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Monday, April 02, 2012

Five Killed in Crash on I-35 in Eastern Kansas

When the title photo was taken by a GOOGLE photographer in September 2008- there were two crosses visible at the Tequa Creek bridge on northbound I-35 southwest of Williamsburg KS..

After Sunday morning- five more crosses could be added.

What has been described in other news media as "an extended family" of 18 people from Jordan Minnesota was returning from a Texas vacation when their "customized motor home and trailer" crashed off the Interstate into a creek about 9 a.m.- states the Kansas Highway Patrol later Sunday.

Five were killed- including children- with 13 adults to juveniles suffering injuries ranging from moderate to critical.

Victims were taken to hospitals in Ottawa- Topeka- Olathe- Overland Park and Kansas City KS..

One passerby said it took about 30 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive at the scene- about 60 miles southwest of Downtown Kansas City MO..

Medical helicopters from Topeka- Lawrence and Metro Kansas City also flew in to transport injured.

The names of the dead had not been released as of early Monday morning- but one of the injured- Pauline Kerber- released a public statement through spokespeople at the Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

I wish Ms. Kerber- her son- and the other injured a speedy recovery and mourn your losses that tragic day. 

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