A zero? Edwards claims it's "because he didn't care for the racial stereotypes portrayed" in the film- according to the bottomlinecom article.

Like any art form- one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I'm just glad Edwards didn't critique the Mona Lisa....


Bannister Mall Demolition Begins

Here are some photos (click on image for full resolution) taken this morning- showing workers beginning to demolish the old Bannister Mall.

The majority of the visible demolition is taking place on the north end of the mall- where the old Jones Store was located.

The site is slated to become a new Kansas City Wizards soccer stadium- surrounded by new office- retail & residential construction.

I'll keep you visually advised on this stage of the Bannister Mall game.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President "Hope"

After the past 8 years of lunacy known as the Bush Administration- America now has reason for real- honest hope for it's future.
God Speed President Obama!


Watch Out For HyVee Peanut Butter Cookies

Last week- a friend purchased some peanut butter cookies from a local HyVee store- then proceeded to get sick for 4 days.

He returned the box to the store yesterday.

The cookies MAY have been recalled by HyVee- as indicated in this Associated Press story about the tainted peanut butter recalls nationwide.

Reportedly no problem with the Girl Scout peanut butter cookies- a box of which I received Sunday. I've eaten a half-dozen of those with absolutely no ill effects.

List of George W. Bush's Positive Accomplishments The Past 8 Years


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Wreck In Raytown-MO

Around 1am- Raytown-MO police reported a 1-vehicle crash on Missouri (M) -350 and Blue Ridge.

Emergency crews arrive to find a vehicle with at least 3 occupants- slammed into a bridge column there. Estimates of that vehicle's speed upon impact was "70 to 90 MPH" says a paramedic.

Fire department crews had to extricate one occupant- "a male approximately 50-years-old" from the wreckage. His condition was very critical.

A male "backseat passenger" was later transported by a Raytown-EMS unit. His condition could be considered non life-threatening.

Unknown the exact number of occupants at what police call a fatality wreck.