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Friday, September 30, 2011

Audit Shows Merger of Missouri Highway & Water Patrols Will Actually Cost Taxpayers More

In addition to pre-office drug tests that are NOT given- Missouri politicians perhaps also need to take pre-office lie detector tests.

According to this story in the BRANSON (MO) TRI-LAKES NEWS- the merger of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Missouri Water Patrol that was undertaken at the beginning of this year was (lied) said to save MO taxpayers $3-million a year in costs.

However- a recent audit showed that the merger will actually COST MO taxpayers $900000 a year.

Maybe we should insist on those lie detectors each time Missouri politicians tell us anything....


Anonymous said...

They need one hooked to them at all times. And on their head they wear a beanie hat with a propeller on the top that if they are lying it starts spinning.

See that way at all times we can watch an idiot in a spinning beanie hat.

The Observer said...


As to mergers saving money...I give you the KCFD/MAST mess.