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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I know- bite my tongue (or in this case: fingers)...

The good news is that we will actually experience Spring for a few more days ... until Wednesday.

Then- this storm front moves in- see- and the party's over.

Of course since the concrete and asphalt has dried out- more rain.

As an added attraction- by Thursday another shipment of Canada's biggest export arrives.

Rather than stay in refrigerators where it belongs- this Frigidaire spills out over our Midland Empire.

There will probably be at least frost if not freeze warnings issued for our lands- flowers and plants by Thursday night for Friday morning- sheesh- maybe Saturday AM too.

I'm getting tired- but our brass monkeys seem to love being handled...

If the cold isn't tedious enough- we could see flakes (in addition to the ones running governments).

It's not going to necessitate snowplows- salt trucks or the kid up the street with a shovel (actually just a marketing ploy- crafty Shon-Tal actually uses a snowblower).

At least there doesn't appear to be much of any tornado threat during the transition from May back to March- on the worst-end of that maybe some hail- a sound-alike woid I may be using seeing snowflakes in May.

The Year of 2013 appears this edition's April showers that bring Mayflowers that bring pilgrims may also be applying for a possible case of frostbite....

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