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Friday, February 10, 2012

KSHB Story: Continued Kansas City School District Hanky-Panky

Fade to dream sequence: An "unpaid" Kansas City School District (KCPS) "adviser" forms his own company- then get a school district bid for a multi-million dollar district construction project.

End dream sequence with an awaken to reality ... according to this story on the KSHB-41 News Web site- exactly that really happened.

KSHB reports that the district's "unpaid advisor- Buddy Hahs" actually DID form his own company and got the alleged "inside deal" bid.

Worse- the KCPS "promised" to post KSHB's interview "in full" on the KCPS Internet site- but the KCPS cut-out "more than eight minutes" of that interview that addressed the very issue of the alleged "inside deal" facet- according to the KSHB story.

Once again- the KCPS get the last "Hahs" on the Kansas City MO taxpayers....

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