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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Man Shot in The Leg in South-Central Kansas City MO

A shooting early Saturday morning left a young man with serious leg injuries.

It happened in the 7300 block of Norton around 1:25 a.m..

The victim's sister told police someone shot her brother outside the house- but neither she nor anyone else saw who did it.

The man was taken to a Metro medical trauma center with 2 gunshots and was in serious condition.

Fires Damages Houses in Both Kansas Citys

Fires early Saturday morning damaged two houses- one each in Kansas City KS and MO- but caused no injuries...

The first incident was reported at 1:25 a.m. near the intersection of North 17th Street and Cleveland Avenue in KC-KS..

There- fire crews found a 2-story structure with flames showing from the back side.

An additional pumper company was called to the fire before the flames were reported extinguished at 1:57 a.m..

There was no occupancy status of the burned structure heard- and a cause of that fire was pending.

Five KC-MO Fire companies needed two more pumpers to extinguish a fire in a 1-story- lived-in house in East Kansas City just before 2 a.m..

This blaze was in the 2600 block of Stark- and fire crews had water supply issues.

During the firefight- the fire crews on the inside were pulled out at 2:14 a.m. when the water tanks on their pumpers ran dry and a nearby hydrant couldn't be located. 

A hydrant a block away was located- and a supply line was extended to the pumpers by the fire- and the flames were finally put out around 2:25 a.m..

Three people were displaced by the fire- two adults and a child- and the cause of this fire was also pending an official fire department report.

Three Hurt After Crashing During Kansas City KS Police Chase

A police pursuit in Kansas City KS early Saturday morning left three injured when the car that was being chased crashed.

The incident occurred around 1:40 a.m. at 48 Kansas Avenue- just west of the Kansas River and State Line.

One 20-year-old male passenger was taken to a Metro hospital with serious to critical injuries.

The two other occupants of the pursued vehicle had lesser injuries.

There was no other information on the pursuit- like why the vehicle was being chased- for how long or at what speeds.

Another Fatal Crash on I-470 Near Raytown Road in Kansas City MO

For the 2nd weekend in a row- there has been a fatality crash on I-470 in southeast KC-MO...

This is reported by police to be east of Raytown Road on eastbound I-470 and it occurred about 11:40 p.m. Friday night.

The female driver of a red 2008 Suzuki reportedly lost control and rolled-over off the south side of the freeway.

The driver as reportedly ejected from the car during the crash and died at the scene.

Police said an ID of the deceased was pending on notification of next-of-kin.

Eastbound I-470 was closed at Raytown Road for more than an hour while police investigated the wreck.

Last weekend- a male who was walking in the roadway was struck and killed on eastbound I-470 near Blue Ridge.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

CSW BREAKING: 30th Homicide for 2012 Reported in South-Central Kansas City MO

Police are currently putting up tape and beginning their preliminary stages of investigation at a shooting scene in the 3200 block of East 51st Street.

The call was dispatched to emergency services at 2:51 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Police confirm the person- a female- is dead at the scene and had run there after she was shot.

Police are seeking a male suspect- less than 1/3 of this year's 30 killings have yet to be solved.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Tornadoes Reported in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

At least one tornado- doing damage- has been reported in Cleburne- another possibly in eastern Burleson- both south of Fort Worth TX..

Damage was reportedly done to "several homes in Cleburne with one or more injuries-" according to CBS-11. 

These reports courtesy of a live Web stream from CBS-11 TV in the Metroplex.

NBC-5 in Dallas has live helicopter shots of a tornado in southern Dallas County TX- just south of the City of Dallas.

This is a fairly large tornado and it's doing damage.

A 2nd damaging tornado to the west of this one is heading toward Arlington..

A "Tornado Emergency" is now in effect for Dallas as of 1:25 p.m..

By 1:35 p.m.- the tornado moving through eastern Dallas County had lifted- but not before causing an at least 5 mile path of destruction.

I'm not hearing any injury reports as of 1:45 p.m..

At 2 p.m.- Dallas Fire Department "Engine 32" via scanner reported "a tornado on the ground in the area of Military and Buckner" in Dallas.

As of 3 p.m.- American Airlines at DFW Airport has announced that ALL FLIGHTS DEPARTING DFW HAVE BEEN CANCELLED TODAY.

A large number of incoming flights to DFW were either diverted to other airports or delayed.

This is reportedly due to large hail possibly damaging a large number of aircraft at the DFW Airport.

At 3:35 p.m.- a storm chaser with NBC5 in Dallas is reporting a tornado in Forney TX- east of Dallas on I-20.

At 3:41 p.m.- a storm chaser with CBS-11 reported the Forney High School was being struck- but a few minutes later the spotter says the tornado "missed the high school" but has struck an elementary school.

Homes have been damaged in Forney according to chaser reports.

As of 5:30 p.m.- Dallas-Fort Worth TV news reports "numerous injuries- but no fatalities so far" in all of the Metroplex tornadoes today.

By Wednesday morning- it was determined that at least 15 people reported injuries in the Dallas-Fort Worth tornado outbreak of April 3- 2012.

At least two of those had "serious" injuries- but there was no reported fatalities.

At least 500 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed- 300 of those reported in Lancaster alone.

Six to as many as 12 tornadoes occurred in and around the Metroplex- with the most severe damage as viewed in various news helicopter videos being in the Lancaster and Fortney areas.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Five Killed in Crash on I-35 in Eastern Kansas

When the title photo was taken by a GOOGLE photographer in September 2008- there were two crosses visible at the Tequa Creek bridge on northbound I-35 southwest of Williamsburg KS..

After Sunday morning- five more crosses could be added.

What has been described in other news media as "an extended family" of 18 people from Jordan Minnesota was returning from a Texas vacation when their "customized motor home and trailer" crashed off the Interstate into a creek about 9 a.m.- states the Kansas Highway Patrol later Sunday.

Five were killed- including children- with 13 adults to juveniles suffering injuries ranging from moderate to critical.

Victims were taken to hospitals in Ottawa- Topeka- Olathe- Overland Park and Kansas City KS..

One passerby said it took about 30 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive at the scene- about 60 miles southwest of Downtown Kansas City MO..

Medical helicopters from Topeka- Lawrence and Metro Kansas City also flew in to transport injured.

The names of the dead had not been released as of early Monday morning- but one of the injured- Pauline Kerber- released a public statement through spokespeople at the Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

I wish Ms. Kerber- her son- and the other injured a speedy recovery and mourn your losses that tragic day. 

Sunday, April 01, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Kansas City MO Pedestrian Death on A Freeway

An as-of-yet unidentified male in his 20's is dead after being struck by a vehicle on I-470 near Raytown Road near Longview Lake in southeastern Kansas City MO Sunday morning.

The incident occurred around 3 a.m. and the female driver of the vehicle that struck the person in the roadway stopped at the scene and assisted police in the investigation.

Police have no other information on this incident yet.

Shooting Mars Night of Celebration in Lawrence KS

Hours after a crowd of thousands of Jayhawk fans partied on Mass Street- a shooting was reported in Lawrence...

The incident was around 3:20 a.m. after a caller told police that a man had been shot and was lying in the street in front of 1311 Michigan Way.

That victim was taken to the city hospital in at least serious condition- and was later transferred to a highr-level trauma center in Metro Kansas City.

There was no suspect information regarding this call.

On an upnote and regarding the partying Jayhawk fans- there were no significant incidents after thousands of people converged on Mass Street around 11 p.m. after the K.U. victory over Ohio State in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championships.

CSW BREAKING: Young Person Injured in Grandview MO Drive-By Shooting

What is believed a young male is in at least critical condition after shots were fired into the van he was riding Sunday morning.

The incident occured in south Grandview around M-150 and U.S. 71 highways about 3 a.m..

The victim- in a "silver-colored minivan" ended up nearly a mile away after the shooting that reportedly occurred at the highways' junction.

The mother was reported with the victim as he was transported to a Metro Kansas City medical trauma center.

Initially- the only suspect information was that the unknown shooter(s?) were in "a green (colored) vehicle."

Later Sunday- with more complete GPD reports available to the public- police state "at least three black males in an olive-green colored SUV- possibly a Ford Explorer- fired at least one shot at the silver minivan at U.S. 71 and M-150 in an apparent  case of road rage."

A "16-year-old male was shot-" police reported his injuries "not life-threatening."

Another "teenage female" in the silver minivan was "cut by flying glass."

The teens were returning home from an after-prom Grandview Schools-sponsored party in Belton  when the incident occurred.

GPD also is looking for the female driver of a black-colored- mid-sized 4-door car that was also reportedly involved in the overall road rage incident.