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Friday, February 10, 2012

Group of Millionaires Wants to Eliminate Missouri Income Tax- Raise Sales Tax

The latest 'bozos on the bus' proposal is to raise Missouri's sales tax to 7-percent...

According to this story in The KANSAS CITY STAR- the latest "bozos" is a group that calls themselves "Let Voters Decide" (and believe me- they WILL) wants to get their item on this November's ballot to increase Missouri's sale tax from 4.25 to 7-percent.

The sales tax increase would allegedly replace Missouri's income tax.

An increase of the sales tax would- for instance- increase the sales tax in parts (WalMart's part) of Raytown from 9.1 percent to a whopping 11.85-percent.

That's a $118.50 sales tax on every $1000 in purchases one might make at Raytown's already taxpayer-subsidized WalMart or an increase of $27.50 in taxes over the current tax rate.

Of course elimination of Missouri's income tax would favor the wealthier (1-precent) taxpayer- and the increase of the sales tax would put a further burden on the poorer (99-percent) taxpayer.

I know you- the reader- is smart enough to figure that out.

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